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All Charries must be approved before you can RP
May only be permitted to create two students per Year for the same house

If your charrie has a rare ability post here as well:

Name:((FULL NAME NO EXCEPTIONS Three names at least: First, Middle, and Last))
Nicknames: (Optional)

Age:((Must go coherent with year))
Relationship Status:
DoB: (Date of Birth, unless you can calculate appropriately, refer to Information for true guidance.)
PoB: (Place of Birth)
Zodiac Signs:

Class Schedule:(view spoiler)

Appearance: (No drawings or any anime or cartoon of any sort)(Please place any photos after three into spoiler)

Description: (At least 5 sentences)

Rare Gifts/Curses/Abilities: (Metamorphmagus; Animagus; Werewolf; etc...) Must be applied for at Applications and request Folder before posting here.

|▫Body Type▫|
|▫Blood Type▫| (Half-Blood; Muggle Born; Pureblood; Half-Breed: Half Veela, One-third Vampire, etc..) (To include anything beyond Pureblood, halfblood, or muggleborn one must sign up for approval in request and applications topic first before posting here)
|▫Distinguished Markings (If any)▫|

Personality: (At least 5 sentences)



Fatal Flaw:

(At least one paragraph each, six sentences each)
◘Parentage: (Parents meeting and such)
◘Childhood: (Child life, before hogwarts academy and discovering abilities and such)
◘Coming to Hogwarts & Schooling:
◘Teenage Years:
◘Present Day



Wand: (Picture)
Wood:(Please add a detailed description on the significance of the wood itself as well as the attributes in certain areas it holds strength and weakness in)
Core:(Please add a detailed description on the significance of the core itself as well as the attributes in certain areas it holds strength and weakness in)(Triple cores are aloud but be according to the J.K.Rowling view of the wizard world)

Pet:(Limit 3 pets, one must be an Owl, , or other message providing flying creature.)(Others are not limited to but may include: Crow, Frog, Toad, Weasel, Ferret, Cat, Pygmy puff, Rat, Mouse, etc... Know that nothing large may be allowed: Dogs, Dragons, Thestrals, Pegasi, etc...)

Current Family: Label As Needed
◘Other (label as needed)

Crush: (Optional)


Here are actors and models to potray your characters



Wand Wood and Core ideas
WARNING: All though it is stated to be ollivander wands, Note that Ollivander only uses the cores Phoenix Feather, Unicorn Hair, and Dragon Heart-string
as such info is given try to be realistic in this fact

Just a few wand pic ideas please make sure no one else has any of these wands or you will have to change it. *Note do not use Easily recognized Harry Potter wands.



Holly Wands

Accia Wands (Not the best)

Alder wands

Applewood wands

Ash wands

Aspen wands

Beech wands


etc... there are many more one can easily find by using google images.

Type the wood you are in search for and then types wands press enter and enjoy the variety...

Best website to view wands and their abilities is:

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Evan Leonardo Nathan Antonio Evgeniadis

Relationship Status:
1st June 2231
Finikounda, Greece
Zodiac Signs:

Class Schedule:
(view spoiler)


(view spoiler)
FACECLAIM: ~ Luke Pasqualino
Evan is a big and muscular built boy. He has large, defined muscles. His height combined with his muscular build makes him look rather intimidating. He has a natural tan and can stay dark even if he doesn’t go in the sun. He has messy dark brown hair and green eyes. He has a small scar on his left eye that is shaped like a small claw mark. He looks the type of student that you would expect to be a Quidditch Captain and Head Boy.
Rare Gifts/Curses/Abilities:
(Waiting for approval)
|▫Hair▫| ~ Dark Brown
|▫Eyes▫| ~ Brown
|▫Weight▫| ~ 152 lbs
|▫Height▫| ~ 6ft 4
|▫Body Type▫| ~Athletic, Muscular. He had very big, toned and defined muscles.
|▫Blood Type▫| ~ Half-Breed; Half Veela
|▫Distinguished Markings (If any)▫| ~ A small scar on his left eyebrow

Brave - Evan has so much Bravery that it makes a lion jealous. He is very brave and it is rumoured he has no fear. Once in third year his fear was about to be revealed because they where using the Ridiculous curse on a boggart but the bell went right as he was about to go.

Selfless - Evan is selfless and will always put others feelings before his own. He helps many people with their work and sometimes even before he finishes his own. He will have your back if you get into trouble and will take the blame if it is possible. He will never throw you under the bus and will cover for you when you need it.

