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Ta da! (view spoiler)

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Peter Parker | 25 comments Hello!

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So, Amazing Spider-Man RP... How are we gonna pull that off?

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Peter Parker | 25 comments Well if you like a challenge we could start of as you playing the girl we had a problem or plot along the way.

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I love a challenge! And playing a girl...

So do I have to do the original or...?

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Peter Parker | 25 comments Erza {People get stronger when they've got something to protect} Scarlet wrote: "I love a challenge! And playing a girl...

So do I have to do the original or...?"

If you don't want to don't its up to you :)

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I think I'll make my own... I never really liked the girl. I don't know why...

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Peter Parker | 25 comments Erza {People get stronger when they've got something to protect} Scarlet wrote: "I think I'll make my own... I never really liked the girl. I don't know why..."

To be honest...Don't tell my girlfriend either but she seemed to,easy for me...

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Thank you! Thank you so much! She was really easy. It made me itch. Ugh. Okay. I should get on my girl... I'm gonna use a simple template if you don't mind. Just the vitals. Is that okay?

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Peter Parker | 25 comments brb

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And I'll just go ahead and start da girl.

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Peter Parker | 25 comments OK!

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Name: Rose Anderson
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: TBRP
History: TBRP

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Sorry it took so long. None of the pictures really spoke to me...

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Peter Parker | 25 comments that's so right good job!

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Hehe. Thanks. XD

I don't think you need to make one. I assume you'll be doing Peter, right?

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Peter Parker | 25 comments Erza {People get stronger when they've got something to protect} Scarlet wrote: "Hehe. Thanks. XD

I don't think you need to make one. I assume you'll be doing Peter, right?"

Oh well yeah i will be doing peter!

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XD I thought so.

So how much do you usually post per post? I don't want to seem like a total like, I don't know, stupido? If I post a few sentences. But I don't want to overwhelm you with a giant paragraph.

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Peter Parker | 25 comments Erza {People get stronger when they've got something to protect} Scarlet wrote: "XD I thought so.

So how much do you usually post per post? I don't want to seem like a total like, I don't know, stupido? If I post a few sentences. But I don't want to overwhelm you with a giant ..."

I don't mind detailed!

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Okay. Detailed it is then!!! Do you wanna start or...?

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Peter Parker | 25 comments Erza {People get stronger when they've got something to protect} Scarlet wrote: "Okay. Detailed it is then!!! Do you wanna start or...?"

Can you?

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((I will do my best! I may fail epically in the process, but we can at least say I tried!!!!))

Rose was walking down the busy street with a cup of warm Starbucks in her hand. She didn't know where she was going, nor did it matter to her. Rose was a wanderer. Yes, she pulled pretty good grades in school. She was in her senior year with all A's. But she still had no idea what to do with her life. There were so many things... So really, all she did was wander, trying to find a decent place in the world.

She gripped her coffee tighter at hand as she took in all the buildings. Everything was a wonder to her. All the buildings, the people, daily life, everything. Rose took a big drink of her warm drink. It tasted so good.

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Peter Parker | 25 comments Peter walked put of the daily bugle sighing."Spider-man isn't a menace he is trying to save people.Why is Mr Jameson so hard headed." He said annoyed at Jameson always insulting Spider-man.But then he looked across the street and saw his best friend Rose.((By this time she is into Peter))"Hey" Peter shouted waving across the street at Rose."Rose!" he finished with calling her over.

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Rose looked around to see where the source of the noise was coming from. Her green eyes finally found Peter in the mass of people. She ducked, coffee still in hand, and swerved through quite a few people. One decided to bump into her and she jolted hard to the side. She mumbled an apology, even though it was not her fault, and started crossing the road. When she finally got over, she gave a small smile and said, "Hey Peter." She resisted the urge to take a nice big drink. "What's up? You okay?"

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Peter Parker | 25 comments "Yeah I'm great,I just came out of the Daily Bugle and Jameson payed me half again for some great pictures."He said sadly.It didn't bother him to money but more that some people thought spiderman was a vigilante not a hero."How are you?" he asked smiling as he took her coffee and took a small sip smirking back at her.

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"Well, Jamerson will eventually learn that he's making bad deals. Someone will pay you better. You just have to find them." She promised. Rose eyed her coffee in Peter's hand then snatched it back playfully. "My day's been okay. Same old." A sigh escaped her. "Nothing special. Just went to Starbucks, finished up some homework this morning. But that's about it."

