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message 1: by Brian (new)

Brian This is my first time reading I, Jedi in a few years, and in that time I've filled in a lot of gaps in my Star Wars comic history. It's really added a lot to this book already in just the first few chapters!

Leonia Tavira first appeared in the Rogue Squadron comics. This book does a good job of summarizing her backstory, but it's pretty cool now having actually read the stories of Rogue Squadron's previous meetings with her in the Rogue Squadron Omnibuses from Dark Horse.

This is mentioned in another thread on here, but there are also a lot of Dark Empire references, from the reborn Emperor to the redemption of Kam Solusar.

Are there any other comic references that anyone has seen so far?

message 2: by Aaron, Jedi Master (new)

Aaron Goins (avgoins) | 213 comments Mod
I've never read the X-wing comics but I'm sure I'll get to them eventually since the Legends Universe seems frozen

message 3: by Jason (new)

Jason Duran | 37 comments This is starting to tie in better to the KOTOR comics than anything else.... Those were my first SWEU exposure in the 90s.

message 4: by Aaron, Jedi Master (new)

Aaron Goins (avgoins) | 213 comments Mod
Yes, Bodo Baas is from the Tales of the Jedi comics

message 5: by Jason (new)

Jason Duran | 37 comments Actually it's Vodo-Siosk-Baas who is in KOTOR. He's the master of Exar Kun, who is killed by him. Bodo Baas is his ancestor that inherits the holocron and is the one talking to him. WP says Bodo lived in 600 BBY. Kyp also goes on a rant about Nomi Sunrider, I thought that was cool.

message 6: by Aaron, Jedi Master (new)

Aaron Goins (avgoins) | 213 comments Mod
Oh yes, you are right. Bodo Baas does appear in a holocron in the Dark Empire comics though.

message 7: by Jason (new)

Jason Duran | 37 comments Yes, and I thought the same thing before too since the V's and the B's are interchangeable in Spanish. I really did appreciate how a Tales of the Jedi and a Dark Empire themselves were intertwined.

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