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message 1: by Kathryn CA (last edited Apr 24, 2016 01:00AM) (new)

Kathryn CA (kathrynlouwCA) | 1560 comments Mod
Now open!

message 2: by Kathryn CA (new)

Kathryn CA (kathrynlouwCA) | 1560 comments Mod
Perfect Reading Day:

If you could have the ideal perfect reading day, what would that look like? Where would you be? Rainy day or is it sunny? Are you inside cuddled up under a blanket, outside, at the beach, in the mountains? Or maybe your perfect reading day involves the people there with you? Any special drinks? Or treats?

Really run with your imagination, you can be anywhere in the world that you want. No expenses spared.

Put me in that place. Make me be able to imagine it for myself. You can describe it or use a picture. A video. Whatever you want that will put me in your perfect reading day.

Personally, I would be in a fancy hotel with catered food. It would have multiple rooms and readings spots. A sitting room with comfy sofa and a wingback chair. Maybe a window seat as well. But also a big comfy bed with thick blankets and pillows that make you want to sink into them. I would be able to order room service and just lounge about.

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah A (simplerevelry) | 77 comments It would be a chilly day, perfect for curling up in a blanket with a mug of tea. I'd be in a big old Victorian house, with a library, window seats, comfy chairs, and a wraparound porch as reading spots. It would be out in the country somewhere with only the sounds of nature. I would have plenty of books to choose from, all my favorite teas, and meals prepared by someone else. I'd read until I was too tired and then go to sleep in a big, comfy canopied bed.

message 4: by Irene (new)

Irene (Raenne) | 95 comments I'd be on the beach, the sun would be shining and there'd be little to no wind. I'd have my boyfriend with me so that he can give me a foot massage every now and then (sorry hon ♥). I'd listen to the sound of waves and get a lot of reading done in some of my Sophie Kinsella and Nicholas Sparks books. I'd have lots of fresh fruits and some fresh made orange juice. That'd be perfect!

message 7: by Miranda (new)

Miranda (Uglyburrito) | 52 comments My perfect reading day would be outside on a sunny day in a beautiful setting. There would be lots of blooming plants and comfy outdoor furniture to lounge on. I would be able to have my cats with me and we would cuddle, read, and eat delicious snacks all day.

message 8: by Beth (new)

Beth Joy (BethJoy) | 89 comments If I could read anywhere in the world it would be a cottage in the mountains in winter. I'd have a fireplace or maybe a woodstove going to warm up the room, cuddled in blankets in a cozy 1 and 1/2 person chair (the kinds that are big enough to pull your feet up and be comfy). With a glass of warm apple cider or hot chocolate of course.

message 9: by Avid Reader and Geek Girl (last edited Apr 24, 2016 01:15AM) (new)

Avid Reader and Geek Girl (AvidReaderandGeekGirl) | 449 comments I would have the Penthouse from Cruel Intentions, plenty of places to get comfy and read there. Have the servants so as not to need to do anything besides read, that I didn't want to. Have tiramisu and coffee drinks and Italian food and food from my favorite cafe all day. Maybe spend some time at The aunts house where Reese Wetherspoon reads for some outside time, in the sun. Walk the grounds to stretch my legs, maybe take a dip in the pool. Oh add the wardrobe of clothes and my doggie!

message 10: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey (Lizzysmith16) | 26 comments If there was any place that I could go, it would be a beautiful hotel with lots of windows, somewhere on the ocean. I would be able to get anything I would like for room service. There would have to be a local book shop near by so I could get a new book anytime I would want to. There would need to be comfiness everywhere. Pillows, blankets, pj pants, the works. I would want it to be sunny our with a little breeze so I could have all the windows open and fill the room with fresh air. I wouldn't need any lights on because the sun would fill the room with light and warmth. I would want to be sipping lipton tea all day and having fresh fruit for snacks. I would definitely need space for at least Miranda (future sister-in-law) and Brett (future husband) to come with me. Which means There would also be a tv so Brett can play his games (not much of a reader). We would take turns with reading inside and reading out by the clear ocean with our feet in the water and umbrella overhead. This sounds like a perfect reading day to me!

