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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 527 comments Mod
All Charries must be approved before you can RP
May only be permitted to create two students per Year for the same house

If your charrie has a rare ability post here as well:

Name:((FULL NAME NO EXCEPTIONS Three names at least: First, Middle, and Last))
Nicknames: (Optional)

Age:((Must go coherent with year))
Relationship Status:
DoB: (Date of Birth, unless you can calculate appropriately, refer to Information for true guidance.)
PoB: (Place of Birth)
Zodiac Signs:

Class Schedule:(view spoiler)

Appearance: (No drawings or any anime or cartoon of any sort)(Please place any photos after three into spoiler)

Description: (At least 5 sentences)

Rare Gifts/Curses/Abilities: (Metamorphmagus; Animagus; Werewolf; etc...) Must be applied for at Applications and request Folder before posting here.

|▫Body Type▫|
|▫Blood Type▫| (Half-Blood; Muggle Born; Pureblood; Half-Breed: Half Veela, One-third Vampire, etc..) (To include anything beyond Pureblood, halfblood, or muggleborn one must sign up for approval in request and applications topic first before posting here)
|▫Distinguished Markings (If any)▫|

Personality: (At least 5 sentences)



Fatal Flaw:

(At least one paragraph each, six sentences each)
◘Parentage: (Parents meeting and such)
◘Childhood: (Child life, before hogwarts academy and discovering abilities and such)
◘Coming to Hogwarts & Schooling:
◘Teenage Years:
◘Present Day



Wand: (Picture)
Wood:(Please add a detailed description on the significance of the wood itself as well as the attributes in certain areas it holds strength and weakness in)
Core:(Please add a detailed description on the significance of the core itself as well as the attributes in certain areas it holds strength and weakness in)(Triple cores are aloud but be according to the J.K.Rowling view of the wizard world)

Pet:(Limit 3 pets, one must be an Owl, , or other message providing flying creature.)(Others are not limited to but may include: Crow, Frog, Toad, Weasel, Ferret, Cat, Pygmy puff, Rat, Mouse, etc... Know that nothing large may be allowed: Dogs, Dragons, Thestrals, Pegasi, etc...)

Current Family: Label As Needed
◘Other (label as needed)

Crush: (Optional)


Here are actors and models to potray your characters



Wand Wood and Core ideas
WARNING: All though it is stated to be ollivander wands, Note that Ollivander only uses the cores Phoenix Feather, Unicorn Hair, and Dragon Heart-string
as such info is given try to be realistic in this fact

Just a few wand pic ideas please make sure no one else has any of these wands or you will have to change it. *Note do not use Easily recognized Harry Potter wands.



Holly Wands

Accia Wands (Not the best)

Alder wands

Applewood wands

Ash wands

Aspen wands

Beech wands


etc... there are many more one can easily find by using google images.

Type the wood you are in search for and then types wands press enter and enjoy the variety...

Best website to view wands and their abilities is:

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 527 comments Mod
Name: Axel Benedikt Vinzenz Berahthraben Yvo
Nicknames: Axe or Ben
Name Meaning: (view spoiler)

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
DoB: August 17, 2230
PoB: Abenberg (Bavaria), Germany
Zodiac Signs:
◘Western - Leo
◘Eastern - Horse
◘Primal - Hyena

Important Positions:
Head Boy for Vulchanova
Vulchanova Quidditch Captain and Seeker

Class Schedule:(view spoiler)

Appearance: (view spoiler)
FACECLAIM: Bjourn Buckley

Description: A light skin complexion makes up a very muscular body. A strong jaw line and deeply set eyes seem to hold Axel's true mystery, but deep down everyone can sense his warm personality to invite everyone to converse with him. He is a real social butterfly and it shows apart from his intimidating physique he holds warmth that no one could ever fully believe until experienced first hand. His eyes hold a murky green hue to a hazel overtone on occasion appearing blue. With small freckles marking over his body like constellations he is what appears to be the perfect German soldier.

Rare Gifts/Curses/Abilities: Poulímouth & Werewolf
(view spoiler)

|▫Hair▫| Light Brown-Dirty Blonde
|▫Eyes▫| Hazel-Green/Blue
|▫Weight▫| 164lb.
|▫Height▫| 6'1"
|▫Body Type▫| Fit & Muscular
|▫Blood Type▫| Half-Blood
|▫Distinguished Markings (If any)▫| Three stars just behind his ear along the frame of his jawline and neck.
His left ear is also pierced.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 527 comments Mod

Axel strongly prefers to spend time in large groups of friends and family. He is a very strong-willed guy with the ability to follow through on his promises and take what is his when necessary.

He is highly energetic and outgoing. He has an easy charm about him that draws other people in. Axel is great at taking charge of situations, and is by far most comfortable when he is in charge. While he is generally quite kind and thoughtful, he will stubbornly insist on things being done his way and expect others to follow. Luckily, others do tend to follow the leadership of this strong and intelligent wizard who is more than capable of proving himself worthy of the task.

