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Share stuff with other musicians. Help them out. Post sheet music you found online. Do anything music related.

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Daniel J. Nickolas (danieljnickolas) Who here can vocally harmonize, and what was the process of you learning to vocally harmonize?

I had a friend who grew up in a musical (primarily singers) family, and she taught me to practice, practice, and practice. More importantly than that, she taught me not to trust my own harmonies until she said I could trust them. I used to practice on my piano, playing one part and trying to sing another. It was a grueling, and discouraging, collection of months, but now me and my friend can make up our own melody/harmony combinations in only minutes.

Harmonies, or course, exist in every aspect of music, but I find that they are never more divine than when they are sung by two or more human voices.

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