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What are your thoughts on The Enchanted? SPOILERS
Rose Rose May 05, 2014 09:54AM
I just finished this book and I was left thinking on it for days! I would love to hear from people about what they thought!

I felt that the story was beautifully written and I thought it was clever how the author chose to write such an "ugly" character and about such and "ugly" topic with such beauty. Do people think that that contrast was intentional? I do! And I think it was brilliant!

I found myself sympathizing with the character of Arden and York. I felt sorry for these people who did such awful things. In this weird way it reminded me of Lolita for that.

I think that many people who read this book will be asking the question "Did Arden redeem himself when helping The Lady?" I think that's a great question but I'm also wondering if any of it was real? I think it could have been a made up fantasy by Arden as a coping mechanism for when he is bored.

Anyway.. I could go on. I'm hoping some people who have read this book will reply and let me know what they thought and any questions/comments that they had!

Thank you all.

I am almost done with this book and I am truly "in it" There are books that I find myself becoming a part of and this is one great example.

As authors we're told to name main characters only. Did anyone notice the main characters (the fallen priest, the lady, the warden, etc) do not have names, but minor characters are named? We don't even know the narrator's name until the end. This caught my attention and endeared the story to me. The writing is hauntingly lyrical. It has won a spot on my fave of all times list.

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I loved this book ... I loved the way it got right inside my head. It's been a long time since I was completely distracted by a novel. I would get what I needed done and then jump back in to see where it would take me next.
The reactions this book elicited in me surprised me ...
The Enchanted will be a story I will talk about for a while and remember for an even longer while.

I loved this book! I could not believe that the author made me feel sympathy for convicted murderers!


I'm still wondering what Arden did...As far as I can tell (assuming everything he wrote is true) he got into prison for auto theft and stayed for murdering Conroy and an inmate. And yet, throughout the book he is mentioned as having done something absolutely terrible. At first, I thought he killed a boy named Donald but it's also hinted that he's Donald (when he looks at Donald's mom and says: "I want her to pretend I never happened, I was an abortion that went undone") So...what exactly did he do that is so unspeakable? Is it just his own opinion of himself?

Lexi Hi all, I do think that the author makes it clear enough that Arden killed a child named Donald. At one point in the book they are talking and the war ...more
May 11, 2015 11:52AM
Holly Bobby Teenager got it right. You were really confused. Narrator, who turned out to be Arden, when he was released from the mental hospital at age 18, ...more
Jul 23, 2016 08:40PM

What @BobbyTeenager says seems pretty accurate, but I thought that the narrator was the White Haired boy because he says that the inmate he killed was Risk (after he kills Conroy and decides to start going to the library).
The problem is that the White Haired Boy was in for grand theft auto and apparently have a family, while the narrator just spend 10 years in a mental institution and when he gets out kills Donald(?).
I may have to consider that Donald is the narrator, Donald Arden and he kills "Donald" figuratively becoming the murderer he now is.
I'm so confused now, shouldn't have read the discussions threads hahahaha

I wanted more insight into what happened to Arden as a child (when he was 6, I think?) that made him stop talking- since his grandmother said to her husband, "He talked before it happened" or something like that.

Why are some of you saying that Donald is Arden? I feel like I'm missing something (which is usually the case). I thought when he was saying that he wished that Donalds mom would see him as an abortion undone that he wished his own mother would have aborted him so he Would not have hurt another mother the way he had hurt her?

Also stricker said that Arden spoke when he committed the crime that got him arrested in the first place. He said himself Donalds mom was a young mother back then which couldn't be the case for his own mother as he was 18 when the crime was committed. Also he said Donald was cowering and covered in blood next to him. But it does sort of mirror what he did when he killed his tormentor in prison so now I am confused!

It was perfect. A rare beautiful find. The sequences with the young car thief being handed off as a reward were haunting and chilling

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