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Peter Parker | 25 comments "Well you seem a bit off" he said tilting his head at her studying her.Since he had been Spiderman we had stopped spending so much time with her and he kind of missed all that but he knew it was dangerous for him to have close friends since people after him could hurt his friends.

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Rose rolled her eyes. "Of course I'm off. I've been off ever since, you know." She gestured to him. "But I'll be fine. I have school to worry about. And I should get a job soon..." She had lost her last job because she stank at communication. Her parents and Peter were the only people she could talk to without totally shying out. Even when she spoke to teachers, Rose wanted to crawl away and hide in a shell.

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Peter Parker | 25 comments "Oh,Well Rose I'm here for you" he said putting a hand on her shoulder smiling."I have always been here for you even if right now there are things i need to do" he said sighing."But I always have time for you Rose" he said stroking her cheek softly.

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Rose sighed and pulled away. "Don't lie to yourself Peter. Honestly." She did a very dramatic eye roll complete with a huff. For good measure, she added a smile, so he would know all was good. "I don't mind that you put them," She gestured to the people around her with her coffee. "Before me. It makes me feel better actually."

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Peter Parker | 25 comments He watched her sadly."I-I guess your right" he said hurt."Well I Don't want to waste your time, I'll see you later" he said walking away quickly with his head down.He wondered why Rose was more independent,maybe she just doesn't see Peter as anything anymore.

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Peter Parker | 25 comments ((ganna go to sleep cya!))

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She rolled her eyes, AGAIN. Without any hesitation, she chased after him and grabbed him by his hoodie. "Nuh-uh." She said. "Peter, you are not wasting my time. This is actually my first unwasted time today. I'm just saying that hundreds of people are more important than one. You know?" She was probably messing up and failing, but she had to tell him. If he was gonna put one girl first... It was kinda her job as his friend to put him back on course.

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((Night night!))

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Day (yes2danny) | 277 comments ((Hey It's alex BTW on Day's phone/...He wont let me sign on mine >.< so ill just pretend im on mine So Sorry))

"It's not the Same Rose,You don't understand it's not just any girl" he said looking away playing with his hair nervously."She is alot more then that" he said as a car roomed passed them almost hitting Rose but he sensed it and quickly pulled her away.He looked at the car then at her."I-I"

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((That's cool. :) ))

The streets were so loud, it's not like Rose could hear the car coming. Without warning, she felt Peter pull her away from the to-be wreck. She suddenly began to go over to pros and cons to the situation. Pros: She wasn't dead, and she felt alive. Cons: She spilled all her coffee. But the really didn't matter right now. Rose felt her cheeks flush bright red and she muttered a "Thank you." She couldn't bring her eyes to look at him. Finally, she turned to the direction where the car had gone. "What was wrong with that bloke?" She wondered aloud.

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Day (yes2danny) | 277 comments "I have to go Rose" he said sadly running into a near by alley quickly he took off his shirt showing his suit underneath and quickly ran into the dark and a few seconds after he came out climbing the wall as spiderman.

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Rose rolled her eyes. She wondered briefly if she should at least attempt to follow him. But she thought back to last time, and that didn't end too well. She had ended up with a few broken bones... So in other words, Rose was not trying that again. She watched Peter go sadly. Sometimes, she wished that he actually could put her before everyone else, but she new that that was selfish, and she could endanger everyone. And besides, he was probably happy, being who he was. She shook her head and turned in the opposite direction, on her way home.

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Day (yes2danny) | 277 comments Peter sighed angry at himself...He crawled to the top of the roof and turned back...He ran tot he edge and looked for Rose quickly spotting her and shooting a web at her back and carefully pulling her up to where he was and hiding from view.He pulled of his mask and kissed her quickly."I will be back for you" he said before swinging away quickly hating himself for leaving her.

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Before he shot the web at her, she had her back hunched over and a strand of hair was loose. She was in the middle of putting it behind her ear when she felt something suddenly pull her back. A small scream of shock escaped her mouth, but she quickly stopped it. Rose figured it was probably Peter. He was the only one she knew with that type of deal. She landed safely on the roof. A quick kiss followed this and some words from Peter. Before she had time to reply, he was off. "Yeah, okay." She whispered weakly into the wind. She walked to the edge of the roof where he had jumped and whispered into the wind. "Don't get hurt."

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Day (yes2danny) | 277 comments He felt words but never hurt them, He hoped they where something good as he swung without a glance back.He had to focus on the Criminals that almost ran over the girl he loved."They will pay" he said making his face more serious.He spotted the car that had stopped and the people in there where having a shot out with the cops that had caught up to them.He quickly dove towards them as one of the bad guys screamed."There he is call him now" he spoke in a thick Russian accent. Suddenly after one of the men made a call the 'Green Goblin' appeared out of nowhere."Well, look who came to play little Spider" He said laughing maniacally.Last time Peter had fought with him he almost died and had to run away."Trap" Peter sighed nervously under his mask landed on a lamppost.What to do!

