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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Hi! :D

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Hi
I didn't even notice that you made it sorry

message 3: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Haha, it's fine :)

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments okay so did you have any ideas?

message 5: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Well, I like supernatural and realistic, so I'm not sure what you're looking for :)

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments I like pretty much anything except I don't like a lot of action I like some and I don't like MxM sorry not my cup of tea.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) We can do FxM :) and it would have some action, right? XD

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Yes I like pretty much anything though :)

message 9: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Alrighty ^^

Do you want supernatural or realistic?

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Realistic please :D

message 11: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Okay! Do you have any ideas?

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments That's the thing about me at random times I get ideas but right now I don't have any I can try to think of one.

message 13: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Same haha, well, let us think :)

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments haha yeah

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Well... how about a sad + happy story about two best friends? The girl has fallen in love with her quirky, geeky and shy guy best friend, but he's clueless. Thn he starts gaining confidence and she starts to feel lonely and moves on, leaving him stunned. Etc etc :)

It"s an idea for singles, so I wasn't sure. I don't know if you want doubles or singles, but I'd prefer to be the girl when we do singles (sorry if this is annoying.. :() but we can add in another story

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments yeah can we add another story sorry I totally understand that it's annoying because I do it too. I actually had an idea I do like your's though. I wouldn't mind being the guy.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Okay, :) so do you want doubles or singles?

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments doubles please

message 19: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Okay, so we could add in another idea?

message 20: by Angel of Life (new)

Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Yeah sure then

message 21: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) What was your idea? Or does it not go well with the other one? haha

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments well it kind of does
A girl has finally come back and she ends up hanging out with her best friend that she's had for a long time. For the longest time he's liked her though and he's never liked anyone else. All of there friends are telling him that she sleeps around with every guy she see's that she's not going to change just for him. Well one night they go out to a bar and she has a little to many drinks and they go back to his house. Things happen, the next morning she wakes up and see's what she's done and she's hating herself for it but before she leaves that morning her friend gets her to stay. They then start dating and have been for six months and then one day she tells him that she has to go in a week. He asked her why and she couldn't tell him finally once he bugs her enough she tells him that she has cancer and only a few months to live. So he gets her to stay and he vowed that he would make the last months of her life the best.
maybe the girl in this one could be really good friends with your girl in the other RP and they know everything about each other and yeah.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Or maybe they could be sisters? Anyways, I really like the idea! It's sad and cancer is a subject I don't roleplay much, not because I'm uncomfortable with it, but others are, mostly. And yeah, well, we could add in your idea :)

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Yeah they could be ideas I like that yeah it's something I've never got to RP and it's because like you said others don't wish too. So I like yours and I think they will work well together. :)

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Yup! So characters? They can be simplistic, right? And I was wondering, how many lines do you write?

message 26: by Angel of Life (new)

Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments I write a lot lol depending mostly on the other person I can do simple though. Yes characters though.

message 27: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Okay! Could you post first?

message 28: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Characters, I mean :D

message 29: by Angel of Life (new)

Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments oh yeah sure so what like
is that good?

message 30: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Yeah sure! :)

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Name: Felicity Marks
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: She's a sweet down to earth girl, She can be kind of hard to understand at times and sometimes her actions are not good ones so she tries her best to just be herself. However not everyone likes her for her she tries to not let it get to her but sometimes it really drags her down. She's pretty fun when you get to know her and she's really smart and sly as well.

Name: Alexander Fields
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality:He's an understanding guy very shy though and doesn't have a lot of confidence. He doesn't really speak his mind and is very shy. He's oblivious to a lot of things. She's kind of a nerd and not a lot of girls like him they only use him for his brain pretty much.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Name: Charlotte Kenneth
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: She's that bubbly, happy person that always smiles. Even when she's sad, she would hide her feelings for the benefit of others. She's really helpful, but stubborn as well. She doesn't like being told what to do. Even though she can be quite couragous, she never had much confidence or the ability to stand up for herself.

Name: Zane Connor
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: He is that guy who appears to be grumpy and angry almost all the time, but really, he has a soft spot for his family and friends. He appears to be an asshole, and sometimes he is, because he doesn't like letting people in and trusting them, but some people have a special place in his heart. He cherishes them and protects them, holds them close and tries to never let anything hurt them. But that flare of anger inside of him will never leave.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Okay I LOVE them! by the way

message 34: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) I love yours too! :D They're both awesome c:

So, where should we start?

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Um I don't know actually, we could start at school like the middle of the school year.
Or it could be at a restaurant or something like that.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) How about lunch or something? At school?

message 37: by Angel of Life (new)

Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Okay that works you want to start us off

message 38: by Ladybooksalott (new)

Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Yeah sure! :)

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments sweet thanks :)

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Charlotte patiently waited at their usual table for them to turn up. She had been the first to arrive, as usual, and had to wait for them to get here. She liked being the first one, it gave her a moment to settle her thoughts. School was a chaos, and she didn't know how to survive it without Alex. Even though she was the person who kept the party going, as the saying went, she needed him. He was the thing that kept her happy, that made her worries flourish. Even though she knew that he didn't know of her feelings towards him, she felt happy just being his friend. He would never know, right? She wanted to tell him, was aching to tell him, but she didn't dare. She was frightened.

