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Victoire was in her office in the hospital waiting for her next patient.

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Amanda whimpered as she watched her mother wave her off. She hung her head and played with the end of her ponytail and knocked on the door, standing in tiptoes.

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Victoire opened the door and let the young girl in. "Hello dear. Take a seat," she said with a warm smile as she pulled out the girls file.

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"Thank you!" Amanda said, her mood changed when shr saw the doctor and did as she was told.

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"Now, this is just a check up so don't worry." she said used to dealing with children panicking.

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"Okay!" Amanda said happily. "You are very pretty, Miss!" She exclaimed.

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"Thank you sweetie. Your pretty too. I need you to answer some questions for me. Can you do that?" she asked still smiling.

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Amanda nodded happily.

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"Good. How often do you eat and what do you eat for each meal?"she asked.

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I eat five small meals a day!" She said. "I eat toast and yoghurt then some fruits during the day, and in the evening i eat lots of vegetables and chicken!"

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"Good. When was your last vaccination?" she asked making a note.

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"Um... last year during the summer holidays! When did you last go on holiday, Miss?" She asked tilting her head.

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" It must be a year ago now. I went to Paris with my boyfriend. Where did you go?" she asked as she made another note.

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"Me and my mummy went to the Zoo in London! But, we go there every year... by the animals are so fluffy!" Amanda giggled happily.

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" Sounds like you had fun. Okay next question, How much exercise do you do?" she said smiling.

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Amanda's face fell slightly. "I get chased a lot by the older students because of my," she said and tugged at the skin on her arm. "But I have my friends who run away with me too! We run about ten minutes a day! Apart from Saturday and Sunday!"

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"Okay then." Victoire said frowning. Kids could be very cruel. She made another note. "Do you get injured a lot?"

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"Nope! I am very nimble!" She said proudly, holding her head high.

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"Good. Okay then I'm going to cast a few spells and they will tingle a bit okay? And then I'm going to give you an injection," she said. She then cast the spells.

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Amanda poured. "I don't like spells..."She mumbles.

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"I know sweetie. But is the quickest way. Soon it will all be over," she said.

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"What are you checking for exactly?" Amanda asked, trying to keep her mind off of the subject.

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" Things like your heart beat and weight. Just generally checking your healthy," she said smiling. She grabbed her wand and cast one of the spells she needed to while smiling reassuringly at Amanda.

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"Okay," Amanda said and stretched. "Do you have kids?" She asked curiously.

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"No. I would like some through but my boyfriend thinks we are to young," she said as she recorded the results of her spell.

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"Oh... you would make a really good mummy!" Amanda said brightly.

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"Thank you dear. Now the spell's finished it's work, so how about we find you a treat for being such a good girl," she said with a smile.

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"Yay!" Amanda said swinging her legs back and forth. Her face was bright with her smile.

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Victoire smiled back. She opened one of the cupboard doors and pulled out a box of Weasly Wizard Wheeze's and a box of chocolate frogs. "Take your pick sweetheart," she said.

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"Hmm..." She said and picked a small frog. She opened it and took out the frog who didn't move and the little Amanda looked at the card. "Yay! I got Du-Dumble.. A man with a long beard and glasses!"

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"Dumbledore. He was a famous wizard who defeated Grindewald and played an important role in both wars with Voldemort," she said kindly.

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"I like him! His eyes twinkle!" Amanda said. "But he died..." She said sadly.

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"Yes he did. He died protecting Harry. But deaths not always the end. The people who loved him will see him again in the next life." she said with a gentle smile.

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"Oh... so when I die, will I see him?" She asked, confused.

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"Maybe... I don't know. You may see different people instead," she said remembering what Uncle Harry told her when he died- only for a short while mind you.

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"Okay.. I might get to see my baby brother!" She said happily.

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((Changed Lily's face claim again. It's Lily Collins now as the person who claimed Lily has left :( ))

"You might do," she said smiling. It was sad when children died more sad than when an adult died as least an adult has had time to live.

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"Yep! His name was going to be Alan!" She said blankly.


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(( :) ))

" That's a nice name. Amanda and Alan. The two A's," she said with another smile.

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"Yup! What would you want to call your kids?" She asked.

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" Hmm Blair Elodie , Evelia Renee or Odette Adelia if it's a girl and if it's a boy Alexandre Louis, Thierry Jacques or Lance Austin," she said with a wistful smile.

((I'm half tempted to make Victoire pregnant but Evan hasn't finished Teddy yet if he is going to at all...))

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"Are those French names?" She asked.

((Mhm, I hope he finishes him too! They're kids would look adorbs!)

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((Yes they would :) ))

"Yes they are. My mother's French so it would be honouring my heritage of course my boyfriend might think differently." she said with a smile.

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"Oh... boys are useless at making decisions, that's what my mummy tells me about daddy when he wants dinner.." Amanda giggled.

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Victoire laughed. "That they are. I grew up in large family and all my male cousins are useless at decision making to," she said.

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"What's your name, Miss?" She asked. The doctor said that she had a large family, possibly she was a Weasley? Or a Potter?

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" Victoire Isabella Weasley. The oldest child of the Potter- Weasley clan," she said with a smile. She had been born two years after the battle of Hogwarts on it's anniversary which must been something... It was also the reason for her name Victoire- Victory.

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"I thought you were a Weaslery!" Amanda said. "Potter's and Weasley's are nice! They saved Hogwarts!" She said whilst giving Victoire a beaming smile

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