Confident - Evan is a confident person but it is a hidden confidence that isn't shown. He is confident in himself and his abilities. He isn't however arrogant, he is modest but knows his own abilities and what he is capable of.

Flirtatious - Evan is a very flirtatious person. He does it without knowing. He can get most girls when he turns on the charms. He used to walk through the school hallways and all the girls would smile and giggle when he walked passed because he had flirted with them all. In his phone he had more than 100 girls' numbers saved but could only place faces to about 50-60.

Caring - Evan is one of the most caring people you will ever meet. He will listen if you have a problem or be there when you need a shoulder to cry on. He is one of the most reliable people to be there when you are feeling down. He will put your feelings before his own, just listening to you and not saying anything back.

Funny - Evan is a very funny person. He is the type of person that will do stupid things just to cheer you up. If you're feeling down just being around him will put a smile on your face. He is funny and will do anything to get a laugh out of you.

Laid-back - Evan is very laid back. He doesn't take things too seriously. He can just kick back and relax and probably sleep all day. He lives at his own pace and does what he wants when he feels like doing it. If he wants to he can be very focused and committed but he is the type of person to live the relaxing life.

Friendly - Evan is a friendly, outgoing person. He will always be optimistic when meeting new people. He makes new friends easily. He doesn't hold back when he first meets someone. He is completely comfortable being himself to new people. He is often the first to start a conversation.

Athletic - Evan is a very athletic. He can compete in any physical task set to him. He is very competitive when it comes to sport and always takes it seriously. He is committed to his sport and is very good at it.

Artistic - He is very artistic and has often been described as contentious when it comes to art. He is very good at art even though he never practiced as a child. It comes naturally to him and he could easily get his work displayed in a gallery if he committed.

-DADA. Defence Against The Dark Arts is a strength for Evan without a question. He is a natural at defence and protection magic and it comes in helpful here. He has gotten Outstandings in this subject since first year, although that applies to all except Herbology. He has been advanced in DADA since 1st year being able to cast a full body patronus by the end of his third year.

-Potions. Potions is another strength for him. He can mix ingredients and create potions without much effort. He was able to create a perfect Veritaserum by mid fifth year.

-Transfiguration. He has always been good at transfiguration. He can do it with his eyes closed. He can pretty much change anything within reason. He is a very skilled wizard in transfiguration and became an animagus in his third year at Hogwarts.

- Spell Creation. He has a knack for this subject. He can think up new and inventive spells one he has nearly completed making. He finds this subject fascinating and the process of creating a spell amazing.

- Determination. His determination is Easily one of his best attributes. He is driven in anything he does from writing an essay to playing in the Quidditch final. He puts the most effort possible into everything he does.

- Quidditch. Quidditch is another strength Evan has. He learnt to fly not long after he could walk. He had always loved watching Quidditch and playing. He would enchant a tennis ball to fly up high and drop in a random direction and he would race after it to catch it before it hit the ground. It didn’t take long to realise he was a natural Seeker.

- Intelligence. Evan’s Intelligence is one of his biggest strengths. He is very smart and gifted in magic and learns most parts of it very easily. He is very smart and has gotten Outstandings for all subjects since first year, except Herbology. He can use his intelligence to help him with people as he analyses their body language and facial expression.

- Quidditch
- Football (Soccer)
- Magic
- Potions
- Spell Creation
- Dragons

- Herbology. This has always been his weakness, since first year. He never understood why but he couldn’t do well in that subject end of story. He passed it each year but he never knew how. It is probably his weakest subject because he gets bored to death in the class he just zones out.

-Responsibility. His responsibility is another weakness if he is given a responsibility he will always take it seriously and obey it unless it goes against his moral codes. He takes Quidditch and school very serious.

- Herbology
- Judgement based on Blood Type
- Arrogance
- Inability to admit someone is better than them

Fatal Flaw:
Kind Heartedness. His fatal flaw is his inability to let innocents and people he cares about suffer. He will put their happiness and safety before his own. He is very caring and has very kind heart. This is his flaw because he is often thrown into a near death situation because he was protecting an innocent or someone he cares about.

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Michael Eduardo Evgeniadis was a bright wizard who just finished with a NEWT score of Outstandings in all subjects. He applied to work in the Auror Department of the Ministry of Magic. He started his job there and that’s where he met his true love Marie Elizabeth Jackson, A veela from France. She was the secretary to the head of the department. He admired her from afar and eventually he built up the courage to ask her out. They started dating and after 9 months they were engaged and married.

