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Karina Ramirez (karinaramirez) | 338 comments #200 Loving by Katrin Bongard

Formats: .mobi and ePub
Copies: 20
Goodreads Link:


Intelligent and passionate.
Pride & Prejudice reloaded.

Ella's not really into the party scene at her school; she'd rather read or blog about books. When her best friend Zoe starts crushing on Luca, the school Casanova, she can't understand it... until she gets to know him better and discovers that he's not just hot, he's also intelligent and sensitive. How could a person not fall for him?


To sign up please leave your e-mail and what format you'd like below. Remember you have three weeks to post a review in this thread.

Happy Reading!


Reviewers' List
1- Megan - - mobi
2 - Melissa - - mobi
3 - Sgiova - - mobi
4 - Flavs - - ePub
5 - Wendy - - ePub
6 - Rebecca - - mobi
7 - Jamie - - mobi
8 - Hannah - - mobi
9 - Briana - - mobi
10 - Kate - - mobi
11 - Cinthya - - ePub
12 - Erika - - mobi
13 - Eve - - mobi
14 - Heather - - mobi
15 - Alyne - - ePub
16 - Christie - - mobi
17 - Margo - - mobi
18 - Ramneek - - ePub
19 - Ashley - - mobi
20 - Tabby - - mobi

message 2: by Megan (new)

Megan Neel | 79 comments
mobi please


message 3: by Melissa (last edited May 05, 2014 06:18AM) (new)

Melissa | 4 comments
kindle (mobi) please

message 4: by Sgiova (new)

Sgiova | 246 comments I'd like to read this pelase. - mobi

Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’ (fldavids)
Epub Please!

message 6: by Wendy (new)

Wendy (vegwen) | 5 comments I'd love to R&R. epub please,


message 7: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca | 54 comments Mobi please.

message 8: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Chrystal (jamiec0628) | 50 comments Mobi please

Hannah (Broc's Bookcase) (brocsbookcase) | 50 comments Yes please!!!!
Mobi please :)

message 10: by Briana (new)

Briana Pacheco (brianapacheco1) | 82 comments Mobi please, Thanks!

message 11: by Kate (new)

Kate | 34 comments Mobi for kindle, please -

message 12: by Cinthya_ch (new)

Cinthya_ch ePub or mobi please

message 13: by Erika (new)

Erika | 157 comments mobi please :)

message 14: by [deleted user] (new) Mobi please

message 15: by Alyne (new)

Alyne Roberts | 27 comments ePub please and thank you.

Christie72 (Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews) (christie72) | 65 comments I would love to read this! E-mail is Mobi please. Thanks!

message 17: by Margaux (new)

Margaux Espinosa (margauxespi) | 110 comments mobi please

message 18: by Ramneek (new)

Ramneek | 69 comments would love to r&r
epub please :)

message 19: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (pageturningmama) | 141 comments Mobi please.

message 20: by Tabby (new)

Tabby | 17 comments Mobi

Tales Of A Bookbug (talesofabookbug) | 23 comments Would love to read and review!! Email-
Epub please..Thanks!!

message 22: by Jess (new)

Jess (jessnl) | 21 comments Would love to read.
mobi please

message 23: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Brent | 26 comments
ePub please

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Derna | 5162 comments Mod

Last copy has now gone to Shrimalya, as Eve number 13 on the list has disappeared!!

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Ramneek | 69 comments sorry, you've put me down for a .mobi file but could I have epub please? :)

message 26: by Karina (new)

Karina Ramirez (karinaramirez) | 338 comments Sorry! My mistake! I'll change it :)

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Derna | 5162 comments Mod
The publisher has sent out copies to the first 20 members who have sign up. Please remember that you have until 26th May (3 weeks) in which to read and review this book, and post your review here. Any problems just let us know. Enjoy!

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Prathyusha W | 44 comments mobi please to Thanks

message 29: by Prathyusha (new)

Prathyusha W | 44 comments never mind, i see that the copies are all gone.

message 30: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 4 comments Here is my review - enjoyed the read. Thank you for the opportunity!


***Free copy received in exchange for an honest review***

While this is not my typical genre of books (teenage / high school romance), I found the story to be well written and quite endearing. It was sweet to see Luca and the small things he would do for Ella. Things (like cleaning his room, going to a book reading, etc…). In addition, I really enjoyed the character development with Ella and how you can relate to her bookworm personality. Throughout this book, I found myself routing for the characters to fall in love despite the many obstacles they faced along the way.

This book was translated from German so there were certainly references to things I am not familiar with, but that did not detract from the story. Overall, this was an enjoyable book. I look forward to other publications from this author.

message 32: by Briana (new)

Briana Pacheco (brianapacheco1) | 82 comments Thank you for the chance to read this!

My review:

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message 34: by Sam (new)

Sam Honeycutt (sdh60406L) | 7 comments Interesting.

Tales Of A Bookbug (talesofabookbug) | 23 comments Here's my review :
Thank you!!

message 36: by Katrin (last edited May 13, 2014 04:01AM) (new)

Katrin Bongard (kabongard) | 2 comments He everyone and thanks for your interest in my book "Loving". Thanks for the honest reviews wether or not hey are 1 or 5 star reviews (actually, I prefer the 5 Star reviews ;-) And thanks to Derna, who gave me the opportunity to participate.
All the best!

P.S. There is a Mood Board of "Loving" on Pinterest:

Hannah (Broc's Bookcase) (brocsbookcase) | 50 comments Here's my review:
Thanks for the opportunity to read & review :)

message 38: by Sgiova (new)

Sgiova | 246 comments Thanks for allowing me to read this - here's my review:

message 39: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (pageturningmama) | 141 comments Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read/review. I really enjoyed this story.

message 40: by Alyne (new)

Alyne Roberts | 27 comments Thank you for the chance to read!

message 41: by Megan (new)

Megan Neel | 79 comments Thank you for the opportunity to read your book.

message 42: by Kate (new)

Kate | 34 comments Thanks for the great quick read. Here is the link to my review:

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Ramneek | 69 comments My review
Thanks for the opportunity!

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