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Thread 3 (week of 5/5): Friends vs. Family

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message 1: by John (new)

John Oakey (mroakey) In The Absolutely True Diary, Junior says, "Can you best friend be more important than your family? I think so" (Alexie 24). Describe your character’s relationships with other family and friends, and whether your book proves Junior’s comment to be true, false, or irrelevant.

message 2: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Reynoso | 3 comments In the City of Bones it said that Clary usually hangs with her friends because since Clary's dad died and her mother is lonely because sometimes she holds a lock of blond hair and remembers it and locks up the hair in a box very tightly. So probably Clary is bored when she is in her house so she hangs out with friends in order to be free outside of her home. It proved that Junior's comment was true in comparison to my book.

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