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Rita (bookishr) | 10 comments Hello! I have finished this book a while back so I will try to remember it the best I can.

Let's talk about the world. We didn't get a lot of informations about the world. We know that it's set in the former United States of America after World War Four (it looks so odd writting it tho) and after the US went to bankrupt China stepped in to help financially enslaving people and I think Russia gets in the middle of the affair, as you can tell, I did not understand the World. So then I think a guy called Gregory Illéa expelled the Chinese and everyone who wasn't helping or something and sets up a monarchy and a cast system ranging from The Ones (royal familly) to The Eights (homeless and jobless, outcasted by the society) and our main characters are all from different casts: Maxon is a One (he's a prince, what would it be if not a One?), Aspen is a seven or a six I really don't remember and then America is a Five or a Six (I don't recall either).

Let's move on to characters:
- America Singer: I don't get this name, seriously, it's riddiculous! (You will understand it a bit more in The One about the America part) but the "Singer"? I thought it was a badly structured name, very obvious because she's a singer.

- Aspen: I hated Aspen, I found him an arrogant piece of poop (to not use other word), he is a sexist bastard. He's poorer than America and one day she tried to feed him in the Tree House and since she doesn't have much either he could have been a bit more grateful but he has this notion where HE is the one who has to provide for America and all throughout this book I was joping for Aspen to die. I hate his character so much.

Maxon: I really liked Maxon, he was caring but not my favourite book male protagonist. Still, he was the one who kept me reading the entire series.

Now let's jump into the storyline:
- Favourite aspect of this book: The whole Singer familly dynamics with the greedy older brother who was never satisfied with his life. I loved this part of the book. The relationship Maxon develloped with America, I thought it was very sweet and made me forget the things I hated about this book. The costume designs. They were AMAZING and I can not fathom how amazing they were, so beautiful and being one who loves sewing my clothes and loves fashion I could really almost feel the fabrics in my hands and touch them. One thing that i really loved about the book was relationship America had with her maids. It was so thoughtful and brilliant because of the way America was brought up (differently from the other royals except the queen). I loved the maids and I would love a novella told from their POV.

Now, since this book was not a sea of roses for me I have to put out there the things I didn't like about this book, and this is a disclaimer, I am sorry if I don't like what you liked, everyone is different and my oppinion is only MY opinnion.

- How frustrating America was. I swear, I have never read a book with a protagonist this annoying and bratty. She is poor but she is bratty, I don't know if I can explain this. There was a miscomunication from second one, she was super impulsive and never thought about how her actions would affect others. Seriously, why Kiera? Why write a book where the main character is annoying as hell? I do not understand, I don't even remember why I read this series in only a month given the fact that I wanted to jump to the royal castle and punch the living thing out of America, I would not be surprised if people told me I was acting agressively while reading the book. But moving one...

- The miscomunication in this book created such a frustrating touch. It was noot pretty. Miscomunication as a plot mover is the worst idea ever. It's so simple to resolve, just TALK DAMN IT don't act like cave man and just jump into conclusions, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? It's the "sell-books-at-all-costs-thing" all over again because the misunderstandings did not need to exist and occupied half of the book so solve one little thing. It would be a good smaller duology but NO... (and don't get me wrong, there can be a little frustration in the book but this was too much to handle.)

- Aspen. Need I say more?

- America and Aspen. Not going to repeat myself.

But overall I think this was a 3 star book. I did have fun reading it (and did get angry a ton but still), you should continue on with the series because it gets better.

Mariana (marianaaleixo) | 12 comments Mod
I have only read this book of the series, therefore, that's how far my knowledge goes (BEWARE OF SPOILERS btw)
I read this book pretty fast because it felt like a good light reading. I didn't find any angst-ish parts and sometimes that just feels really nice
Before reading it:
I thought I wasn't going to like it because if you read the description you get a The Bachelor-like vibe, which I have never seen but sounds pretty sexist. It was that feeling that put me off a little bit at first
we start the book and BANG immediate romance. Personally, I hate those things, I live for well-built romance. Nevertheless, I didn't mind Aspen at first and when the whole good-bye and he's-holding-another-girl scene happened I thought I had seen the last of him (obviously not). And then we meet Maxon, and I thought he was going to be very different. I adored his "friendship" with America and he seems pretty smart. On the whole, I thought it was good

America: I like her, besides the whole "who am I going to choose?"(which I have a feeling is going to be strong in the next book) I didn't find her annoying. Much like Rita, I loved her relationship with the maids, I liked that part of her personality but I do hope I get to see her turn into a stronger character
Maxon: yes! I would like to order one, please. He is really sweet and charming and I hope he beats the crap out of Aspen (parson me for the used language)
Aspen: If America ends up with this person, I will personally go to Kiera's house and make her re-write the ending. It's not like he's a terrible character, he's not Umbridge, but, I do agree with Rita when she says that he is sexist, the Tree house scene was unnecessary. He obviously has a long way to go until he becomes a decent person, although he does serve as a good reminder of the cultural characteristics of that time.

Something that I found really weird was how she decided to enter the contest. Why Aspen asked her to. I know his reasons but it was really weird.
I loved the whole concept of the reality show, I just found it refreshing. The intervews where they were all together in one room were SO SWEET! I loved the interaction between Maxon and America.
I gave it 4 stars because I found it really entertaining and cute. I am going to keep reading it, but I do hope to see a revolution somewhere in the middle.

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