Evan was born to his Veela mother and pureblood father on August 18th 2230, in Finikounda, Greece. His parents were living there at the time as his father was investigating Dark Magic in that area. He was born a rather gifted child. Even before he learnt to speak or walk, he could levitate items. He had a natural gift for magic. He was born a twin to two other brothers. He caused several problems for the Ministry of Magic in the first week of his birth by causing things to fly across the room with muggle doctors in the room witnessing it.

Evan was raised in a small cottage in Montrose. His parents grew worried about him because by the time he was 4 he still hadn’t spoken. He had shown remarkable skill for magic and wizadry but never uttered a word. He would visit family friends very often with his family and noted several things the older children would say. His first word came when he was 4 years and 3 months old and it was Expelliarmus. He was raised loving Quidditch and living in Montrose he had to support the Montrose Magpies. He loved Quidditch and was a natural flier. He could ride a broom one week after he learnt to walk.

◘Coming to Hogwarts & Schooling:
Evan’s and his brothers’s first visit to Diagon Alley was roughly one month before the Hogwarts Express was due to leave, they was there on their birthday. They went in to Girngotts for the first time with their parents and entered their own vault. Their parents had this vault just for them and it was filled with Galleons and Galleons too many to count. Evan and his brothers had come into this money from their great grandfather and their grandfather who were both very skilled and famous wand makers. They took only the money he needed and they went to get their books, their uniforms, their pets and their wands. They moved first to get their robes and were there for about 10 minutes while they got fitted and bought the robes. Their second stop was for their books and as no one was in the store they got them rather quickly. Their third stop was to get him and his brothers a pet each. They entered the store and there were many owls in cages and cats and rats and many different animals but one caught Evan’s eye. It was a red panda. The shopkeeper told Evan he had a good eye and that it was the first time the shop had an animal as exotic as that. His parents bought Evan his red panda and his brothers a chameleon and a savannah cat. After they got their pets they started to walk to Ollivander’s but their parents stopped them told them they already had wands. Their great grandfather was a great wandmaker and the day they were born went to see them he could sense what wood and core would suit the boys. He was the only wand maker to attempt to mix woods Evan got a wand with three woods and three cores, he calls it triple. His great grandfather made his brothers’ double wood and double core wands first and then made the triple he died shortly after finishing the wand.

Evan’s first year at Hogwarts was good. He was sorted into Gryffindor House and was one of the top students in his year. He made friends pretty easily. He was always weak at Herbology. He was made seeker for Gryffindor’s Quidditch team. He had Outstandings in all subjects except Herbology. In his third year he became an animagus. He didn’t change the way he was throughout his time at Hogwarts. In his fourth year he started to train his skill in Occlumency.

◘Teenage Years:
In his fifth year he was initiated into his new House. When it was time for the fountain to choose something went wrong and he was made Vulchanova and Dumbledore. Both lighted up for Evan to be placed in their house but finally the glow for house Dumbledore grew brighter. Because of his skill in Quidditch and the old Dumbledore seeker finishing school he was made seeker. Mid-way through the year the captain of the Dumbledore Quidditch team got injured and gave the captaincy to Evan. In his fifth year he continued mastery on Occlumency. He mastered his skill by his sixth year. In his sixth year he continued as Quidditch captain and seeker. At the end of his sixth year Quidditch season a talent scout for the Montrose Magpies approached him. He trialled over the summer and signed a contract for the season after his seventh and final schooling year.

◘Present Day:
He is currently finishing his last year at Hogwarts and is getting Outstandings in all classes, except Herbology. He is playing for the Dumbledore Quidditch team as seeker and captain until he graduates and then joins the Montrose Magpies in the professional UK Quidditch League. He is also training with England's professional Quidditch team and will play the next world cup. He is also Head Boy. He is well loved by most of his teachers and his fellow students.

None mainly
Many friends that he can rely on


Length: 11 inches
Wood: Mixture of three woods (Read History First)

A powerful wood that delves into the deeper levels of the mind. An essential companion for a protector. Can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Used for reversal spells and dispelling dark magic. Excellent for protection work.


A masculine wood. Draws off the elements of earth and water. Elder is a sacred wood, and should only be used for white magic. Seeks a companion for healing and protection. This is a powerful wood for defensive magic. Excellent for Banishment spells.


Hornbeam, or ironwood, is considered to be the most stubborn of wandwoods. Those who have the necessary will to master it will be rewarded with an extremely powerful wand.

Thestral Hair

Such a wand core works well in most any magical talents and abilities, but particularly in Jinxes, Hexes, Evil Repelling spells and DADA.

