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Name: Halaena Adamina Leigh West
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: Royalty; Princess of Nydasa; Heir to the Throne
Kingdom of Origin: Nydasa
Attending: Yes
Year: Sophomore


Written Description: Her build is normal for her age, toned but not as much as she would like, since she is supposed to be a lady, not a bodybuilder. Halaena has chocolate coloured brown hair, which falls in subtle waves down her shoulders, stopping at about the bottom of her ribs. Her eyes are a peculiar mix of grey, green and blue, resulting in a dark, mystic colour, such as a blue tinted pine forest. She does not have any distinguishable markings, save for one scar on the back of her right hand. Generally, she goes about without make up on, finding it deceptive in a way. In her opinion, someone should like you for you, not what you make yourself out to be. Finally, her hair is generally pulled out of the way, as she finds it troublesome when she is reading one of her books, her flowing locks always falling in front of her eyes.
Daily Wear:

Ball Wear:

Outing Wear:

Personality: Halaena is a guarded person by nature, and doesn't share her thoughts to many people. Only her family and close friends know that on the inside she is incredibly warm and caring, who is always ready for a laugh, though happens to be freakishly smart. Ever since a young age, she has read everything she could get her hands on, and has a vast knowledge in most subjects. She doesn't treat a noble any different from a commoner, as she believes everyone had the right to equal treatment. Though she doesn't show it, all she wants is to be normal, and not some freaky genius who can't stop her thoughts and who hears everything around her. The fact she is the heir to her kingdom also doesn't help that she wants to be normal. Usually, she will be found in more quiet places, as she tried to block out all the noise and fight off her thoughts. However, she does enjoy the head on approach just as much, which is going out and partying with her friends, drowning out her mind with more noise than it creates.

History: Growing up to be raised as the future Queen of her kingdom, Halaena has been taught to act like the perfect lady, always speaking in the proper way, her manners at the peak of all possible politeness. Being groomed for such an important role, she had lived relatively sheltered from most commoners, left to study and gain knowledge which will be vital for her royal role. All this training, is still piled on top of the existing duties of being the Princess. Attending functions where she mingles with nobles, always looking her best, it has made her feel isolated, alone, like no one can understand her. A lot of the time she wishes for normality, or at least a chance to try living that way. She hasn't even been into the kingdom without an escort of guards, meaning she hasn't gotten the true experience of the markets, or mingling with the common people. When she was nine, in an emotional outburst, she was pacing in her room, something a lady should never do, or so she had been taught. As she passed a vase, she threw her arms out and screamed in frustration, her mother drying her insane with expectation. Unfortunately, the vase smashed by the force of her angry, yet unintentional blow, and sliced the back of her hand open, a deep gash surely to leave a scar. As the guards came running in, she was sitting on the floor, crying softly and holding her wounded hand to her body. The Queen followed shortly after, only moving slightly faster than a hurried pace, wanting to make sure her daughter was okay. Seeing the wound, she didn't care for her daughters health, or emotional well being, and instead commented on how she had stained her dress with blood, and that the injury would leave an unsightly scar. Then she turned and left, sending in the servant to tidy the girl and her room up. Ever since then, Halaena has kept her emotions locked away, as she feels no one cares about them. Why would they, when her own mother didn't?

Father: King of Nydasa
Mother: Queen of Nydasa
Brother: Prince of Nydasa

Other: None

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