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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 527 comments Mod
All Charries must be approved before you can RP
May only be permitted to create three Staff Members unless asked to or you request to make more. One must be active as a Staff Member being on at least three times a week.

Note: May have up to THREE topics for your characters profile.

Name:((FULL NAME NO EXCEPTIONS Three names at least: First, Middle, and Last))
Nicknames: (Optional)

House(or School) was in before Working: (Note: By this time period Durmstrang and Beauxbatons are all apart of Hogwarts so simply put Hogwarts Academy if you are trying to say they were from one of the three.)

Job:(Librarian, Nurse, Doctor, Caretaker, etc...)

Other Position of importance:

Age:((Must be 23+))
Relationship Status:
DoB: (Date of Birth, unless you can calculate appropriately, refer to Information for true guidance.)
PoB: (Place of Birth)
Zodiac Signs:

Appearance: {Must include at least 3 pics to ensure valid Faceclaim} (No drawings or any anime or cartoon of any sort)(Please place any photos after the first into a spoiler)

Description: (At least 5 sentences)

Rare Gifts/Curses/Abilities: (Metamorphmagus; Animagus; Werewolf; etc...)

|▫Body Type▫|
|▫Blood Type▫| (Half-Blood; Muggle Born; Pureblood; Half-Breed: Half Veela, One-third Vampire, etc..)(To include anytihng beyond Pureblood, halfblood, or muggleborn one must sign up for approval in request and applications topic first before posting here)
|▫Distinguished Markings (If any)▫|(Tattoos, piercings, scars, etc...)

Personality: (At least 2 paragraphs, 6 sentences each)



Fatal Flaw:

(At least one paragraph each, six sentences each)
◘Parentage: (Parents meeting and such)
◘Childhood: (Child life, before hogwarts academy and discovering abilities and such)
◘Coming to Hogwarts & Schooling:
◘Teenage Years:
◘Adult Life:
◘Present Day:



Wand: (Picture)
Wood:(Please add a detailed description on the significance of the wood itself as well as the attributes in certain areas it holds strength and weakness in)
Core:(Please add a detailed description on the significance of the core itself as well as the attributes in certain areas it holds strength and weakness in)(Triple cores are aloud but be according to the J.K.Rowling view of the wizard world)

Pet: (Limit 3 pets, one must be an Owl, or other message providing flying creature.)(Others are not limited to but may include: Crow, Frog, Toad, Weasel, Ferret, Cat, Pygmy puff, Rat, Mouse, etc... Know that nothing large may be allowed: Dogs, Dragons, Thestrals, Pegasi, etc...)

Current Family:
◘Other (label as needed)

Crush (optional):


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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 527 comments Mod
Name:Javier Del Valle
Nicknames: Valle

House(or School) was in before Working: Hechicera Institution of Experimental Dark Arts (Brazil)

Job: Caretaker
Other Position of importance: None

Age: 40
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
DoB: October 29, 2208
PoB: Rome, Italy
Zodiac Signs:
◘Western- Scorpio
◘Eastern- Monkey
◘Primal- Raven

Appearance: (view spoiler)
FACECLAIM: Damien Pannier

Description: A muscular build and rugged look make up this man's full appearance. His eyes are deep, dark, and sunken as if he has lived underground for many years. His beard always holds a rugged need for a shave. His body exemplifies the same. Javier is tall dark and handsome, but that is the least of your worries because deep down there are more secrets to this man the meets the eye.

Rare Gifts/Curses/Abilities: None

|▫Hair▫| Black
|▫Eyes▫| Dark Brown (Almost black)
|▫Weight▫| 170 lb
|▫Height▫| 6'2"
|▫Body Type▫| Muscular
|▫Blood Type▫| Pureblood
|▫Distinguished Markings (If any)▫| A number of scars on his back and arms.

Personality: Strong, curious, and energetic, Javier often succeeds where others fail. His deepest desire is to overcome the odds, to triumph, and to prove himself to the world. He is willing to give up a considerable amount of personal needs, but in return he can use what others consider disadvantages to his advantage. That is his greatest power.
Javier is a highly contradictory being in terms of his dual nature (sun and moon). On one hand, he started out with an easy beginning of life where he was coddled, loved, and told he was special. Javier takes much longer to come out of his shell, but where he would have hit hard times in early adulthood, this was prime time for Javier to step up and take action. There was something of a shift in thinking between childhood/teenage years and early adulthood. This shift in perspective is where he realized his true power and had to decide how to best use his immense inner strength and potential.
Javier is difficult to pin down. His early years he was considered a trickster - a sly and cunning individual who would often get what he wanted, or otherwise entertain himself, through the intellectual manipulation of others. Powerful and unpredictable, Javier often had few true followers, for most people were wise enough to fear that which only Javier Valle was capable of.
This is not necessarily a “dark” wizard in terms of spirit or personality, though. Javier has a highly developed senses of humor. Javier can be a young, selfish, inexperienced soul or an old, powerful soul. How he uses his power - for personal gain or to help others - will be an indicator of the karmic direction of Javier’s life.

