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Akhmed's wife
Nancy Nancy May 04, 2014 05:58PM
Another question about this book....in 2004 Akhmed is 38 years old so I'm assuming his wife, Ula, is around the same age. Yet Ula is bedridden and demented? Also when Akhmed washes her for the last time, he describes a body of a much older woman. Again, am I missing something here?

I think Ula was around the same age as Akhmed, but the effects of war had ravished her mental state to the point she did have some of the characteristics of an elderly woman with dementia. The war-ravaged, poverty stricken country had very little to offer a mentally ill woman in need of medication and/or therapy.

Ula may have had issues with her mental health before the war, but those issues were most likely intensified with all the tragedy that surrounded her.

I tried to comment again on your previous thread about this book, but was unable to do so for some reason. I think you bring up great points and I'm only giving my opinion. I think both of the discussions you started show how war can destroy the people who are forced to endure it.

Nancy, I described this book EXACTLY as you did, extremely sad, yet beautifully written!

Thanks again, Karen! Again what you said makes sense.
And I'm still trying to figure out the goodreads discussions. I think I checked a box that maybe I shouldn't have. It didn't allow me to comment further either.
I finished the book last night and thought it was so incredibly sad but so beautifully written. Thanks for helping me understand it. The author is be at a local festival this month and I'm excited to see him.

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