Axel's main weakness is his tendency to be self-centered. While he is highly likable and usually very friendly, he also expects to get what he wants when he wants it, and has been known to throw full-on tantrums when he doesn't get his way. This behavior seems out of place for Axel, which usually gives off the impression that he is in full control of everything. Axel who doesn't get his way gets frustrated and this is when he will exit the social group and not return until he has fed his individual need.

Axel is highly likable, and tends to only conflict with others who challenge his social leadership. Even in social groups where everyone is equal, Axel tends to become the de facto leader of the group simply because of his ease and charm. He usually picks the dates, times, and places where friends will meet up, and never misses a party. He can be a bit bossy with friends, but those same friends also look to him for advice, help with projects, and someone who can lift their spirits.

Axel is a natural athlete, who loves to move and loves to be in the spotlight. Should he possess the requisite skills, he is the sort that will work himself to the bone to become captain of the team and elevate himself to all-star status. The downside to this career choice is that he tries to win games all by himself and doesn’t learn how to play as a team well enough to make it to the big leagues.

As far as magic goes he is skilled in anything that challenges his mind. Arithmancy, Divinations, Spell Creation, even the Dark Arts

He is a very social person and can always get what he wants when he wants it, otherwise his tantrums are never something enjoyed by company.

His charm allows him an edge in manipulation and an excellent cunning edge.

He is trustworthy as far as others trusting him, but he wouldn't trust a soul with anything of his own.
Studying Animals
Studying New kinds of Magic
Keeping his private life private

His real weakness in magic is Healing magics and light magics. He excels in all his classes, but unfortunately as far as lighter magics go he lacks true capacity.

Being a team player is one of his hardest acts in life.

He is a dangerous opponent to people and his weakness is it doesn't take much to make him into your opponent.


Fatal Flaw: Self-Centered Tendencies - When attention is averted from him his temper can begin to show and anyone who offers him what he wants he denies until everyone offers him what he wants. He is resourceful to the extent of getting things done, but when things don't go his way be ready for a Hell storm.

Commitment - Love comes naturally to Axel, though he can experience problems in long-term relationships. He is naturally dominant and has a hard time living as equals with a partner. He simultaneously needs someone who will let him be dominant, but is only truly attracted to others with equally dominant personalities (which he sees as strength). Axel falls in love fast and hard, but takes everything personally. The most minor slight by a trusted partner becomes a huge, dramatic betrayal in his eyes, causing the usually self-controlled Axel to become hysterical and unreasonable. Finding a way to let key relationships be equal without trying to control and win every situation therein is one of the greatest life challenges for him.

◘Parentage: Alric Adler Berahthraben Yvo was a very talented and gifted wizard who was a Poulímouth. Leaving school in his sixth year already being seventeen he was also a late-bloomer. Alric got a job as a Ministry detective using his registered gift to speak to local birds to ensure they saw nothing at crime scenes. It was while on an investigation of a dueling murder that he met the love of his life. Isa Ravenna Swanhild was a Raven Animagus, with her own Albino attributes transferring over as a White Raven. Alric spoke with her for nearly an hour before he realized she was far more informative than the basic birds. When she revealed herself to be a witch it wasn't long before he acquired enough information for the gruesome duel that he at last asked for a date and naturally one thing led to another and Isa and Alric were married happily. Both held extraordinary gifts and surprisingly both were Muggleborn. Despite Pureblood activist hating on them, the couple still grew stronger together.
◘Birth: Axel was born to his two Muggleborn parents on August 17, 2230 in Abenberg (Bavaria), Germany. Acquiring the gift of his father as his first language. It was strange to them and wizard doctors that the boy as an infant was a Poulímouth. His parents bought him a large variety of birds so he could grow and learn from all sorts of nations through a birds point of view. They saw nothing but true intellect in their sons mind and were amazed at how much he developed simply by speaking to birds, until he was a simple toddler learning to walk and run and the occasional freaking the nannies out with attempts to fly.

◘Childhood: Axel grew up a rather happy child with only one down fall. The poor boy was unable to comprehend English or German without a bird on his shoulder. It turned out that when his gift developed so early in his life he had no real way of understanding anyone but birds. Thankfully, he was given many tutors who were well practiced in the art of making children understand. Unfortunately, Axel was beaten into learning the languages. Being abused when his parents weren't home by his teachers who molested the poor boy and treated him in ways he could never get across to his parents even if he tried. His mother would turn into a bird and sooth his fits at night of feeling he was being abused in his dreams. He could never express what was being done to him, but he knew his parents loved him. He had to be reapplied for Hogwarts and approved by both the German Ministry and UK Ministry to start a year late.
◘Coming to Hogwarts & Schooling: So he wouldn't get his hopes up his parents had everything squared away before the first letters went out. Then once he was twelve and his letter came in he couldn't have been more excited. He was free from his abusers and free to finally become someone in the world. It turns out that birds are not very different from humans. All of them being social bees awaiting to bloom in different ways with different colours. Arriving to Hogwarts he had already started to make friends impressing them with his bird speech and his natural talent with spells. Axel proved very quickly he held a sense of real brilliance. He was accepted into Ravenclaw and showed that it was the perfect match in each of his classes. All the way through Ravenclaw he grew stronger and developed himself more socially than ever before, but he never really had a place, not until his fourth year during which time he proved to have a real talent for quidditch.
◘Teenage Years: In his fourth year Axel seemed to prove himself not only socially & academically but athletically as well. However, after making it as Seeker for Ravenclaw he had a short coming his summer before fifth year. Before returning back to school for his new term and new house he was attacked in his home by one of his tutors who lived with them in the form of a werewolf. His parents died from the wounds two days later while St. Mungo's managed to save him. Making him not only an orphan, but one of the unlucky few who also sustained such a curse. Upon is return to Hogwarts Axel's story reached the ears of many, but few knew whether or not he was a werewolf himself, except the faculty. He continued his position as Seeker into his new house, Vulchanova. It was believed his entire persona had changed over summer break and even worse his entire life. He was promoted to Captain his sixth year and still no one knew is secret keeping his private life private and his social life with friends something completely different.
◘Present Day: Now in his Seventh and last year at Hogwarts Axel performs well in all of his subjects including Captain which he revels in the glory of. As for his parents deaths he remains with his mothers Muggle parents in Dublin, Ireland. Axel continues living is secret and drinking the wolfsbane potion once a month to ensure he keeps his curse in check and well something pushes this year to be something darker and far more sinister than the past years.