message 11: by Stefania (new)

Stefania | 5 comments I would be somewhere in the mountains, in a cosy little cabin surrounded by pines and firs. The rain would be pouring, its smell mixing with the one of conifers, and I would be sitting in a rocking chair or a hammock, on the porch, covered with my favorite blanket, drinking hot chocolate and reading a wonderful book.

message 12: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte Woodcock (blxck_ct) My perfect reading day would be would be out in my garden, a picnic blanket on the grass and some bean bags. I'd be with some friends as we'd sit and read from stacks of books next to us. We'd have Coca Cola in tall glasses with ice and a lemon wedge on the side. It would be clear skies all day, the sun poking through the trees, and a cool but not drafty breeze to stop the perspiration on our skin.
We'd eat finger food; little sandwiches and bowls of crisps and tiny cakes on paper plates. The cats would wander around us and sleep at the base of our feet.
It would be blissfully silent, bar the sound of the birds chirping and the cats purring and the pages turning every few seconds. The tranquility would be enough to send you to sleep.

message 13: by Dakota (new)

Dakota (bookaholic_4_life) | 1 comments It would be a nice and sunny day. warm but not extremely hot. there would be a nice breeze outside. I'd wake up pretty early, get dressed, grab my book and either find a nice tree that was in a clear meadow or even in a forest that I could climb up and sit in the branches comfortably and spend the day reading to my hearts content.

message 14: by Dallas (new)

Dallas (silvernarnia) | 12 comments First things first, a cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains, one that overhangs a lake. A soft recliner. Lots of windows for natural light, but I can roll with a sunny or a rainy day. A butler or someone to make/bring me food, coffee, and drinks when I need. Blankets and pillows, A covered porch with a hammock, in case I need a change of scenery - or even better, one of those Nest Rest things. Any device with Internet so I can play music, and change it on a whim. My cats, of course. A way to contact my boyfriend, since I won't force him to hang around while I mostly ignore him, ha. CHAPSTICK.

message 15: by Emma (new)

Emma (WaffleWriter) | 33 comments My ideal reading day would feature me, in a tiny, comfortable, hobbit hole sort of place - perhaps in a little cottage somewhere - in Autumn, with the rain pounding against the windows outside, that nice thrumming sound that's always so soothing to my ears. I would have hot cocoa in hand, and a cat in my lap, as I drape myself over an overstuffed armchair with wool blankets to warm me up. I would also be sitting next to the fireplace. The book, of course, would be a thick but engaging fantasy novel, perfect for the situation at hand.

message 16: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Wierenga (mwierenga) | 1 comments For me, I think it would be in a lightly breezy room with a really comfortable lounge chair and with a bean bag just to change things up. It would be somewhere with inspiring views such as a crystal clear beach or a tropical rainforest. I enjoy the sound of rain so a little rain during the day wouldn't go amiss either.
A wide range of teas would be essential as well as some good coffee as I never know what sort of mood I am in. A food replicator like in Star Trek would also be pretty awesome.
One other thing would be that the room and ideally the whole house would be filled with bookcases and amazing books.
A furry friend would also be nice to snuggle up with too.

message 17: by Jan Schwartz (new)

Jan Schwartz | 33 comments I would be just off a tropical beach with a cool breeze blowing. I'd be sitting in a big wooden beach chair with a very sexy romantic man sitting right next to me. We would both be reading with cool drinks at our side, snuggling in the shade.

message 18: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (Morr_Books) | 25 comments I would be soaking up some early morning sun and warmth on a Mediterranean beach with my bestie. She would have full use of the umbrella, while I sat in the toes digging into the sand. The waves crashing on the shore lends a perfect soundtrack to endless hours of reading. By some miracle there is a service attendant who brings us a fresh cappuccino every 30 minutes and all the crowds that normally fill up the beach by noon fail to come.

message 19: by Karen (new)

Karen (breakbeat) | 8 comments A really warm day in the back garden, lots of cushions to pad out the chairs, the radio on quietly with refreshing cocktail, and then later on my husband to barbecue some tasty food.