Zane grabbed his backpack after packing his books up, glad that this stupid class was over. He loathed science, and Mrs. Veno didn't exactly make the fact better. She made it worse. Like really, really worse. Shaking his head, he walked out of the classroom to go to the cafeteria. He was almost certain Char would already be there, because she always was. But he was looking forward to Felicity. She had been gone for three months, and Charlotte was her sister. Though she hadn't told him why, which was odd to him, but he let it drop. He was just excited to see her.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Alexander had gotten up from his seat in math class he always hated math. He wasn't that great at it he was pretty good at it but he was getting like a B and it wasn't making him very happy. He went to his locker which was close to his three friends Charlotte, Zane and Felicity. He looked at the locker right next to his it was Felicity's locker. He remembered that she was the very first friend he made when he moved here and she was the reason he met Charlotte which he wouldn't change anything about how they met. Alexander slowly closed his locker and started to walked towards the cafeteria. He couldn't wait to see Zane and Charlotte they were great people really. He soon got there and saw Charlotte he skipped over to her.
"Hello there"

Felicity was dropped off at school by their mother, her mom said that if she couldn't take it anymore then she should just call home and her mother would pick her up. Felicity told her mom she would be fine all she had with her was a notebook she couldn't carry her back pack not today. Felicity gave her mom a kiss goodbye and walked into the school, she signed in at the office and gave them a smile she then took off to her locker. She grabbed her favorite pen and walked towards the lunch room hoping to find her sister. She scanned the lunch room and was a little worried she couldn't find anyone she knew. Did they move tables again? she thought

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Charlotte looked up just in time to see Alex standing in front of her. Startled, she blinked rapidly and gasped softly. "God, you startled me," she laughed, slapping his arm playfully. She scooted to the side and gently pulled him down next to her. She knew he had had math before lunch, so his mood probably wasn't the best right now. Hers was though, as always, because he was near. Her heart skipped a beat when she caught sight of his smile and her smile widened. In love with her best friend... it was a tragedy, really. "So how was math?" she asked him, giving him a sympathic look.

Zane walked into the cafeteria and instantly saw that familiar lightblonde hair in front of him. Smiling, he walked over to her and stood aside her, chuckling. "Lost, little bird?" he teased her, nudging her side playfully. She was actually two years younger than him, but she had known her through her sister. Charlotte wasn't exactly his friend, but their families always had dinner together and he kind of liked her, he guessed. But he had met Felicity then, at the dinner table, and instantly they had become friends. How could someone not like her? But that was just his opinion. "Where have you been all morning?" he asked her afterwards.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Alex had sat down as soon as she pulled him down, he didn't mind being so close to her, he actually liked it. He had feelings for her once but of course thinking it would never happen. Alex wasn't in the best t moods not after math it use to be easier when Felicity was there. He had Zane in science, Charlotte in history, Felicity in math all of them in English and art. He sighed a little bit.
"It was alright I really don't liked math at all, I mean it's so stupid I don't understand it. I understood it a lot better when Felicity was here, she explained it in my terms."

She quickly turned around and saw Zane standing there. She smiled at him and gave him a hug. She had missed him she liked him so it was a small little crush. She had missed him liked crazy actually. She was in the hospital for two months and then she was in and out of the hospital for a month.
"Hey I've missed you, I had a doctors appointment this morning and we had to wait for my prescription to be filled. I have art with you today though right? Have you've seen my sister around by the way?"
She asked him sweetly letting him go she was super happy that he was the first person she saw as she came back.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) "You never like math," she chuckled, smiling afterwards. She knew how much Alex loathed the subject and also knew that he always tried to downplay things such as hate. He was so sweet, she could barely believe how kind her best friend was. He almost never complained and always had time for her. He was her rock. "Well, Felicity is the best at math, really. I think she is a genius," Charlotte laughed. To be honest, Charlotte hated math as well, just because she wasn't good at it. Charlotte wasn't... good at anything, and her parents were keen on letting her know that. Life sucked. At least Felicity was her savior at those talks and Alex helped a great deal, too. "So how about we go and do something... tonight?" she suggested. It was friday night and maybe she could get a littlec loser to him.

