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message 1: by Syd (new)

Syd (sydkay) I already am reading different book, so won't be able to read is for while, I kinda feel bad

message 2: by Dariana (new)

Dariana after monday i'll start it because i have a test /:

message 3: by Dariana (new)

Dariana i'm really exicitef about this group! i've never been in one (:

message 4: by Dariana (new)

Dariana I'm sure everyone will (:

message 5: by Dariana (new)

Dariana has anybody start it?

message 6: by Dariana (new)

Dariana oh okay, i just wanted to talk about it haha

message 7: by Dariana (new)

Dariana don't worry! haha

message 8: by Dariana (new)

Dariana not much! like five chapters!

message 9: by Jess (new)

Jess I have to put the book on-hold at my library, so it'll take awhile for me to get the book.

✨Carabosse✨ (bravesirnubbins) | 2 comments I just finished this book last week and I have to say it was better than I thought it was going to be. From the summary of the book I thought I already knew what was going to happen and it was going to be boring, but the author kept it interesting none the less. It was kinda like hunger games meets bachelor TV series but less about overt sexual advances and surviving. It was a pretty tame read compared to the other two.
My only problem with this book was the world building. I didn't really get enough of an understanding of the world to really feel fear when the characters were in stressful situations or to understand how they felt at times. I am hoping this is going to be remedied with later installments in the series.
I also thought that not enough time was spent on the other girls at times. I know it's hard to flesh out 35 girls, but the ones that make it to the end would at least be worth understanding past the bare minimum to acknowledge their existence.
Overall, pretty pleased with this series so far and I am reading the second one now. I've found that some of those who loved the first book did not enjoy the second, so I am hoping it is different for me.

Karrah (karrahann) I really want to read this, is it worth it and will I enjoy the series or is it just another pretty book cover with a stupid story line

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