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Ta da!

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Yay! So characters?

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Yep yep yeppers. Do you do simple or complex characters?

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Simple :)

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So like this?


I generally leave out History and Personality because I like to figure it out during the RP, but you are welcome to add it in if you want.

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Nah I think that's good :)

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Okay. :) Do you want me to create first?

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Sure :)

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[Name] Ivy Lawson
[Age] 18
[Gender] Female

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Name: Ben Wilmerson
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: (looks like Ansel Elgort, I'll get a pic when I'm on my computer)

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Ooo my gosh! The dude who played Caleb! XD

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Lol yeah! I love him, he's playing Augustus in the fault in our stars!

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I've never read The Fault in our Stars, but I'm going to!

So how much do you generally post?

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It's really good! I love it!

Like, how long are my post?

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Idk... I don't stalk other people's RP's... :)

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Want to start?

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Yup! I want to start! And yeah, I meant how long are your posts? I finally got that.

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Lol I can be detailed, but t really depends on how detailed or not detailed you are :)

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Same here. It all depends on the person. :)

So do you want to start. To be honest, I don't know how to start this one. But if you want, I can try...

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I can start :)

Ben walked out of the building that the support group was held in. He hated support group, but he needed it with everything going on in his life. He was wearing a black tshirt with skinny jeans, a black beanie, and black high top converse. He was tired and wanted to go home and smoke and cut or something. He also had it get to work soon so he could send money to his ex for his daughter. He isn't skins to see in daughter until he stops smoking, cutting, and drinking. So he really wants to stop all of that stuff, and soon hopefully. Ben sat down on the steps outside of the building and looked around at the world.

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Ivy pulled up in her car and parked it in the lot. She got out and locked it. A cigar was at hand and before she knew it, it was lit and at her mouth. Ivy wore a long sleeved green shirt the complimented her eyes nicely, riding jeans, Sperry's, and her black hair in a braid. She stopped, to look at the building where the group was being held. The only reason she was here was because her father had made her go. If it were up to her, she would be drinking and reading. Finally, she started up again.

Ivy finally reached the building where the group was going to be held. She sighed and took another breath of her cigar. She really needed to stop, but it felt so good. It made her feel happy even.

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Ben looked up when a beautiful girl walked up. The only problem. She was smoking. He sighed and stood up "would you mind putting that out? Some people around here are trying to stop smoking" he stood about six feet and two inches tall. He towered over almost everyone he knew. So he was taller than this girl too. Ben leaned against the hand rails on the stairs and smiled. He knew her, kinda. She was from support group "and your supposed to be stopping too, you know, that's why people go to support group" he nodded and looked at the time, they still had about ten minutes before they had to get in there.

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Ivy rolled her eyes and pinched out the flame. Let it begin. She thought. It was her second week there. She had gotten by last week merely by luck, nobody bothered her with the cigar last week. This week was obviously gonna be different though... Ivy looked up at the boy. He towered over her. She was slightly below average height, standing at five feet, three inches, but the smaller the better! In her opinion at least... "Yeah yeah." She muttered. Ivy slid over to a nearby ashtray and stuck the cigar in. "Happy?" She asked with her arms crossed.

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Ben smiled and nodded slightly "oh, I'm always happy" he shrugged and crossed his arms and looked at her "but really" he paused and looked her over "why would you want to ruin your lungs when you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen" he smiled lightly "why not have a beautiful inside as well as a beautiful outside?" His doctors told him he was close to getting cancer, and if he didn't stop he would have cancer and he would have to go into chemo. Ben didn't like that idea, so he had been trying extra hard to stop.

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Ivy clenched her jaw. His comment was both nice, yet striking. No one had ever called her beautiful before. Probably because she always had a cigar at hand. But it's not like Ivy cared. She did what she had to do because she had to, she didn't care that people didn't call her names like 'beautiful.' "Because no one can see my inside, so why worry?" Smart remark, but he would probably have a smarter one to counter. Ivy felt her hand start tapping in the thigh of her leg. The side effects of not smoking. Deciding that it was better to keep him from seeing too much, she decided to come up with some type of excuse to get her away. "I gotta run to the lady's. Anything else you need to say?"

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Ben watched her and smirked "everyone will we your inside. After a while of a bad inside, it starts to show quickly on the outside" he nodded looked at her "I doubt you actually have to go to the ladys. You just say you do to get away from a smoking, drinking, druggie, idiot. Like myself" he smiled lightly St her. He was used to people not wanting to be around him, and he didn't care if people wanted to be near him or not. "have fun beautiful" he winked at her and smiled.

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Well, he was smart. Ivy would give him that. He also wasn't too shabby himself. She didn't know if it was the cigar talking or actually her. Ivy nodded and forced a quick smile onto her face. And with that, she turned on her heel and disappeared into the building. Now where to find the lady's though... And did she really want to go to the lady's? Ivy still had five minutes. She went over her options. She could go to the lady's and miss half the meeting or go in there and sit with a bunch of freaks. Or she could explore... Ivy chose the lady's. She turned down to corridor to where she remembered it being last time...

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Ben walked into the biding after a few minutes. He knew he would see her in the support group, so he didn't follow her. He walked to the support group room and sat down in a random chair. He saw only a few other people. Most of them only here for little things, like cutting, or thinking of killing themselves. Si they we're all scared of him. For two reasons. One, he was the oldest in the group. And two, he had the most problems. So sitting in the mini chair waiting on some lady to come and talked to everyone, was really boring for him.