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Rose observed Peter's situation from her spot on the roof. He seemed to be going after the car that almost ran her over, but why? It was probably just an accident. Maybe the guy was drunk, and he wasn't looking where he was going... That probably had to be it. Peter was just making a big deal. But then, she saw someone. He didn't look nice looking either... And Peter didn't look too good himself. he was on a lamp post and not doing anything yet... Maybe just talking, but that didn't seem too right. Without any further delay, Rose ran towards a little house on the roof that would allow her to climb down and through the building, but she stopped halfway towards it. What would Peter want? He would want her to stay safe. "Tough luck, Peter." She grumbled and began running again.

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Day (yes2danny) | 277 comments Peter watched the Goblin nervously as the Goblin spoke."what's the matter Spider,Goblin's got your tongue?"He asked laughing maniacally.

"No i was just thinking that you look better like this" Peter said as he quickly shot a web at a trash can and swung it at the Goblin."See there now you smell as bad as you look" Peter said laughing nervously.That was Peter always making jokes when he knew he was supposed to be serious."Now you will pay Spidey,You will die with your bad jokes" said the Goblin as he throw a little pumpkin bomb that blow up.Peter quickly swung it and throw it in the sky as it bad a big explosion."Those are what get me" he said quietly to himself. Goblin was on his glider as he flew to Peter quickly,blades appearing on the front of it as Peter Dodged them by inches.

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Rose sped down the stairwell with eh speed. All the while, she was thinking of ways to help. She found an elevator and hit the ground floor. Then, it finally dawned on her. She could get people away from the area. The police were probably doing that already, but who said she coundn't help? Rose ran out the door and scanned the area for Peter. She finally saw him, in a head on fight with a very ugly dude. Her legs sped up and she ran to where a little girl was standing, entranced at the fight. Rose stopped behind her and slipped next to her. "Come on." She whispered kindly. "We've got to get out of here. Where's your mum?" The girl pointed back to where a brown haired woman was standing. Rose took the girl's hand and started to pull her towards her mother.

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Day (yes2danny) | 277 comments ((I can't be to detailed.. going to the hospital my mom fell from the stairs...))

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Day (yes2danny) | 277 comments Peter dodged another pass of the blades but got cut when another blade cane out of another side."crap"he said under his breath.Could he take on this guy?The goblin laughing at Peter."Looks like this time I might kill you and see who is under that mask"Goblin said.

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*♫ Day*♫ wrote: "((I can't be to detailed.. going to the hospital my mom fell from the stairs...))"

((OMG! Is she okay? Will she be okay? And don't worry about detaildness. Your mom is more important.))

Rose led the girl to her mother and instructed them both to get out. She turned her attention back onto Peter and the ugly man. Why on earth was he so set on uncovering a mask? It was just a mask. The things people did... It was unfathomable. And crazy. What sane person would kill to see under a mask? Well, this guy was not sane so...

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Day (yes2danny) | 277 comments ((I'm so sorry yeah...I don't deal good with being under stress yeah so I'm acting weird.))

"Spiderman" Goblin said Peter tackled him off his glider falling to the floor .He kept punching him over and over."Look Spiderman is mad"Goblin said laughing."No your just that ugly I want to see if I can beat your face and make it worse"Peter said laughing.

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((I understand. I'll keep your mum in my prayers tonight. May God bless her and your family.))

Rose did her best to hide a smile. No matter how bad things got, anyone could leave it to Peter to crack a joke. And he was pretty good at it as well. If it had been her in that situation, she would have just about died right then. And she wouldn't be making jokes. Her hand made its way up to a loose strand pf hair. Her fist wrapped around it tightly. She promised that if things got bad, she would interfere, but not before then. Peter would want her to stay safe, and she would honor that until she was unable to any more.

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Day (yes2danny) | 277 comments ((Thank you so much I'm just so...nervous....))

Goblin quickly pulled out a blade stabbing peter on the leg."ahhh"Peter said doing a back flip off him and landed on a car almost falling."Your going to die"Goblin said quickly throwing many Pumpkin bombs over at Peter. Peter reacted quickly as he throw a ball of webbing that was stronger then the normal type as it covered them and exploded but did no damage but a wave that sent peter flying at a wall.

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