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Please help me.

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Will Click on My Books, list the title in the search field and click. Select the book you're interested in and you will get a horizontal data line. This is important, you've got to rate the book one thru five stars and when you do, a box appears above your rating asking if you'd like to write a review. Click on Write a Review and poof, you're there with a big text box and other data fields. Good luck!

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Enzo Von Handorf I agree with the majority of commenters who have noted the tired, repetitive and formulaic patterns of the Stone Barrington novels. I guess the only real changes are to the bank balances of Stuart Woods and his publisher. I really only enjoy Teddy Fay’s various escapades anymore over the rest of the usual cast of characters, and Stone’s sexual stories are tiresome while adding nothing to any plot line anywhere

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