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message 1: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Scott (michellescottfiction) | 721 comments Mod
Well, what do you think of this month's book?

message 2: by Whitney (new)

Whitney (whitneychakara) | 188 comments awesome sauce

message 3: by Darcy (new)

Darcy (sunnytat462) | 822 comments I never got around to reading this when the authors offered it as a free serial. I really liked the idea that they had, loved that they were writing this for fun, for them and for us fans.

I loved the idea of Innkeepers and their role in the world. I liked that Dina held her position in a reverent position, but was sad that she wasn't more busy, I wanted her house to have more.

I think that because Dina's history with her parents, her actions to save her world are predictable.

Sean made me laugh, mostly because he thought he was all that, but he soon learned he was but a babe in the world, so much he didn't have a clue about. Arland was interesting too, but more because of the knew knowledge that to Sean and Dina.

I was sort of sad to see how this one ended, but also glad, mostly because I don't know who I would have wanted to stay. I did love the quip that Arland reference about love triangles, werewolves, and vampires.

I hope that they authors keep writing in this series, there is so much that can happen at the inn and I want to read about it!

Margo - Putting the Mmmmmm back in Menage | 15 comments I liked Dina and Sean. I like there being a monster on the loose, and the Innkeeper being able to open portals. I wasn't too crazy about the vampires. For some reason they simply didn't click with me. My only other complaint was I wanted more. I know the authors couldn't make it longer due to contractual obligations, but I really wanted there to be even more to the story.

message 5: by Marianne (new)

Marianne They are currently publishing a sequel in serial form. I read this when it was first out, and enjoyed all of it.

Kathy (Kindle-aholic) (kindleaholic) | 192 comments I'm currently reading book 2. If you've read Andrews other series then you will probably like what is happening. :)

This and Indexing were my first serials and they sold me on the idea.

Loved the world in Clean Sweep and the mix of sci fi and fantasy tropes.

Also, brooms kick ass.

message 7: by Flora (new)

Flora Thank you for choosing this book. I haven't read any books by Ilona Andrews before and I must say, I'm impressed!

I really enjoyed this book. It was a great self contained story that also left enough of a back story open to allow for sequels.

I loved the original premise that mythological beings such as werewolves, vampires and shape-shifter were not an evolution from humans but extra terrestrials from other planets. The idea of who, what and why there were Inns and Innkeepers was refreshing and believable within the world that this husband and wife team have created.

The writing style, depth of characters and story development made this a real page turner for me. I could put it down! To feel so involved with Dina, the main character & Innkeeper, and her story just proves what talented authors Ilona and Gordon are.

message 8: by JackieR (new)

JackieR (readthat) | 93 comments I really loved this book. Read it in a day. At first I wasn't sure if I would like her magic being tied to the inn but I ended up loving the house. The Inn almost becomes it's own character which is fun and new. I love the lore surrounding the Inn and the role they play.

It was an interesting new take on how and why the vamps, werewolves etc are here. Like someone else said a nice mix of sci fi and fantasy.

I didn't connect as much with the vamp as I did with Sean. When he was flirting with the main character, I didn't even realize it was supposed to be flirting until she called it that. It just seemed , weird, alien, which I guess fits.

Can't wait for the next book in this series, loved the story and I am left wanting more!

message 9: by thalassic (last edited May 06, 2014 05:45PM) (new)

thalassic This is the first thing I've read by Ilona Andrews and I was a little skeptical about it because I'm generally not a fan of PNR. It was a nice surprise though with an entertaining story and plot that was backed up by really original and creative mythology. I'd actually love to read a book that was set in either the werewolf or vampire communities and learn more about them.

The book did hit a lot of the standard PNR tropes which I'm not crazy about but Dina managed to be a strong enough character that she remained focused on getting rid of the monsters instead of pining and drooling over the men involved. I very much appreciate that and the fact that she never considered backing down now matter how much of a disadvantage she had when confronted by the monsters. It's easy to be brave with tons of magic, a weaponized possibly sentient house, and various supernatural allies beside you, but it's a character defining kind of thing to be brave when armed with nothing but soup cans and bleach. I hope there are more books about Dina and that we get to learn more about Innkeepers in general in the future.

I didn't like the men in the book so well though. The werewolf 'marking his territory' was ridiculous enough that I just couldn't take him seriously after that. Plus I kind of felt like Sean was a walking PNR cliché a lot of the time. By far the most interesting thing about him was the backstory that was really way more about his parents than him.