Fenghuang Feather

This wand core works best in DADA, Evil Repelling spells and Charms, but also works well in Divination, The Logical Arts of Magic, Levitation, Elemntals Magic involving Air spells and Earth spells and Duelling spells.

Phoenix Feather

This is the best core to have for Evil Repelling spells and DADA. It is also among the best for Elemental Magic involving Fire spells, Air spells and Metal spells.

Red Panda named Robin
(view spoiler)
And a Peregrine Falcon named Iris
(view spoiler)

Current Family:
Marie – Veela - Alive
Michael – Pure Blood - Alive
Louis – Half Veela -Alive

Nathan – Half Veela - Alive

None yet.

Head Boy and Quidditch Captain and Seeker?

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Name: Stefan Isaak Caiden Pursang
Nicknames: Stef, Caid

Age: 17
Year: 7th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
DoB: July 26th, 2231
PoB: Băile Tușnad, Romania
Zodiac Signs:
◘Primal-Swan (view spoiler)

Class Schedule:(view spoiler)

Appearance:(view spoiler)
FACECLAIM: Kevin Baker

Description: A tall and very fit body allow Stefan an appearance of dominance. His features clearly perfected by Veela blood make him seem like a dream boy too good to be true. His eyes hazel never staying set on one colour always changing with his mood and seeming to hold a dangerous beauty about them alone. His aura is warm and inviting while at the same time challenging and daring. He seems to hold himself perfectly well. Having no reason to feel insecure with his features he is a real fantasy to the weak minded guys and girls who actually think they have a shot at getting with him.

Rare Gifts/Curses/Abilities: Animagus:Black Fox(view spoiler); Seer

|▫Hair▫| Honey Brown
|▫Eyes▫| Hazel
|▫Weight▫| 150 lb
|▫Body Type▫| Muscular and Athletic
|▫Blood Type▫| Half-Breed: Half-Veela
|▫Distinguished Markings (If any)▫| None

Personality: Talk about a contradiction in terms, Stefan is very confident, beautiful, and elegant from a distance, but hiding inside is anxiety, uncertainty, and a mind that constantly wanders. It is this very inner-drama, though, that makes his life interesting and compelling. A creative, multi-talented person, he is perhaps destined for stardom more than others, but it’s his inner imbalance that keeps him constantly checking himself. Even if he becomes legitimate celebrity he would be more concerned with the quality of his work over fame and fortune.
Stefan is socially gifted and most people he meets assume that he is extremely self-confident and highly aware of his talents and charm, but Stefan is usually the first to doubt himself and become paralyzingly indecisive. The irony is that he has no reason to feel this way, as the path to success is practically laying out in front of him if he would only stop second-guessing himself long enough to just start walking on it.
Stefan has an annoying habit of wanting to be in charge of situations but then becoming indecisive as to the next move to make. A big part of his personality simply wants to sit around and dream while someone else takes care of everything for him. It’s contradictory to his powerful external personalities, but Stefan gets very upset when things don't work out the way he hoped, and usually takes a while to bounce back before trying again. He is patient and waits for things to come to him and is smart about his moves. But he is never confident in the moves he actually makes.

Stefan is Tender, Polite, Filial, Clever, And Kind-Hearted. he has Special Sensitivity To Art & Beauty, & a Special Fondness For Quiet Living. He is Wise, Gentle And Compassionate And Can Cope With Business Cautiously And Circumspectly. In his Daily Life, he tries to be Economical.
- Confident
- Ambitious
- Generous
- Loyal
- Encouraging
- Dark Arts
- Divinations
- Transfiguration
- Inventive and Resourceful

Giving Others Affection
Being the Center of Attention

- Disorganized, Insecure and Edgy
- Pretentious
- Domineering
- Melodramatic
- Stubborn
- Vain
- Charms
- Herbology & Earth Magic
- Healing & Pink Magic

Faults being pointed out in himself and others.

Fatal Flaw:
Confidence in himself is his greatest flaw. Lacking any confidence in himself he has an inner fear of being judged and let down and that hsi emotions might show.
He is not good at expressing love or affection always keeping the facade that he has no need for such minor things.

