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1. Copy the template below.
2. Create a new topic with your character's first and last name, followed by the kingdom they are from. The end result would look like this: Erza Scarlet; Rilille
3. Fill out the template completely. Mark in everything that needs to be marked in. Don't leave anything out.
4. Wait for a mod to approve your character. Don't start RPing until your character is approved.

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<.b.>Kingdom of Origin:<./b.>
<.b.>Master:<./b.> Fill in after the rest of your character is approved.
<.b.>New Kingdom:<./b.>

<.b.>Appearance:<./b.> Use an embedded photo here. No anime or famous faces. To get an embedded photo, use this format: <.img src="paste link here"/.> Remove the periods.
<.b.>Written Description:<./b.> This must be at least five sentences. Include things like hair color, eye color, distinguishable markings, and all that jazz.
<.b.>Daily Wear:<./b.> Embedded Image
<.b.>Outing Wear:<./b.> Embedded Image

<.b.>Personality:<./b.> At least seven sentences are required. No cheating.

<.b.>History:<./b.> At least eight sentences are required. No cheating.



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