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goblin gender (blanketedmelody) I'll be on later.

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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) Name: Lovino Vargas
Nickname: Lovi (only by Antonio)

Age: He looks like he's around 23 years old, but he's actually a lot older since he's a country.
Place of Birth: Rome?
Date of Birth: March 17

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

Appearance: Lovino has brown hair with a curl starting from the middle that goes out to the right. His skin is a tan color that is a little darker than his brother's. In the manga, he has green or hazel eyes (depending on which picture you look at). In the anime, he has amber-colored eyes. He wears a khaki uniform with three-quarter-length sleeves. His uniform is a different style from his brother's. His uniform is also similar to Spain's for some reason.

Height: Unknown.
Weight: Unknown.
Vocal Attributes: Fairly deep, especially in the English dub. Has a strong Italian accent. Often cusses.
Distinguishing Details: The Italian curl.

History: ((Will finish later.))
Family: * Rome (grandpa)
* Spain (adoptive father)
* North Italy (younger brother)
* Seborga (younger brother)

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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) Name: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo
Nickname: Toni (only by the BT Trio)

Age: He looks 25, but since he's a country he's actually much older.
Place of Birth: Madrid?
Date of Birth: February 12th

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Possibly bisexual...
Relationship Status: Single

Antonio has short, slightly curly, brown hair and bright green eyes. His skin is slightly tanned. He's almost always smiling, because he's almost always in a good mood. He's very scary during the rare times that he gets mad. When he first appeared in the show, he wore a yellow shirt, a red vest, and blue pants. He has also been seen in his matador uniform, but he mainly wears the first one or his war uniform. This war uniform is khaki-colored and has 3/4-length sleeves. Romano's war uniform looks very similar.

Height: Unknown, but he seems to be around Romano's height.
Weight: Unknown. He's either fairly heavy because he eats so much, or fairly light because he's always working. (I'd assume the latter.)
Vocal Attributes: Strong spanish accent.

History: ((Will finish later.))
Family:*Portugal (older brother)
*Romano (adoptive son)

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