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Post approved characters here. :)

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Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) Name: Professor Reuel Algernon Bartolomeo Trevelyan

Gender: Male

Age: 3395 (looks to be in his early sixties)

Race: Istari

Occupation: Lecturer in Literary History and Anthropology

Personality: Something of a connoisseur of a bygone age in more ways than one, Reuel has a deep-seated appreciation of old and ornate things that carry the weight of history. In spite of that however, he is surprisingly gifted when it comes to modern elements and blends practical electronics with fragile time-eaten posterity. Something of a Renaissance man, as beloved by his students as he is by his colleagues, family is something of a topic he is closed off on, not appearing to have many of those.
Trait 1: Dedicated
Trait 2: Enthusiastic
Trait 3: Subtle
Trait 4: Intuitive
Trait 5: Contradictory


Height: 6’
Hair color: Grey
Skin color: Lightly tanned
Eye color: Olive greenish amber
Body type: Fit; slender; lithe; deceptively active
Pitch of voice: Gravelly; papery at the edges; deep with a carrying crackle
Distinguishable markings: His smile alays carries within it a strong hint of mischief, like that of a naughty youth, which at times can reflect itself in his personality.

Weaknesses: Disrespect; Ignorance; Closed-mindedness; Wanton destruction; Carelessness; Book defacing (a crime which ought to be punishable by public flogging); Pipe weed; Classical music (plays violin and is a gifted pianist).

Strengths: Very receptive to new ideas; Inventive; Energetic; Intellectually Brilliant; Encouraging; Something of a joker; Charismatic; A professionally trained swordsman; A privately retiring tenor; Ironclad constitution (doesn't drink much but can); Greenfingered.

History/Background: A notoriously private individual, not much is known, and even less is divulged, about Professor Trevelyan's family. What is known however is that he was born in rural Oxfordshire, the only child born to an unassuming young librarian at the Bodleian Library and an enthusiastic Botany Masters student. Born into old money, Reuel never wanted for much,having been nurtured mind and body by his doting parents. His unusual heritage was made known to him, almost as soon as he could comprehend meaning, and is something he has treasured with the protective fierceness of a dragon. Indeed, it can be said that his personal invested interest into such subject areas, forged him into a leading name in the subject area of literary social anthropology, with his ongoing series of insights into the recurring patterns of literary convention in modernity compiled under The Trevelyan Treatises: a seven book exploration of the historical impact of literary tropes upon life as we know it. As someone who, in human terms at least is so remarkably long lived, he has needed to reinvent himself a few times over, always seeking out an unassuming place in which to begin anew, never provoking inquiry, always mindful of the need to disappear into the collective societal consciousness.

Relations: None that he has revealed.

Relationship Status: Single

Weapons: Meticulously maintained katana and a dueling rapier.

Fighting Skills: An expert swordsman, his apparent age handicaps his opponents who think him an old man.

Magic: Intuitive understanding of how machines work and a seemingly uncanny ability to make plants flourish. He seems to have an affinity for fine weather, though his bad moods somehow sometimes coincide with inclemency.

Other: A gifted linguist, able to speak most European languages to varying degrees of proficiency. He’s also a dedicated spelunker and trekker.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 57 comments Name: Maribel "Bel" Yon

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Race: Dwarf/Human

Occupation: Police officer

Personality: Bel is very serious about her job and won't be bothered with much else, she doesn't take time off, or ever leave her business at work. She doesn't have hobbies, and doesn't even really like doing anything but work. Over all she's very no nonsense.
Trait 1: Job-oriented
Trait 2: Kind
Trait 3: Clear-headed
Trait 4: Honourable
Trait 5: Determined


Height: 5'2"
Hair color: Dark brown
Skin color: Tanned
Eye color: Brown
Body type: Lightly muscled
Pitch of voice: Mixed Columbian and Texas accent; Low
Distinguishable markings: She has this tattooed up both of her legs (view spoiler).

Weaknesses: She doesn't really trust the government, but she stays on the police force because she cares about her job.

Strengths: She goes by the her own rule of twenty-one feet, if her opponent is inside twenty-one feet she'll use martial arts or a knife rather than a gun.