I didn't even realize that the vampire was part of an awkward romantic triangle at first and I didn't get that he was trying to flirt either. There was never a sense that he was a serious option for Dina either other than mentioning a couple of times that he was nice to look at. Most unconvincing triangle ever. But that's ok since I wouldn't have read the book for that aspect anyway.

The parts of the book that worked well far overshadowed the parts that didn't work as well and honestly, it's the protagonist, the mythology and world-building, the magical system and monsters that I look for and that would get me to invest the time to read another in the series.

Can any fans of Ilona Andrews tell me if these things are indicative of her other series?

message 10: by JackieR (new)

JackieR (readthat) | 93 comments Elizabeth, Ilona Andrews is one of my favorites. It's a husband/wife writing team I think. I have read the Kate Daniels series and it's also very good. They are very good at world building in my opinion without it becoming laborious to get it all explained and get on with the story.

There is romance in the Kate Daniels story but if I remember right it takes several books and things move very slowly and there is always a good story to back things up.

Alison (Lady Coffin) S | 4 comments I have yet to read Clean Sweep, but I would agree with what JackieR said above about the Kate Daniels series. It isn't all about the romance, she is out to kick some a$$ and that is more where the main story is.
I also have really enjoyed the three books I have read in The Edge series by them, and yes it is a husband a wife writing team.

message 12: by Marianne (new)

Marianne I've read the Kate Daniels books. They are superb. Wonderful world-building. They have a gift for making the secondary characters as compelling as the main ones. There have been more than a few that I wished had their own books, and they have done a couple of spin-offs.

And every book has loads of tension, action, and plot. There is a romance, but it develops so slowly (and so humorously at times) that it in no way overshadows everything else. The books have a lot of intelligent humor, too.

Kathy (Kindle-aholic) (kindleaholic) | 192 comments Thirded (fourthed) on the Kate Daniels series. UF with fantastic worldbuilding and slow-building romance.

The Edge series is more Paranormal Romance. Also fantastic characters and interesting world, but if romance puts you off, then that might not be for you.

Would not consider Innkeepers to be Paranormal Romance. That's UF.

message 14: by thalassic (last edited May 08, 2014 05:11PM) (new)

thalassic Thanks for the replies about the other series by these authors! I very much appreciate the info.

Personally I think that Clean Sweep has enough romance tropes in it that it straddles the line between PNR and UF but yes, more on the UF side of things. That's not a criticism at all, just an individual taste kind of thing.

I don't mind there being some romance in a book. Real people generally have some elements of that in their lives (lots more than they have dealing with magic and monsters!) so it would be odd for characters in a series to never date or be romantically involved with anybody. If a book can avoid most of the clichés and the romance is a side story that doesn't take over the main plot then I'm fine with it.

Kathy (Kindle-aholic) (kindleaholic) | 192 comments Elizabeth wrote: "Thanks for the replies about the other series by these authors! I very much appreciate the info.

Personally I think that Clean Sweep has enough romance tropes in it that it straddles the line betw..."

I can see that. For me, if I call something a Romance (capital R important here) it carries with it certain specific expectations.

UF with some light romantic elements fits better in my mental organization. :)

message 16: by Anna (last edited May 11, 2014 10:42AM) (new)

Anna | 23 comments I like Clean Sweep but not as much as the Ilona Andrews novels. (I read it when it was first serialised ). That's more to do with the length of the novella (it had to be under a certain no of words contractually-Karen Chance fell foul of that this year with her freebie Masks).

I'm enjoying Clean Sweep 2 more- it is currently being released on their websites in instalments. since it's a follow up they don't need to do as much introduction, so the pace is better and have tossed in a cross over charcter from The Edge series.

They do tend to write more character/plot driven novels rather than PNR though I suspect their Avon book will be very different.
Link to Clean Sweep 2 if you're interested.

message 17: by Shiree (new)

Shiree (paranormalmomma) So glad I read this book! I have to be honest. I judged this book (at first) by the title. Stupid I know but I did. It just didn't call to me. Again stupid I know. Then I read the description and figured why not. Now I'm so freaking glad I gave it a try. It was the something new I've been looking to read. Love the spin on vampires, werewolves, etc. Also loved the introduction of the inn keeper "species". For lack of a better term. I'm heading over to the authors site now to read FOR FREE the second in this series. Love you guys Ilona Andrews!!! Thanks for this awesome book and thanks to this group for opening my eyes to this series.

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