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Is This Book Disrespectful to the Japanese?
Paul J. Youngman. Paul J. May 05, 2014 08:17AM
From reading this book, I do not understand why the Japanese would take offence and force the author to resign his position in the organization that he helped to build. In order for Mr. Langley to publish "Karate Stupid" he was forced to leave the organization that trained him over the course of thirty years. In my opinion this is the Japanese over-reacting and most likely misunderstanding what is stated in the book. Any other thoughts on reasons for being given the boot?

Actually I promised not to publish the book and they still suspended me for almost two years, which meant I was unable to work - so I had no choice but to leave. Once I had left the group, any promise I had made re. not publishing no longer existed, so at least I was then able to release my book.
Of course my seniors in Japan never read the manuscript I sent them. Various, cherry-picked parts were translated to them by a Russian gentleman, who, by his own admission, had various reasons for not wanting me to publish, so the Japanese got a very biased view of the book - despite various senior instructors from Europe and South Africa telling them the book was fine...

These things happen - but I hope people who read my story understand that I truly love Japan :-)

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