History/Background: Bel grew up with her parents fighting a huge custody battle, her mother living in Columbia and her father in south Texas. She spent most of her teenage years working with a lawyer to get her out of her father's custody, but he was fighting just as hard to keep her in the States. She loves her dad, but he only knew how to be a real dad when people were looking for evidence against him, then he suddenly became father of the year. Once she turned eighteen she moved down to live with her mom a few years, but when her mother tried to tell her about her family history she told the woman that she was insane and came back to the states, where she settled in D.C. and joined the Police Academy.

~ Gi Yon: Father; 52; Originally from South Korea; Lives in Amarillo TX.
~ Mariana Belmontes: Mother; 45; Lives in Columbia.

Relationship Status: Single

Weapons: If it is a legal firearm she owns it; she also has a small collection of medieval weapons.

Fighting Skills: She's a great shot; she can fight with a knife; she's learning fencing; her father taught her taekwondo when she lived with him.

Other: She speaks Spanish and knows how to cuss at someone in Korean. She wants to study medieval weaponry, but can't find a school that has a degree in it.

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 233 comments Mod
Name: Jameson Jozef "Zef" Balan

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Race: Human

Occupation: Assistant Director; Captain

Personality: On outward appearance, Zef comes across as maybe a little intimidating and hard to approach, but he can be the most kind in a crowd. He carries himself with a confidence in himself than surrounds him in an aura of strength, though this doesn't mean he occasionally doubts his abilities. If or when he's caught with his mother, Zef becomes the most gentlest of people, taking care of her and letting his barriers break down for her sake. Not many people are true friends of Zef, but once they are, he'll fight by their side til his dying breath.
Trait 1: Trustworthy
Trait 2: Straightforward
Trait 3: Independent
Trait 4: Brash
Trait 5: Compassionate


Height: 6'3"
Hair color: Dark brown
Skin color: Fair
Eye color: Deep brown/hazel
Body type: Lean; muscular; athletic
Pitch of voice: Baritone; smooth; low; British accent
Distinguishable markings: Underneath an infinity tattoo on his wrist is the Sindarin for friend "mellon".

Weaknesses: Stubborn; His pride; His mother; "No man falls behind" attitude; Closed-off in general (he tends to be the wallflower at parties if someone manages to drag him to one); Can let his temper get the best of him.

Strengths: Independent; Strong-willed; Morally-centered (though this makes it hard when some goals compromise what he believes); Computer/technological skills.

History/Background: Zef was born a year after his mother at the age of fourteen ran away from her home after her affair with her teacher was discovered. The girl struggled to raise the boy, faking her age to get jobs until a grandmotherly woman, Muirgel, took an interest in her. She took pity on the girl and took them both in and helped them struggle onto their feet. When Zef was five, his mother started taking night classes, working on a degree as a nurse. He went into school and was raised as any normal child, though he had a special affinity of getting into trouble, which didn't make his mother's life any easier. But the kindly woman that took them in became a part of their new family and it was from her Zef heard the tales of elves, wee folk called hobbits, dwarves, and men all doing heroic deeds. His mother thought it was utter nonsense, but she encouraged her son to enjoy the fantasy to take his mind off their troubles. It was after Zef turned sixteen things spurred into action. One night, when his mother was coming home from work (by now she managed to get a job at a hospital), she was kidnapped by Orcs. They tortured her in the three days it took for a mysterious group of strangers to find her, a group of strangers that revealed themselves to be the supposed terrorists devastating the city. When she rejoined Zef, his mother already had her mental breakdown from her experience and he had to be more independent. Muirgel was a great comfort, taking care of his mother with patience. For a couple of weeks, Zef watched on with a feeling of uselessness, never knowing what really happened to his mother during the time she was gone. It drove him crazy and in the following couple months, Zef spent his extra time trying to learn more about the supposed terrorists, picking up on rumors, and finding out more was linked to the stories of his childhood than he thought. Finally, he approached Muirgel (who once lived as a human in that secret society) and was told the truth about Middle Earth and its history. Later on, when Zef turned eighteen, he convinced Muirgel to let him meet the terrorist group. While he trained with them in the world hidden away from men, Zef also went to college and graduated with a bachelor's in computer science and moved on as a intern to a powerful company. Slowly, he has risen in ranks and now he's a an assistant to the COO of the company. Meanwhile, his influence among the terrorists has grown and they have grown closer to discovering the truth about the influence of Sauron.

~ Audrey Balan: Mother; 42; Mentally unstable.
~ Muirgel Carters: Friend; 74; Sort of like an adopted grandmother.