Zane smiled as soon as she noticed him and hugged her back once her arms embraced him. He buried his nose in her hair for a second, remembering that familiar smell from years ago. She still wore the same perfume and was still as beautiful as ever. "I missed you too," he smiled, though his smile faltered a little at the mention of her appointment. He knew that she had been sick, but she wouldn't tell him what it had been, but she had told him she was getting better. That counted, for him. That was what was most important. "Yeah, we have art together. And I spotted them, how can you not? Charlotte's orange hair," he laughed softly, pointing at them. He led her to the table.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments ((Sorry on my phone I'm trying to make the replies long for you))

"Yeah I've always hated math but hey what are you going to do about it? I think she is a genius but you my dear are the life of the party don't forget that, you are fun and cool to hang out with. Thank you for always being there for me it means a lot to me."
He thought for a minute before answering her question. He would love to hang out with her just the two of them it was always nice.
"Yes I would love to hang out with you, we haven't done it in a long time it was always you me and the other two. Don't get me wrong I do love hanging out with them but I like our one on one time as well."
Once he had finished speaking he looked up and over at Zane talking to a short girl with white hair, he smiled brightly. Then looked back at Charlotte.

"Well mister I slept in this morning, so I didn't get to see what she looked like before she left for school. You just love to pick on me don't you?"
He had that same smell that she remembered so well. One time as they were hanging out she told him it was her favorite. After that he wore more often it was the smell that she became so familiar with. She loved it on him and it matched him and his personality so well. She grabbed his hand and walked with him over to the table. She let go once they reached them.
"Hi Charlotte and Alexander"

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Charlotte actually blushed at Alex' words, and she almost never blushed. Sure, she sometimes got embarrased, but rarely did she blush. She shrugged off his compliments, as always, and merely smiled. Charlotte was known for not accepting compliments, well, at least Felicity knew that. As her sister, she knew her deepest secrets. Felicity also knew that she was in love with Alex but that she was too scared to tell him that. She had made her swear not to tell him, because if he was to be told, she wanted to be the one to do it. "You're too sweet," she shook her head with a smile. "And you're right. I like being alone with you, too," she admitted, trying to get those butterflies out of her stomach. "So my place or your place?" she asked. Just before he could answer, she heard her sister. "Hey sis," she smiled, giving her and Zane a slight wave.

Zane laughed at Felicity's words and shook his head in amusement. "Well, she has always had orange hair, so I thought it was obvious that it was Charlotte. But anyways, I'm glad that you're alright and you're right. I do love to pick on you," he added that last part to tease her, because it was indeed a fun thing to do. It wasn't like Felicity got mad at him when he did it, it was the playing-along part which he liked. "Come on, then," he smiled, leading her over to her sister and Alexander. After they had exchanged greetings, he sat down across from Alex and Char and next to Felicity. Noticing how Alex and Char were talking, softly, he turned to Felicity. "How did it go? The appointment?" he asked softly, worried.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) ((It's fine! ^^))

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Alex had greeted them as they came over, it's been awhile since he's seen Felicity. He then whispered into Charlottes ear that it would be his house. He than turned back to the other two. It was obvious there was more than just friendship between the two of them. He tried not to bug them about why she's gone a lot.

Felicity was caught off guard when he asked her about her appointment. She glanced at her sister as in please don't say anything.
"It was good everything is on track I'm fine now okay, trust me on this?"
Ever since earlier in the year when she found out that she had cancer, she's been trying to live her life to the fullest enjoying all the small moments, even every words of wisdom her teachers handed out. She didn't know how long she had to live and she felt too weak to fight anymore because of the treatments.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Charlotte smiled at Alex and nodded her head. This was not only for her happiness, but also for her sadness. She wanted to get her mind off Felicity's illness, which she was constantly reminded of. It hurt, to see Felicity so sick at the hospital and here, pretending to be alright. She knew she couldn't tell Alex, or Zane, even though she wanted to. She knew they would never leave her side, but she also knew her sister would kill her. "So... shall we watch a movie then?" she asked Alex, trying to distract him and herself.

Zane looked at Felicity with raised eyebrows, his expression still one of concern. He just didn't want her to be hurt; he wanted her to be alright. He wanted her to be happy. Sighing softly, he gave her a reluctant nod and was silent for a minute. He didn't really know what to say. He just hoped she was telling the truth, because he hated liars. Though he couldn't possibly hate Felicity. She was too gentle, too sweet. He just... he wanted her to be alright. It was such a strong feeling, it took his breath away. "Okay then," he said after a moment, sighing yet again. "Do you want to hang out later?" he asked, finally.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments "Yes we can watch a movie however fair warning there might be some tickling involved tonight."
He said teasing her of course. He loved to see that beautiful smile on her face it made him feel good that he could make someone happy, he then got up and offered her a hand. He thought t would be better to give the other two some privacy as well. Alex had been friends with this group for awhile but it sometimes seemed like he knew Zane longer.

"Yes I would love to hang out with you."
She laid her head on his shoulder, she was happy very happy. Felicity for a time had it hard she was scared and still was she just wanted a night to forget everything that's happening to her. She just wanted to stay with Zane she felt safe and better with him.

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