Anyone who won't give him what he wants and those who push his secret about being a werewolf.

His birds and any other birds who tend to be his secret keepers.

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NOTE: He is one of the few out there to have two wands who answer to him, one answered best to him in his younger years before becoming a werewolf the other having to be bought because his younger year one only yielded to certain magics after his change and is entire persona change.

{Lighter Wand:}
Length: 15 in
Wood: Yew – Yew is a powerful wandwood. Due to its poisonous sap, it has Dark leanings, and is particularly good at Transfiguration.

Core: Double Core - Male Phoenix Tail Feather: Phoenix tail feather is a popular wand core due to its versatility and power. Its main strength lies in Defense Against the Dark Arts, although its adaptability can wrench it to hexes and jinxes if need be. As with the dragon heartstring core, the phoenix core is common among Light Wizards, but its users are not necessarily Light Wizards. This core may specifically impede Dark spells, so it is not common among Slytherins. However, it is by far the most common Gryffindor wand core, and is not unusual among Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs.
Female Hippogriff Feather - Hippogriffs are noble animals with a reputation for not taking a slight. These wands require constant respect, and if the wielder does not give it, they can watch its formerly stable and versatile magic backfire on it. It is not the strongest core, but it is one of the most adaptable. These wands are most common among Gryffindors, but they are rare overall.

{Darker Wand:}
Length: 16in
Wood: Ash – Ash is slightly associated with the Dark Arts, as the ash tree is said to ‘strangle’ the plants around it. It does excel at Dark magic, but is also good for Transfiguration. They also tend to bond to good Diviners.
Core: Triple Core: *Doxy Wing - like the creatures they come from, can be unmanageable and mean-spirited. They are second only to basilisk wands in their abilities with the Dark Arts, and as such these rare wands are most often found in the hands of stubborn Slytherins without the familial connection to obtain a basilisk core.
*Male Antipodean Opaleye Dragon heartstring - Dragon heartstring is a powerful wand with a lot of magical “heft”. It is not the core you want for subtlety, but for sheer power it is definitely the best. Although it is the most common core among Dark Wizards, Dark Wizards are most certainly not their most common users. Dragon heartstrings are by far the most common wand core amongst Slytherins, but their power often bonds to Gryffindors and Ravenclaws as well. However, they tend to overwhelm the archetypal Hufflepuff personality.
*Hippocampus Mane Hair - When a wand wielder is fascinated by the maze of the mental, they often seek out a wand with this core. Although aquatic in origin, this component, to butcher Dr. Johnson, "focuses on the mind wonderfully", mapping its labyrinth and unearthing its treasures like no other. It has immense subtlety, but little in terms of firepower, and can also be useful in the creation of items such as the Pensieve.

Pet: Isa: White Raven=

Alric: Crow=

Izrail: Black Barn Owl=

Jonas: Red-Breasted Swallow=

Current Family:
◘Mother: Isa Ravenna (Swanhild) Yvo {Deceased}
◘Father: Alric Adler Berahthraben Yvo {Deceased}
◘Siblings: None
◘Grandmother: (Muggle mother of Isa) Ilsa Theresia Swanhild
◘Grandfather:(Muggle father of Isa) Torin Seamus Quinn Swanhild

Crush: OPEN

Other: Head Boy/Vulchanova Quidditch Captain and Seeker

Occupation:Works at the Three Broomsticks Pub & Inn as a bartender and room server coming to witches and wizards room as service to any of their needs.

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¢αммιηα ιη ℓυ¢є ѕтєℓℓα wrote: "

Fatal Flaw: Pride and arrogance. To be truthful Vivian would never be able to accept help from anyone. As a result she can be quite hard to get through to, especially when she's pushing herself. ..."

Approved!!! Go rp

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¢αммιηα ιη ℓυ¢є ѕтєℓℓα is no longer a member of this group by unknown cause and her character has been deleted.

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