Relationship Status: Single

Weapons: Beretta M9 pistol; hidden daggers; swords (view spoiler).

Fighting Skills: Though Zef was trained in the basic skills in most weaponry, he has a good aim when it comes to shooting and an affinity towards swordsmanship. He tends to dislike shooting, but that doesn't prevent him from having an unwavering aim when a shot needs to be made.

Other: Every time Zef visits his mother they watch Lion King since that was Zef's favorite movie as a kid. Also, he likes to blast music while he cooks.

Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) Name: Meiriona "Rio" Tesni Reynell

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Race: Human

Occupation: Magician

Personality: At first, Rio may seem like someone who just floats around and doesn't really pay much attention to anything, though if you were to assume this you would be completely wrong. She's always watching things around her, noticing every little detail so that she can remember later if need be. She doesn't tend to forget things, which can add to her sarcastic nature if you do something stupid around her. She hates compromising or settling and will argue your head off until she gets what she wants. When seeing her magic, most people think it's just illusions and tricks, which she finds amusing since sometimes it's fairly obvious that it's not possible to do some of her tricks without actual magic. And most importantly, don't piss her off unless you want a well placed fireball up your nose.
Trait 1: Observant
Trait 2: Excellent Memory
Trait 3: Sarcastic
Trait 4: Argumentative
Trait 5: Stubborn


Height: 5'0"
Hair color: Dark red, turns white whenever she uses magic.
Skin color: Pale
Eye color: Blue
Body type: Somewhat small; curvy
Pitch of voice: Light; airy; Welsh accent
Distinguishable markings: She always has something red on, and is almost always wearing a hat. If there is a lack of hat, there is a hood.

Weaknesses: Rio hates losing arguments and being wrong, and on the rare occasion that this does happen, she will ignore you anywhere from a few minutes to a few days, and sometimes a few months, even if there's something very important going on; Spicy foods (she really likes them); Technology truly hates her at times.

Strengths: She doesn't lose arguments; Likes fire, most of her clothes are fire-resistant; She can handle spiciness more than anyone else she knows.

History/Background: Rio's parents were both talented stage magicians, though only one of them actually had any magic. Her father is a descendant of the Gandalf the White and has spent his life learning how to use his skills mostly for himself, though when he met Aeras his life completely changed and everything began to revolve around her. She became his assistant for his shows, and eventually they married. Rio traveled with them all through her childhood and learned magic, and how to conceal it, from her father. Eventually she became part of the act and as a teenager she loved messing with her parents' shows. When the family wasn't traveling they stayed in a manor they had in east Wales, though they never stayed in it for more than a few days at a time. Finally she took her few belongings and left her parents, moving first to South Korea, which was what she thought would be the farthest culture from her own. After she learned the language she became bored and went on her way, living in the Sahara desert for while before going to Chile, then up to Florida, all the while performing stage magic for tips. In her travels she's learned of different organizations popping up all over the world, she's heard rumors of people like her, and of people who want to destroy people like her.

~ Aeras Reynell: Mother; 41; Magician's assistant.
~ Gareth Reynell: Father; 50; Magician.

Relationship Status: Single

Weapons: A staff that folds up to fit in her pocket, which works for magic as well as it does for beating someone in the face.

Fighting Skills: Magic, for the most part. If she needs to she can beat someone with her staff, though running is usually more practical.

Magic: Rio is especially good with things that involve fire, and is also skilled at undoing locks, making illusions. She can do other spells fairly well, but typically has to be looking at a book or something whereas she could light you on fire in her sleep.

Other: Rio speaks Welsh, Irish and Korean. She loves languages, but hasn't learned most of them simply because she's too lazy. She has a pet garter snake named Rau (view spoiler).

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 57 comments Name: Gwendolyn "Lyn" Rhys

Gender: Female

Age: 31

Race: Hobbit/Human

Occupation: Mercenary

Personality: Lyn doesn't like people that are too quiet, they make her suspicious, she's always been extremely assertive and loud, which constantly worried her parents. Being very enthusiastic about the things she believes in makes her get into bad situations sometimes, but none of them have gotten her into too much trouble yet.
Trait 1: Confident
Trait 2: Optimistic
Trait 3: Militant
Trait 4: Confrontational
Trait 5: Truculent


Height: 4'5"
Hair color: Red-orange
Skin color: Almost white
Eye color: Aqua
Body type: Hobbit
Pitch of voice: Threatening; reedy
Distinguishable markings: Her hair is very hard to miss.

