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message 1: by Chris , The Kingslayer (new)

Chris  (haughtc) | 903 comments Here we are. The season is halfway over already. Where has the time gone?

message 2: by Christian (new)

Christian (christiansnow) | 1 comments Great episode, I thought they gave us plenty to go on and I'm also glad that Bran didn't get to meet Jon even though I felt bittersweet about the whole moment.

message 3: by Amber (new)

Amber (ivorydoom) | 227 comments I thought it was pretty decent episode actually. I enjoyed the way Cersei was talking to all the judges on Tyrion's trial. I also thought it was funny when The Hound slapped Arya in the mouth. LOL.

The stuff with Lysa portrayed her character well in my opinion also...she is totally unstable in the books as far as I'm concerned and how she acted towards Sansa was well done.
I think my only REAL complaint is that they changed Sansa/Alayne to Petyr's niece...which just seemed unnecessary and also that they hadn't dyed her hair yet, but I assumed they would probably dye it in one of the next episodes.
The niece thing though makes no sense unless they want to make it look better for later when Littlefinger gets all creep status make out face with her.

I'm glad the Craster's shit is over and it went well enough. Hodor killing Locke was really unexpected for me. I was thinking he'd be around for a while as an infiltrator. But it was also hardcore, so I didn't mind, It was a happy surprise.

Also awesome that Ghost will be back even if I have to complain that he makes sounds. LOL.

message 4: by mark (new)

mark monday (happy-end-of-the-world) | 343 comments I loved that conversation between Cersei and Margaery.

all that Lysa stuff was pretty fantastic too. funny to see Littlefinger not being the creepiest person in the room, must be an unusual experience for him. his expressions during their scenes together were priceless.

message 5: by Amber (new)

Amber (ivorydoom) | 227 comments LOL, I agree Mark, Littlefinger's faces were priceless.

message 6: by Remy (new)

Remy Blas (remyblas) | 203 comments I think Littlefinger is, in his own way, as corageous as any warrior. I mean, it takes guts to marry and fuck that crazy bitch. I would be scared shitless to live in the same castle as that unstable lady. I think it was really cool that they revealed they killed Jon Arryn and not the Lannisters. For those who didn't read the books, lately everything they thought they knew is falling apart. Nothing is what it seems. I love it.

Also, I liked how the scene with Daenerys explained in a really simple way WHY Daenerys doesn't go to Westeros yet. "If I cannot control Slaver's Bay, how will I be able to rule seven kinggoms?" or.. whatever, I'm reciting from memory. You get my point.

Poor Syrio Forell, The Hound make him sound like an idiot for leting himself be killed by "Meryn fucking Trant". And I loved the way he turn to look Arya when she called his name in her prayer.

Bran showing Hodor's strenght was awesome, and the look on Hodor's face when he saw the blood on his hands... priceless. And also kind of disturbing. Anothere disturbing thing: the lenght of Bran's leg when his sitting. That "little kid" is way too tall. Good thing we won't see him standing.

What else? What else? Oh yeah! What's up with Cersei being so nice to Margaery? I get why she talked to Tywin and Oberyn, but her... Hmmm.. she's up to something...

Anyway, I'll shut up now. Great episode.

message 7: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl Hall | 32 comments Just a quick side note celebrating the fact that Oberyn mentioned all eight Sand Snakes. I was worried that they would be cut.

message 8: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 152 comments I enjoyed the episode. I get bored with the episode parts involving the Night's Watch. I want things to progress, in that area, and feel like it's just stuck/lacking. But that's just me...everyone else I have talked to doesn't seem bothered by it.

Looking forward to the next episode. So many of my favorite parts are coming! WOOHOO!

message 9: by Chris , The Kingslayer (new)

Chris  (haughtc) | 903 comments mark wrote: "funny to see Littlefinger not being the creepiest person in the room, must be an unusual experi..."

Heck, in that scene he wasn't even in the top 2!

message 10: by Eyehavenofilter (new)

Eyehavenofilter | 325 comments Lysa just creeps me the hell out. I too was putting a pillow over my head, during her " love making" ( ewwww) with Littlefinger, that alone is enough to push that twat out the moon door! Oh oh oh oh ah a h ah ah ah....please....
Eeeeeek! I'm still scrubbing my brain with a brillo pad and bleach.... Gag!
Crasters burning was such justice!
And what is Cerci up to..... Hmmmmmm?

message 11: by Paolo (new)

Paolo (ppiazzesi) | 15 comments I really liked the Craster´s Keep subplot. In the end we knew that Bran was still gonna be heading north and Jon was still going to be back at Castle Black, but we got a nice couple of episodes where we could watch and enjoy the show without knowing what would happen.