- Loyal
- Passionate
- Resourceful
- Observant
- Dynamic
- Charming
- Charismatic
- Inventive
- Quick-Witted
- Versatile
- Charms
- Spell Creation
- Dark Arts
- Care of Magical Creatures
- Magizoology
- Transfiguration
- Herbology
- Defense Against the Dark Arts

Always gloating about his successes
Deceiving those who trust him most
Being free of Azkaban
Experimenting with new spells and ideas

- Jealous
- Obsessive
- Suspicious
- Manipulative
- Unyielding
- Cunning
- Selfish
- Arrogant
- Impatient
- Divination
- Astronomy
- Potions
- Alchemy

Confined places
Being proven wrong
Feeling accused or trapped

Fatal Flaw:
He is absolutely insane. Javier Valle is an Azkaban prison convict who escaped. Originally being placed in there for the fact he enjoyed experimental breeding with wizards and magical creatures. For a number of end results all of which became abominations or failed attempts and all of which were illegal.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 527 comments Mod
◘Parentage: Abella Áine was an Irish-Spanish witch who married a Brazilian-Italian wizard named Jacopo Valle. The couple had met randomly. Valle was working for the Italian Ministry of Magic as one of the guards escorting the Muggle Pope in secrecy. Abella just happened upon him when she was trying to interview the Pope. Jacopo and Abella seemed to click almost instantly as even after the interview they went out for lunch. After a few number of dates with one another the two moved in together and then became engaged. They were both in their early twenties when they got married and Abella discovered herself to be pregnant.
◘Birth: Jacopo wanted a good life for his coming son and still working for the Ministry he knew he could provide them with such a life. When Javier was born he was to attend Hogwarts or a Greek School. Jacopo knew how much Abella desired to travel so he proposed to ehr a move to Brazil. The couple and their son moved to the jungle of Brazil where they made a lovely home in the treetops very secluded from muggles. Jacopo gave both his wife and his son an inviting home and a loving family. Unfortunately a nasty virus caught hold of Abella before Javier's 5th birthday.
◘Childhood: Jacopo was no potion master and had no way of truly contacting any near by wizard hospitals to help his beloved. Unfortunately, by the time Javier was five he lost his mother. Growing up with only his father wasn't all bad, but every boy needs a mother in their life. Javier went on without one. The jungle taught him many cruel things and his father taught him how to cope with each one of them.
◘Schooling: Javier was at last accepted into Hechicera Institution of Experimental Dark Arts. Jacopo was wanting his son to be strong and living in the Amazon it was smart to know as many Dark Arts as possible. Javier managed to go to school and made something of himself his first year. Majoring in Ferocious beast and Experimental Magics. Javier was considered a prodigy when it came to mastering the most dangerous of beast long enough to create some very amazing works of magic upon them. Unfortunately his gifts in such arts and his extraordinary gifts in the Dark Arts proved too advanced for the school to handle. Acquiring the attention of both Italian and Brazilian Ministries of Magic. Javier was expelled and placed in Juvenile Wizard Detention Court at the age of 13. Having to serve time early for acts against nature defying even the laws of magic.
◘Teenage Years: Being released from his imprisonment at the age of 16 Javier discovered his father to be missing. Unfortunately, Jacopo was not missing, but abandoned his home in Brazil to return to Europe without his son. He was too ashamed to ever speak to his son again. Javier had to make it on his own for quite some time until he was 18 during which time he raised enough money to return to Europe.
◘Adult Life: At the age of 20, Javier was thrown into Azkaban prison for experimental breeding with wizard and magical being kind. his experiments were concluded as cruelty and his imprisonment was only the beginning of his work. He was going to be the first wizard to cross the mixture of magic blood with the most feared of creatures, a dementor. His imprisonment only fuelled his desire to create such a creature. A half-dementor in his eyes would be a wizard that was to be admired and feared above all others. It was when he was 21 that he managed an escape from Azkaban taking a prisoner of his own. The one Dementor that tortured him most that fed form his goals of becoming an admired wizard. He knew all about the weaknesses of Dementors and took it hostage back to his home in Brazil where eh started his experiments. At first it was failed attempts, Dementors with human-like features. Until, he at last managed the perfect mixture and right particles of DNA strands to cross his own blood with the Dementor that created a creature even more horrifying. Like Dementors, the baby was formed from foggy droplets growing like weightless tar into a fetus and from which a baby was formed. Unfortunately, before any reaction could be seen the British and Italian Ministry Aurors caught Javier. The Dementor escaped and probably died in the tropical climate if it didn't find a way to breed with a Lethifold. Javier was placed back into prison under high security lockdown in the deepest depths of Azkaban due to the fact of his escape.
◘Present Day:
Javier escaped from Azkaban again only three years ago. With the aid of an unknown wizard who seemed to know Azkaban inside and out. Javier eventually was considered a lost cause after no more ill reports of experimental breeding he managed to remain hidden and taken form records as authorities considered that perhaps he wanted a more peaceful life. Being considered the first ever person to escape Azkaban twice higher security measures were put forth to ensure not a single break out would ever occur again. Javier was later accompanied this year by Constantine Clermont and interviewed by the Headmaster Professor Zernebog to become the new Caretaker of Hogwarts Academy. He now works secretly at Hogwarts Academy under false credentials.

Prof. Zernebog
Any Ministry of Magic

Professor Clermont
The Rebellion

Length: 13 in
Wood: Dogwood
Dogwood is extremely hard and strong, and the wands made from it will have this resilience. It was once used for making daggers, and hence has a slight violent streak.
Core:Dragon Heartstring is a powerful wand with a lot of magical “heft”. It is not the core you want for subtlety, but for sheer power it is definitely the best. Although it is the most common core among Dark Wizards, Dark Wizards are most certainly not their most common users. Dragon heartstrings are by far the most common wand core amongst Slytherins, but their power often bonds to Gryffindors and Ravenclaws as well. However, they tend to overwhelm the archetypal Hufflepuff personality.

Pet: Leticia, Female Crested Owl:

Current Family:
◘Mother: Abella Áine Valle
◘Father: Jacopo Valle
◘Daughter: Aspyn Kalel Cavalier

Crush (optional): OPEN


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