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Beauxbatons Academy for Magic is situated in the south of France in Beauxbatons castle. The uniforms are pale blue robes. The castle has five floors and wood nymphs wait on the students. It takes students from all over western Europe. They don't have any school houses

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Merlin- The House of Intelligence
Circe- The House of the Impulsive
Morgana- The House of the Rebellious
Agrippa- The House of the Kind
Flamel- The House of Persistence

How are these for school houses or should I use something French instead?

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House Colours

Merlin- Purple and Gold
Circe- Orange and White
Morgana- Red and Black
Agrippa- Blue and Silver
Flamel- Green and Yellow

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Thank you :)

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Umm, I have some ideas;
Beau- The Beautiful
Esprit- The Mind
Ambitieux- The Ambitious
Âme- The Soul (The Kind)
Rire- The Laughter

Just some ideas. :)

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I'm confused, why are the houses red and green and stuff?

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That's their house colours. Like Slytherin has green and white, Gryffindor has red and gold.(I think that's what they're colours are)

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Oh, I'm an idiot.

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No your not!

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Yeah. But that was pretty silly if me.

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It's fine!

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