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Hey there!:)

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I really like supernatural roleplays and romance, do you have any specifications?

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Okay do you want to do a humanXvampire romance?

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Only not the usual, the vampire will be female and the human male

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Which one would you like to be?

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I'd like to be the vampire if that's okay

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Do you do character sheets?

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Kay just wanted to check. Would you like to begin?

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Okay I'll begin then
Alexandria walked into the bar. She looked around as the door swung shut behind her, the music thumped loudly through the huge speakers at the back of the room as she took a seat at the counter and ordered a shot of whiskey. She quickly drank the shot and spun around in the stool to watch the dance floor as people danced to the up-beat music.
((I forgot to ask, how detailed?))

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There were a few guys over at a table playing pool, she ordered a glass of Pendleton whiskey and started walking over to the table. "Mind if I watch?" She asked the guys and sat down in a chair next to the table without waiting for an answer. She took a sip of her drink and looked at the guys gathered around the table.

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She shrugged. "Kinda boring just sitting at the counter and drinking though," Alexandria shrugged and took another sip of her drink. "I've got nothing better to do," she added before taking another sip.

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Alexandria shook her head as she drank down the rest of her whiskey. She knew the alcohol wouldn't effect her because she was a vampire, it's a good thing she was a good actress though. These humans were really testing her thirst at the moment, she could feel the fire in her throat starting to burn as she watched them.

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"What's your name?" She asked the guy closest to her making her words slur together a little bit as she spoke, "I'm Alexandria." Her British accent compliment her voice as she spoke, absentmindedly playing with her hair.

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"That's a nice name," she complimented and leaned back into her chair letting the strand of hair she was playing with fall back with the others. Alexandria stood up and walked over to the counter, she ordered herself another glass of Pendleton and walked back over to the pool table.

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She nodded back lifting her glass to him like she was giving a toast but he didn't have a glass in his hand so she took a quick drink before lowering it to her lap where it rested on her leg.

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Alexandria chuckled a little bit under her breath as she took another drink from her glass and let the alcohol swoosh around in her mouth for a brief moment before it slid down her throat and into her stomach. But that didn't stop the burning fire in her throat, her thirst was getting hard to control right now.

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Alexandria got up, she was going to follow him but she decided that she'd go towards the counter instead, she sat down on one of the stools and drank the rest of the whiskey in her glass before ordering another one.

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Instead of Pendleton, Alexandria ordered a glass of Bird Dog this time. She walked back over to the guys with her new drink in hand, she could hear their heartbeat, see the pulse in their necks, imagine the red blood flowing through their arteries. The thought made her mouth water.

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