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◘Parentage: Daciana was a lovely Veela, from France, who lived in Romania. Her life was simple living in an all wizard community she seemed to attract the eye of many suitors. Daciana was always offered a mans hand in marriage at least once a week. But none appealed to her. None like, Ciprian Fane Stefan Pursang, a young wizard in his early twenties who was a grandson of a Ministry Official Seer.
He never felt confident in his self enough to propose, but that didn't stop Daciana from offering her hand to him. Accepting the couple were married off quickly moving to a muggle city with a very small population. Having only a population of 1,617 people, Băile Tușnad is the smallest town in Romania.
◘Birth: Stefan was born in the middle of late summer, July 26th. Daciana and Ciprian were loving parents to their child. Being considered both unnaturally beautiful the couple had a beautiful child who was seen by the muggles as the perfect child. Daciana raised him to be proper and to respect both men and women as if they were his own lover. His father grew into quite a bit of wealth while working as an Auror for the Romanian Ministry of Magic.
◘Childhood: Growing up Stefan always got what he wanted being wealthy no one could understand why they chose to live in a muggle town and a small one at that. Stefan always seemed to attract attention with his looks even as a young boy he appeared flawless his body, face, and really everything about him. While his father always worked his mother always ensured that he was well cared for and started his education early.It actually was not very far along in his childhood that he acquired a younger brother who naturally was half Veela, but unknown to his father the boy had a different father. It was when he was six that he revealed his potential as a Seer. Daciana couldn't have been more proud, but where she tried to flaunt her sons talents the Ministry tried to subdue them. When he was eleven and received his letter from Hogwarts academy his parents were extremely excited to go shopping for hsi school supplies, Daciana more so than Ciprian. His father paid for a custom made wand from ollivanders containing a hair from his mother. It was perfectly matched to him but the darkness of a veela remained with in him. As an eleven year old people always thought he was older. Appearing almost 15 Stefan had sex at an early age.
◘Coming to Hogwarts & Schooling: When Stefan was sorted he was pushed back and forth by the sorting hat between Slytherin and Ravenclaw. It at last settled with Gryffindor randomly feeling that he will far better himself in that house with the notion that he holds intellect and clever abilities, but not nearly as much as he held the Gryffindor traits. He felt no real connection to Gryffindor, but he believed it would have to do since he was marked for it. Stefan seemed to be a misfit in the house, but that didn't matter much to any of the girls or guys. He was attractive and very sociable. This made everyone want him, but he remained without having a bit of sexual fun for quite some time until his third year when he did it to drown out his insecurities. He proved an excellent student in Transfiguration and the Dark Arts as much as Defense Against the Dark arts. He was offered a place in the Duelling club his third year and started Animagus transformation then as well.
◘Teenage Years: He was accepted by the fountain almost instantly into Dumbledore and again he felt it did not fit right as if it was all wrong. He didn't feel he was to be a Gryffindor even after leaving nor did he feel he should be a Dumbledore. Still excelling in school hsi classes became far more advanced for him, but it wasn't long before he made prefect and the Quidditch Team Keeper.
◘Present Day: His days are numbered at Hogwarts. As a Half-Veela Seer he holds more potential than anyone could ever imagine, but himself. He never has seen the real potential in himself, but his facade continues to impress everyone around him and all those who encounter him. Stefan is very intellectual and knows when to jump on a goal or task, but his life will lead to nowhere if he continues to hold doubt.

None yet

anyone who believes he is their friend.


Length: 14 1/2 inches
Wood: Rowan & Ash
Ash is slightly associated with the Dark Arts, as the ash tree is said to ‘strangle’ the plants around it. It does excel at Dark magic, but is also good for Transfiguration. They also tend to bond to good Diviners.

Rowan gives a definite boost to Charms and Transfiguration, but is one of the most willing and reliable all-around wandwoods. It was commonly used for a bow-making wood, and carries this significance into being a good dueling wood.

Core:Veela Hair & Augurey tail feather
Augureys, or Irish phoenixes, were once associated with powerful Dark wands, as their cries were thought to signify an upcoming death. However, they were in reality never a strong Dark core, and were more accurately a powerful core for Divinations. Misunderstood students may find themselves bonded to an Augurey wand, although these wands are altogether quite rare.

The Veela hair coming from his mother, Daciana. Veela wands are temperamental like the creatures they come from, and are considered too volatile for a decent wand core in many circles. However, some wizards, particularly those with Veela blood, enjoy the boost it gives to outdoorsy magics, divinations, and Charms. The veela’s inherent intelligence makes finding these wands among the non-Veela blooded most common in Ravenclaw.

Pet: Strix: (Male Ural Owl)
Surnia: (Female Hawk Owl)

Current Family:
◘Mother: Daciana Pursang (Alive)(Veela) (view spoiler)
◘Father: Ciprian Fane Stefan Pursang (Alive)(Pureblood)(Auror) (view spoiler)
◘ Half-Brother: Asher Lucien Percevel (Alive) (Half-Veela) (view spoiler)

Crush: Open


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Finished I want thoughts

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