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Karina Ramirez (karinaramirez) | 338 comments #202 The Darkness of Gold by K.R Slifer

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Vanora wakes up on her eighteenth birthday to a crimson sky and the crisp beginnings of Autumn. It is the day of her Recognition, the day she needs to prove her worth and prove she is powerful enough to be not only the Princess, but the next Healer of the Kingdom of Alethedreda.

However, destiny has other plans. The curling fog of doom has reached the drawbridge of the castle, taking hold of all who dwell within.

The Darkness--the Antithesis of Life--has been unleashed upon the kingdom, wreaking havoc upon the land and it's people, and thrusting Vanora into the life of a Healer. Unprepared and afraid, she must leave her home and travel across the land. Through the snow capped Damik Mountains to the glittering ocean city of Ulan, Vanora is pushed beyond her physical and emotional limits, going against all that she knows about herself and the world she lives in. Her only companions are a royal Faerie named Zane and her spirit animal, Thea.

Regardless of the cost, Vanora must save the kingdom and defeat the creator of the Darkness... no matter who it turns out to be.


To sign up please leave your e-mail below, this book is only available in PDF format which can be opened in both nook and kindle. Remember you have three weeks to post a review in this thread.

Happy Reading!

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Catherine (katesplace77) | 171 comments I would enjoy reading and reviewing this book, my email is

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Vivian | 31 comments I would like to review. Thanks.

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Eunice Fuller | 26 comments ePub

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Mikal O'Boyle I love receiving new books! If you send me a message here on goodreads, I would be more than happy to send my email!

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Eunice Fuller | 26 comments please

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Derna | 5233 comments Mod
Hello, just a friendly reminder that the deadline for posting your reviews for this RI&RI has past. Could you please link your review to the thread ASAP!

Thanks you and happy reading all !

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Catherine (katesplace77) | 171 comments I have just finished reading this book this morning and all I can say is OMG what a fab book. Thankls for the chance to read it and any future books I would be more than happy to review for you. My review will hopefully be up later on today.

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K.R. Slifer (krslifer) | 6 comments Thank you Catherine! What a lovely review. I am so glad you enjoyed it!

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K.R. Slifer (krslifer) | 6 comments Eunice, I have sent you another copy of the email as you did not receive it the first time! Hope you enjoy it.

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