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message 1: by THS Librarian (new)

THS Librarian | 28 comments Mod
This summer THS is going back to a wide range of book recommendations for the summer. Since summer reading is pleasure reading, or should be, it works best if you have a choice! I am asking the THS Book Club to contribute their choices for summer reading books. We are a club of readers, so I know that you have books to recommend! If you can write up a synopsis or review, I will include it in the promotional material that I am putting together for summer reading. As we know, readers are leaders, so I am counting on all of you to lead the summer reading charge!

message 2: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (goodreadscomuser_merlinlover) | 12 comments Mod
I have been talking to people and agree that our last meeting should be on May 30 so we can pick our summer reading book and say good bye to our beloved seniors, and to find ways to promote our club for next year.

message 3: by THS Librarian (new)

THS Librarian | 28 comments Mod
May 30th is a Friday, so please make an effort to stay after school that day. Please let Kathryn, Candace or Miranda know if you are planning to attend. Thanks!

message 4: by Devyn (new)

Devyn (042998) | 3 comments I'll try my best to go-- my schedule has been so packed lately!

message 5: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (goodreadscomuser_merlinlover) | 12 comments Mod
The meeting meant for tomorrow (May 30) had been moved to Monday (June 2) thank you!! Please spread the word peoples!!

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