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Ivy slid into the unoccupied restroom. She surveyed the one person restroom before clicking the lock and setting her mini purse down onto the counter. She rested her elbows on the counter-top and began to violently hit her cheeks. She had time to kill. Ivy looked down at her watch. The meeting should be starting now, and she wouldn't be there. If anyone asked, she would just say she got lost then gave up looking after five minutes. Easy peasy.

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Ben looked around the room when it came closer to time, he didn't see the girl.he had seen earlier. So of course he got up.and slipped out of the room. He walked through the halls till he found the ladys room, he knocked and waited for an answer "are you in there beautiful?" He resorted to calling her that since he didn't know her name. He was really bad at remembering names so he forgot hers from last support group.

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"Nah." Ivy said. She wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying. She was more focused on the eyelash that was in her eye. Why in earth did her eyelashes have to be so long? Finally, she gave up and thought back to what he just said and what she just said. It's not like she could take back what she said, so she decided to just go with what came next. "And the name's Ivy!" She hollered through the door.

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Ben shrugged and pushed opened the door "I like beautiful better" he shrugged and smiled St her. He knew he wasn't supposed to be in a girls bathroom, but he didn't care "so here's the thing" he leaned against the door "support group is starting, and I snuck out to come let you know" he paused and looked at her "so, Ivy, you can come to support group with me, it you can throw your life away by staying in here." He shrugged "unknown support group is annoying and boring, but trust me, it's good sometimes" he nodded.

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Ivy snorted and turned back towards the mirror. She didn't give two hoots about some support group. And frankly, she didn't see any reason to be in one. It's not like they could actually help her. She didn't need help. Ivy was managing fine on her own, in her opinion. Another thing she did not get was how she was going to throw her life away by just staying in here. It was just a room, a room she would take refuge in for an hour or two, but that was it. How could she throw her life away again? It was easy to see that her eyes were trying to work this out. They were concentrated and at the same time, misty.

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Ben looked at her and sighed "alright, so I'm gonna do whatever you do" he paused and looked St her "and I'm supposed to be going to support group so I can get better, and be able to see my daughter who.uk have never met" he nodded and looked at her "so beautiful, we can stay and then I'll go probably another month without seeing my daughter,or we can hurry up and get our asses in there and I'll be one more class closer to being able to see my daughter." He nodded and looked St her "so, I'm leaving part of Mt future in your hands, choose wisely, we're talking about my kid here" Ben looked at her, he really hoped she would go back with him, he wasn't sure if he could stay and not see his daughter for a whole nother month.

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Ivy shrugged. "It's your choice to leave your future up to me. I didn't ask for it. So when you don't see your daughter, don't blame me. You brought this upon yourself." She smirked and turned around once more to face the mirror. There was no way she was going to go out there. No support groups for her. And she didn't even want to decide his fate. So technically, it was him deciding his own future.

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Ben sighed inwardly "come on, please?" He looked at her "I'm going anyways, and you can't just stay in here " Ben moved to where he was closer to her "now in going to go see the people in support group, and you are going to come with me" he really wanted to see his daughter, he has pictures, and she knows who he is, they just haven't met yet"

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((situation the end I put " but I mental to put . ))

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Ivy shrugged. "You go to the support group and then see your daughter, and I will stay here. It's quite comfortable in here actually." She surveyed the room from where she was. "And I would suggest you get out of the lady's room, you never know who could find you." She kept her attention on the mirror, never actually looking at Ben directly, but rather through the mirror.

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Ben sighed "I guess I'll have to carry you to support group" he looked at her "ready?" He looked St her and smile slightly, he wasn't gonna let her stay in here.

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Ivy did her best to fight a smile, but a small one appeared anyways. "Oh fine." She sighed. She gathered up her small purse then turned to face him. "I'm coming, but you're not carrying me."

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Ben smiled lightly at her "ladies first" he opened the door for her. He was so glad she chose to go, he didn't want to have to carry here, and he didnt want to stay in there. He walked close to her as they walked down the halls tongue support group.

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To the*

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When they finally got there, she took up a spot without even a glance back at Ben. Ivy crossed her legs and acted like she had been there the whole time. She got few odd looks, but she ignored them. It's not like Ivy cared what others thought.

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Ben walked into the room after her and sat next to her and smiled lightly as he sat down and got sucked into the conversation, he looked around and then at Ivy, she really was beautiful. He thought about all the girls he had been with, non of them were as beautiful as she was. He knew he would have to make her like him somehow.

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Ivy was lost in her thoughts. She wasn't paying attention to the conversation, she was sorta off in her own little world. Her mind drifted to thinking of Ben. He really was just someone else. She hadn't ever met someone like him, so determined to get her back to the group... No one, except maybe her father, would want her back in a conversation that much.

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Support group ended and everyone left the room quickly. He knew most people hated that room for holding the support group. Ben stood and looked at Ivy "Thank you, One more support group closer to meeting my daughter, so that means only three left" he smiled "But I still have other things to do" he nodded.

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Ivy nodded slowly, wondering why he was telling her all of this. Him seeing his daughter, still having work to do, and whatnot. "Well...have fun." Was all she could think to say. Ivy turned to look back at the spot she had been sitting in, just to make sure that she wasn't leaving anything, then turned back around.

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Ben looked at her "why are you coming to support group? What's your excuse?" He smiled lightly, he was always asking people that question, he had been here for almost a year, so he had talked to many people that came and went in support group.

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Ivy clenched her jaw. She figured it would have been rather obvious. Well, apparently not. "My dad makes me." she said simply. That was a reason. The other reason wasn't one she went spitting into the public world.

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