Also, I thought the reveal re: Jon Arryn was nicely done. I watch the show with a bunch of non-readers and they all got it immediately. They were all "no waaaaay!!".

message 12: by Francisco (new)

Francisco (fidlar) Terrific job on Lysa. Fine actress. Her son, on the other hand, could have been more.. NOISY! Cersei starts to truely collapse, but I imagined her a little bit more GRIEFY on the post-Joffrey's death. I also believe that Dany's arch is being a bit delayed, but must have to do with the books

Show's good looking tho

message 13: by Amber (new)

Amber (ivorydoom) | 227 comments Yah I thought Dany's plot was heading true to the books...slow, slow, slow, slow, slow.
Let's not forget how much Daario daydreaming we have in our future, nothing interesting happens to her again (in my opinion) until close to the end of DWD.

At least they made some sense of why she isn't just heading to westeros, I thought that was an upgrade.

message 14: by Eyehavenofilter (new)

Eyehavenofilter | 325 comments (I really thought I almost saw some bile rising up in Littlefingers throat as Lysa lip-locked him) oh wait... That was me... Gag.....hack!

message 15: by mark (new)

mark monday (happy-end-of-the-world) | 343 comments that was all of us.

message 16: by Amber (new)

Amber (ivorydoom) | 227 comments It was collective gagging and hacking for sure. I actually pitied Sansa having to hear that wedding night.

message 17: by Cheryl (last edited May 08, 2014 01:11PM) (new)

Cheryl Hall | 32 comments mark wrote: "that was all of us."


I'm a little disappointed the Jon Aryn reveal wasn't followed by (view spoiler)

I'll just have to wait for that I suppose.

message 18: by Amber (new)

Amber (ivorydoom) | 227 comments I've been wondering if we'll see Stoneheart this season. That might make a nice reveal for a finale though...hard to say.

Do you guys think they will kill off the Hound? The longer he makes it the more I doubt it and the more I wonder if that is another sign of the future of the books. (Actually crossing my fingers for this derailment since I'm a bit of a fan of that theory)

message 19: by mark (new)

mark monday (happy-end-of-the-world) | 343 comments that would be an awesome final scene!

I sure hope he isn't killed off. in the books, isn't it implied (view spoiler)? I suppose that could still happen, but they've done so much streamlining of Arya's story that I can see them skipping the part where Arya & Hound even meet those guys.

message 20: by Cheryl (last edited May 08, 2014 01:58PM) (new)

Cheryl Hall | 32 comments Well one of my hopes for the next book is

(view spoiler)

message 21: by mark (new)

mark monday (happy-end-of-the-world) | 343 comments at last! hopefully.

message 22: by Francisco (new)

Francisco (fidlar) My current hopes on all the GoT universe is that Lady Stoneheart closes season 4. Would make some Red Wedding look like reaction vids

message 23: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl Hall | 32 comments Yes, I want Lady SH to be the final shot too.

message 24: by Eyehavenofilter (new)

Eyehavenofilter | 325 comments Oh Please oh Please let us see Lady Stoneheart!

message 25: by Amber (new)

Amber (ivorydoom) | 227 comments Yah, it would make for a good last hurrah. Wonder when we get to meet Hizdar or if that will be next season.

And Mark, I'm not sure if it is exactly implied that The Hound makes it, but their is a giant gravedigger mentioned and we don't "see" the body is suspicious at the least.

I'm wondering if they will end with Stoneheart or just go straight to Cersei pennance walk/Robert Strong intro.

Are they supposed to do the trial by combat this week? I saw something about the trial being this week, but wasn't sure if that was going to be the talky one or the awesome one.

message 26: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 152 comments Based on the previews I saw. It was hard to tell. I'm just excited they are getting there. It leads to some of my personal favorite plot lines.

message 27: by Remy (new)

Remy Blas (remyblas) | 203 comments Amber, I think it's too soon for Cersei's pennance walk and Robert Strong intro. There's a lot that need to happen before that, and it would be a huge jump forward in the story if King's Landing's plot goes on till the end of book 5 in this season.

There are a lot of big moments with which this season could end: (view spoiler)

message 28: by Remy (new)

Remy Blas (remyblas) | 203 comments By the way, I was thinking that I'm probably gonna cry when (view spoiler)

message 29: by Eyehavenofilter (new)

Eyehavenofilter | 325 comments Oh Leandro you just broke my heart... I try not to think of such things.

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