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What's your favorite character?

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Kate Definitely love Hazel, she is so sweet!

Jagoda Isaac and Hazel. Love them so much !( It doesn't mean i do not love Augustus. I lvoe him so much.)

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Neha I Love Augustus charming personality, and I love Isaac for being a loyal friend. But Hazel is who I love most! Her views and her way of thinking has really intrigued me, and made me learn so much!! Oh yes and Hazel's and Gus' parents both, they're just pure Awesome as well!

Natasha Yoko This is a hard one

Enes Hmmm..I like Hazel but the one i liked the most was Hazels dad and Peter Assistan(sorry i forgot her name)XD

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Hazel's parents, especially her mother.

Loes Hazel, Isaac and Augustus all three are great people! I found the way they live with their sickness, is so beautiful! But I liked Augustus the most, because he is so sweet and he always knows the right things to say and he's just fantastic!

Marisa Ferreira Gus and Isaac, definitely

Michael Hazel, she is so sweet and relatable.

Jessa Augustus because he is a nice guy, not the moody, egocentric stereotypical good looking guy of most teen romance novels, (although he is still pretty good looking).
Isaac, I don't really know why, I think he is just such a loveable little sidekick.

Nancy Kamal Gus because he is smart ,brave but the remarkable thing that he is selfless puts others happiness before his


Niamh Definitely Hazel the way she thinks is so unique i was fascinated by her thoughts every now amd then i'd come across a part and think wow! that wouldn't have even entered my mind

Kimbo Augustus or Hazel because they are funny and relatable even though they have been through so much.

Allison Definitely Isaac. Love that guy :D

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Hazel, Isaac, ad Gus. THEY'RE ALL SO PERFECT.

Jasmine Middaugh I really like Hazel, Gus and Hazel's mom

Karizma Limbu I like Isaac, Hazel and Gus.

My fav moment when they goes back to Isaac's ex house and throws those eggs to her car...

Mockingjay Reader Augustus's and Hazel (Yeah I know "THE TWO MAIN CHARACTER'S! REALLY?) But Hazel is just so philosophical and Augustus is so sweet and charming! :)

Madison Schwartzmiller Hazel Grace. She is so intricate, and has such a way with words. She's so different, in a good way.

Jasmine Middaugh I like the part where they egg the car too :P

Cherished_2001 Meadow wrote: "Augustus because he is a nice guy, not the moody, egocentric stereotypical good looking guy of most teen romance novels, (although he is still pretty good looking).
Isaac, I don't really kn..."

I love Issac and August. August is just so perfect to me you know! Someone I would love to MEET! and Issac is just AWESOME!


Cherished_2001 AHH TYPO SORRY! :)

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Lee My favorite character is probably Augustus. But I have to say, as a non young adult reader, I really connect with Hazel's parents. The line where her mother says that she will always be her mother tears me up every time.

Cherished_2001 i know right! But i really connected more to Gus. In many ways i feel just as smart and complex like him! It's cool reading about characters just like you!

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M. Isaac!!! And Gus!!! and Hazel Grace!!!!!!

Haley ~Queen of Randomness~ keep up if you can... Isaac, how can you not love him

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