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Myss' Entering the Castle

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Susan Caroline Myss
Entering the Castle An Inner Path to God and Your Soul
For those who have read Myss from her beginnings, this is a further development (a road off of "Sacred Contracts") into contemporary, contemplative, mysticism. I would say "sprituality" except Myss goes beyond the current "free and easy" spirituality. She is walking toward Dietrich Bonhoeffer's ideas of discipline and grace. Although it is a "spiritual" work book for inner, reflective work, it is not
an easy journey she invites the reader on. It is more than reading a book about mysticism.

As her "Sacred Contracts" invited the reader into conversations with their archetypes, one has to actively engage in conversations with one's "inner spirit" or "guide," to fully understand the purpose of this book.

For those who have an aversion to Christianity or Catholicism the beginning section can feel uncomfortable although Myss tries to tie in with other (non-Christian) mystical traditions.

For those who know that they have a connection with "Other" and with self that compels them to explore (as in Buber's I and Thou), Myss provides and gently guides (as paraclete) the explorer into a mystical discipline.

Hilda This is my second book by her. I read Anatomy of the Spirit and loved it, but this book was amazing! I have Sacred Contracts and Defying Gravity plus a few other books by her which I'm looking forward to reading now too! :)

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