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What is you're favorite fantasy Book/Book Series

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message 1: by Hanna M. (new)

Hanna M. | 2 comments Mod

message 2: by Hanna M. (new)

Hanna M. | 2 comments Mod
My Favorite Fantasy book series? That's a toughie. I'd have to say Tha Artemis Fowl Series

message 3: by Yulissa (new)

Yulissa (yulissaqr) | 1 comments Agh ! I honestly can't answer :/ I love books tooooo much to have a favorite

message 4: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 1 comments The Percy Jackson Series. The Devils Knot is a pretty amazing book that Im reading right now though :) Next Im gonna watch the movie. The books are always better than the movies. But ehhh I don't know about that.

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