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Abelie walked through to the Hall. She was wearing her usual white and mint green dress with Mont green ballerina-flats. Her hair was in a ponytail and the layers pieces of hair that escaped her ponytail hung beside her face, almost like a side fringe. She hummed a song in her mind: Iris.

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Lealia was glad to be back at school but did not want to face the pitying looks from everyone else again. Her blonde hair was loose around her shoulders and falling into her face to hide her tears. She wore a pale blue dress that fell to her knees and a pair of white sandals with a kitten heel.

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She started to dance around, eyes closed only listening to the music inside of her head. She stepped on her angle the wrong way and fell to the floor on her knees. She muttered a curse and stood up again, a limp added to her step.

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Lealia walked over to the girl when she saw her fall not worried about her appearance at all or if anyone saw her red rimmed eyes or the tears that fell for them. She was in one of her depressive moods and nothing would get her out of it. They just came and then a few hours or days later disappeared again.

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Abelie looked up and flashed a charming smile. "Bonjour." She said then she noticed the girls eyes. "Are you alright?" She asked her French accent was strong and very noticeable.

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" Bonjour and it should be me asking you that question as I'm not the one who fell," she said in her soft lilting voice concern for the other girl visible in it. Of course her accent came through in her speech as well.

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"I'm fine! This happens once every few months, it is nothing really serious," she said reassuringly. She smiled and tucked hair behind her ear. "But I am not the one with red eyes, what's wrong?"

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" Ah it's nothing. Just me being me. And I'm glad you are okay." she said with a small smile but it was tinged with sadness. She often felt angry out how often she cried due to the depression.

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Darby Grace | 64 comments "Lealia!" Roxanne rushed over to her friend, "is everything okay?" She nodded towards the girl beside her "who's this?"

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((Erm, Roxanne is on the train isn't she?))

Abelie raised her eyebrow. "I see," she aid not wanting to push the girl. Even though she wanted to figure out exactly what was wrong.

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Darby Grace | 64 comments Yeh sorry

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Lealia had another attempt a genuine smile but it still came out the same way- sad. What was wrong with her? Why couldn't she just be happy for once rather than a crying mess? This wasn't her. It had never been her. She was always the happy one no matter how ill she got.

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(It's okay :) ))

Abelie put a hand on her shoulder. "You may tell me, I shan't tell a soul." She said her voice soft and warm. Her eyes were curious however.

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Lealia debated whether to tell her or not remembering Contessa's contempt when she found out how sickly Lealia really was. Finally she decided it couldn't harm anyone to tell her some of it. " It's really nothing, just depression or so I am told by the healers." she said.

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"Would you like a box of chocolate? I find it helps a lot." She said softly. She smiled and felt happy that the girl trusted her.

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" Maybe one chocolate. I can't eat too many, I'll gain to much weight as I can't exercise to keep it off," she said with a tiny smile- a real one this time.

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"Okay," Abelie chuckled. "My name's Abelie, and you are?" She asked whilst searching her small purse and pulled out a thin and small box of the finest chocolate in France.

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" I am Lealia. It's nice to meet you Abelie," she said.

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"Hm," was all she said as she opened the small white box and handed it to Lealia. "What house are you? I'm Morgana," she said proudly.

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" Agrippa but my twin is in Morgana," she said as she took the small box from Abelie and took one chocolate out of it.

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"Oh, I see, what do you think about this... Hogwarts?" She asked, completely changing the subject.

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" It should be a good opportunity. We get to learn some English and have a wider range of subject choices as well as have make new friends but it won't be anything like Beauxbatons that's for sure," she said.

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"Hm, indeed. Maybe a boy shall catch your eye, yes?" She asked in a teasing manner.

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"Hahaha maybe... I pushed away the only boy I liked," she said sadly.

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"Oh, that is bad to hear, but no matter! Love can be found anywhere, if you look for it," she said with a smile.

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" I'm sure it can. Is there anyone special in your life?" she asked with a smile.

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Abelie looked up from her chocolate. "No, there isn't." She shrugged.

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((It's okay))

" Then I'm sure you can find someone to date ,after all the Durmstrang boys are supposed to the creme de la creme or whatever the saying is," she said.

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"Mmm, Durmstrang boy. Da!" She chuckled devilishly.

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Lealia smiled. "They are certainly hotter than our boys," she said.

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"Oui!" She giggled. Then she sighed. "Yes they are. But, I'm just average." She said shrugging.

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" No your not. Your really pretty with your elfin features and platinum blonde hair. If anyone is average around here it is me," she said.

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Abelie gave her a look. "You are beautiful. You have hair the colour of fully grown wheet. You eyes are as bright as the sky." She said smiling softly.

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" Thank you but I am not. I'm underweight and half the time my hair looks limp," she said sighing. She hated being so sickly.

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Abelie smiled. "Well, not only do you have your beauty, you have your personality! And some boys love a girl that isn't afraid to herself!" She said.

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"Hmm maybe..." she said thinking of Jacques. He didn't care what she looked like, he still loved her till she broke his heart to keep him safe.

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"Well, anyway, I don't know you well enough yet, but I Already like you!" She laughed softly.

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" Thank you and I like you. I don't suppose you know a girl called Amity who is your house?" she asked.

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"No, I don't know her, sorry." She said, a small frown crossing her face as she thought.

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"Ah it's fine, She's my twin and I've been looking for her for ages. I just wondered if you know where she might be but if you don't know her it's fine,"

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"I am truly sorry!" She said smiling sadly at her friend. "Hey, do you- would you judge someone because of there style or what they were interested in?" She asked.

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" It's fine and no unless they are into sacrificing bunnies or something," she said curiously.

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"Who in there right mind would sacrifice rabbits?" She asked herself. She looked up at Lealia and smiled brightly.

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Lealia smiled back.

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"What kind of music do you like?" She asked after a long moment of silence.

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" Hmm... probably classic rock or maybe country," she said trying to decide.

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Abelie's head shot up at the mention of 'rock' "You like Rock music?" She asked, almost daring not to believe.

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"Yeah only the old stuff through like Queen and Bon Jovi," she said.

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Abelie's eyes widened until they were as wide as frisbees. "Y-your serious?" She asked.

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