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message 1: by Firequill (last edited May 04, 2014 10:04PM) (new)

Firequill | 259 comments Mod
My eyes opened. I cringed as a pain jolted through my skull. What the hell happened last night?

I took a deep breath and push myself to the sitting position. I gasped. Where the hell am I?...

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message 2: by Cannon (new)

Cannon Meatball | 8 comments My eyes scoured the unfurnished grey room. In a panic, I searched for a door, growing further panic stricken as I found none. My heart beat mercilessly; breath hitched in my throat. Light poured in from a closed window, out of which lay a tree and an unblinking pair or glowing, golden eyes.

message 3: by S.E. (new)

S.E. Smith (sesmithfl) | 7 comments The beast outside the window was huge but for some reason the fear I thought would choke me never came. Rising from the bed, I walked slowly toward the window. I stared out the window, mesmerized by the beauty held within the sleek, muscular form. The creature stepped closer to the window. The glass fogged slightly as its hot breath swept across the surface. Feathery tentacles of condensation fanned outward blurring its image. My fingers trembled as I reached out to touch the glass.

message 4: by Cannon (new)

Cannon Meatball | 8 comments As the creature drew nearer, I grew petrified. My thoughts were a myriad of uncertainty, but the creature's eyes somehow calmed me. It's golden irises were barely discernible behind the glass veil. "Hello," a crystalline voice pierced my thoughts.

message 5: by S.E. (new)

S.E. Smith (sesmithfl) | 7 comments "Who... what... are you?" I whispered.

message 6: by Cannon (new)

Cannon Meatball | 8 comments Its breath continued to fog up the window, to a point where all I could see was a vague outline. "2589," it wrote on the misted pane. My ears shrieked from the squeaking that made.

message 7: by S.E. (new)

S.E. Smith (sesmithfl) | 7 comments "Stop! Please, stop," I begged, covering my ears. When the fog cleared, I gazed into the golden eyes with a silent plea. "Where am I? What is happening to me?""

message 8: by Cannon (new)

Cannon Meatball | 8 comments Again, all it wrote were four cryptic numbers, "2589." What was it trying to say?

message 9: by S.E. (new)

S.E. Smith (sesmithfl) | 7 comments "I don't understand," I whispered, shaking my head in confusion. I turned as its eyes moved to the door behind me. On the wall next to it was a keypad. "Oh!"

message 10: by Firequill (new)

Firequill | 259 comments Mod
The first thing that jumped into my mind was the number 2589, it had to be the combination to open the door, but if I do, would that be safe.

I couldnt stay here either and moved with shaky legs to the door. I reached out for the keypad and started to press 2 5 8 9.

message 11: by Cannon (new)

Cannon Meatball | 8 comments "Incomplete request," said the keypad. Thought deserted me and a panic seared throughout me. The grey walls began closing in on me; I was struggling to draw breath.

message 12: by S.E. (new)

S.E. Smith (sesmithfl) | 7 comments I glanced back at the window. The creature continued to stare at me. Warmth flooded me and I closed my eyes.

"Try again." The whisper of a voice echoed through my mind.

I turned back to the keypad and slowly pressed the numbers again. I gasped when the sound of the lock disengaged and the door popped open. I glanced over my shoulder with a smile but it faded to confusion when I saw that the creature was no longer there.

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