Weaknesses: Close-combat fighting; She's a kleptomaniac; She has anger issues.

Strengths: Excellent aim; Good at keeping secrets.

History/Background: Lyn was raised completely by hobbits and taught exactly how she should and shouldn't act like. As she grew older she felt out of place, especially since by the time she was eleven she was a foot taller than any of the other hobbits her age, and she was taller than most other hobbits completely. She had heard stories and rumors about the big folk, most of the kids her age thought she was one of them. When she was twenty-two she told her parents she was leaving their quiet neighborhood, and to her surprise they supported her and helped her get anything she would need together. Later she found out they only helped her leave because her great great grandmother was a human and her parents didn't want people bringing it back up. She traveled all over Europe, making contacts, friends, and enemies, everywhere she went. She had a bad run-in with a group called The Nine when she was twenty-six and taken in for questioning for something she didn't do, which was surprising since she had done lots of things they probably wouldn't have liked, but not the one they were actually accusing her of. Once she got them to believe her and trust her she joined them, though she still keeps moving instead of settling in one place.

~ Jonn Rhys: Father; 59; Estranged; Leader of the village they're from.
~ Poppy Rhys: Mother; 60; Estranged.

Relationship Status: Single

Weapons: Folding crossbow; Ruger LCP(view spoiler); stolen elven short sword (view spoiler).

Fighting Skills: She's best at ranged fighting, but she's learned to use a short sword and how to fight without a weapon for just long enough to get away.

Other: She has a black Victory Highball motorcycle.

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Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) Name: Arahaeldir or Erynon or Calaerion son of Tirnel son of Legolas Greenleaf Prince of the Woodland Realm of Mirkwood
*Noble and Wise (ara+hael) Young Man (dîr)
*Woods (eryn) Male (on)
*Light of the Sea (cal+gaer) Son of / Boy (iôn)

Gender: Male

Age: 692

Race: Elf

Occupation: Prince

Personality: Arahaeldir takes great pride in being the grandson of Legolas, having heard much about his grandfather all his life, although he regrettably never got to meet him. To this end, he strives to be someone that his people and the other hidden races can look up to and have faith in to protect them. He is constantly analyzing everything that passes through intelligence, and strives to be fair and kind but not to the point that it could endanger anyone. Arahaeldir is extremely stubborn and will fight to the bitter end for his beliefs and the people under his protection.
Trait 1: Analytical
Trait 2: Stubborn
Trait 3: Protective
Trait 4: Chivalrous
Trait 5: Regal
Trait 6: Loyal


Height: 6'3"
Hair color: Golden blond
Skin color: Pale white
Eye color: Light blue (ignore the picture eye color)
Body type: Slender; willowy; supple; very slightly muscular
Pitch of voice: Light tenor

Weaknesses: Can be stubborn to a fault and wouldn't hesitate to put his life in danger for a friend. Although he tries to be completely fair, Arahaeldir is often elitist and especially looks down upon Dwarves in general.

Strengths: Arahaeldir is extremely loyal, chivalrous, protective, and, true to his race, very regal and noble.

History/Background: Arahaeldir has few memories of his people's former forest home of Mirkwood while they still lived there, being very young when the people left that forest. However, all his life he's heard about the splendor of his great-grandfather's halls, as well as detailed histories of various members of his lineage throughout the history of the land. Throughout his short (by Elven standards) life, Arahaeldir has seen the transformation of what the beginning of technology has done to the world, and how it can be helpful, as well as harmful, to the different races and to animals and the environment. Following his father's role in being a support pillar for the disappearing community of races now outside of the world of Man, Arahaeldir has worked hard to hone his leadership abilities so that he can take over for his father in time.

~ Tirnel son of Legolas: Father; 3,000; Name means star gazer.
~ Faervel daughter of Nimereth: Mother; Deceased; Name means strong spirit.
~ Rivornor "Riven" son of Ellahir: Noldor Elf; 703; Gwador (sworn brother).

Relationship Status: Single

Weapons: Bow of the Galadhrim (passed down from Legolas), bow of Mirkwood, twin Elven blades, and an Elven blade.

Fighting Skills: Expert with all of his weapons but he prefers to use one of his bows.

Other: After his close friend, Rivornor, Arahaeldir's most trusted companion is his bodyguard, Nemireth.

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