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Rp here with approved amity only

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regan Elliot walked in along with Hayden and carefully began to place the peaches into the huge basket of peaches. He hated the system they had to use. Putting everything in the small harvesting baskets into the giant basket. It just seemed like a waste of time. "You think there's strawberries in here?" he asked. Fresh strawberries were one of his favorite things.

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regan Elliot walked around, browsing for the strawberries. When he finally found one, he popped one into his mouth after picking the green leafy top off. "Sorry, had to do that."

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regan "I don't know, I fell like I'm stealing I guess," Elliot said, not exactly sure. He popped a couple blueberries in his mouth then. "Maybe when we take that truth serum thing I'll have to tell everyone I stole fruit," he said in mock-horror.

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regan Elliot waved at a few who were staring, trying his best to look stupid. Some just kept staring when he did but others looked away.

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regan Elliot almost didn't catch it but he did. "I got it this time! Told you I could catch!" he said, before popping off the green top and eating it. He had the slight curiosity of how much trouble they'd get in if they were caught but, he didn't really pay much attention to it.

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regan Elliot smiled then took a handful of strawberries and placed them in his pocket. "For later..." he said to no one in particular, just the air of empty thoughts.

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regan "It's about time," Elliot laughed. "For the amount of time I've spent with you." Now that he thought about it, she really had. Anything fun or slightly risky he's done had a small influence of Hayden. But he was glad for that. It let him be him.

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regan "Do you think everything's predetermined? Like, when we were born, was it already decided somehow that we'd leave here?" Elliot asked, turning serious and going back to stacking the peaches. He felt like he was meant to leave here...but he didn't know if he believed himself.

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regan "Like," Elliot looked for a way to rephrase it, "when we were born, were we fated to go to Candor?" He finished putting all the peaches away.

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regan "I don't know, I guess I just kind of always felt more Candor. My parents and sisters are just oozing Amity though. It's just odd I guess," Elliot tried to explain.

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regan Elliot nodded then popped a blueberry into his mouth. "Well, let's get out of here, I think I'm gaining a phobia of fruit...fruitaphobia," he said, putting their baskets in a stack of other harvesting baskets.

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regan ((g2g, I'll be back later :( ))

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regan Elliot laughed. "True. Erudites are smart alecks though. Who'd wanna hang with them anyways?"

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regan "I don't know about you but I'm still hungry. We could go get a late lunch?" Elliot offered. And there'd probably be a fruit pie. One thing he loved about Amity was their blueberry pie. But it'd be worth it to leave anyways.

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regan "Hey!" he called running after her. "That was a terrible heads up!" Elliot tried to catch up, but she was fast. He slowly gained on her but he wouldn't make it to the cafeteria first.

[Elliot has left.]

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