message 20: by Kayla (last edited Apr 24, 2016 01:18AM) (new)

Kayla | 23 comments My perfect reading day would be back at my old college campus in western Massachusetts, where I can curl up in comfortable seats at the large campus library while snow is falling outside the large windows. The entire campus would be empty and I could move around to various lounges in other buildings. The lounges in the science building and music building were two of my favorite reading spots as well. Over-sized chairs, beautiful architecture and artwork in every building . . . I remember spending one Winter break on campus during my Sophomore year when most were away on vacation, and I thought it was so peaceful and magical.

message 21: by Laura (new)

Laura Monroe | 20 comments My ideal perfect reading place would be at a cabin with a rap around porch by a lake near some mountains. The porch would have a cozy hammock for me to lounge in while reading with a cup of coffee or tea. It would be cool in the morning and then some light showers in the afternoon. As night approached, the temperature would drop enough to require a fire in the fireplace and I could snuggle on the couch under a comfy blanket with a glass or two of wine.

message 22: by Alix (new)

Alix (pixiealix) | 29 comments My perfect reading day would be sunny, but with a cooling breeze coming off the ocean. My hillside canvas hammock would have the perfect view of white sand and gentle turquoise waves. Under my head a soft pillow, to my side a wool blanket if I get chilled. My space would have a low fence so my doggie could hang out untethered. Nearby my husband would be in his own lounge chair in the shade. Refreshments would be only a cell phone internet order away.

Avid Reader and Geek Girl (AvidReaderandGeekGirl) | 449 comments Laura wrote: "My ideal perfect reading place would be at a cabin with a rap around porch by a lake near some mountains. The porch would have a cozy hammock for me to lounge in while reading with a cup of coffee ..."

Maybe one of those hammock swing chairs? That would be great!

message 24: by Raquel (new)

Raquel (rawrocky) | 5 comments

Literally what I want everyday...

message 25: by Aya (new)

Aya (Ayako_Sato) | 88 comments I'm going to take a page from your book, Kathryn... On my perfect day I'll be at a hotel, one that will let me lounge around on the wing back chairs with a fire place close by. I'd be alone, wrapped up in a cozy blanket with my kindle and a few books. I'd have my coffee and pastries, or wine and cheese next to me. I would be near a window where I can see the storm that is brewing outside... Oh, and I'd be able to smell freshly baked bread because really nothing smells better.

message 26: by Elena (last edited Apr 24, 2016 01:26AM) (new)

Elena (alostgeek) | 15 comments My ideal reading day would be rainy and warm. It would be a weekend without any homework or assignements (to have more time for reading without feeling that I have to stop at some point to be responsible). I would be sitting on my bed and homecooked food would be brought to me by someone. I'm not picky; anyone who can cook rather well is fine.

message 27: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (Niori) | 1 comments A warm, sunny day on a beach. It's not a crowded beach, so the only sound is the waves. I sit on the sand, and take breaks to go for walks along the water.

message 28: by Jennifer Roberta (new)

Jennifer Roberta | 6 comments Kathryn CA wrote: "Perfect Reading Day:

If you could have the ideal perfect reading day, what would that look like? Where would you be? Rainy day or is it sunny? Are you inside cuddled up under a blanket, outside, a..."

My perfect day reading has a mix of outside and inside time. I love reading on the beach and under (or in!) trees. I have an amazing pair of old red leather reading chairs in which you can literally curl up, so those are definitely included. (Serendipitous second hand find. Still thanking the gods of reading coziness !) My best friends and my other half also love to read, so I can imagine a reading tea party with sandwiches and cakes. (Maybe coffee for me) And speaking of other halves, is there anything like laying your head on someone's stomach while you both read? Or reading with someone and every once in a while reading quotes out loud to one another? My perfect reading day also includes wearing my favourite book dress. Last but not least, I want to read to someone as well- share the gift of a story.

message 29: by Beth (new)

Beth | 32 comments I like the luxury hotel idea. Mine is in Hawaii, with a large veranda with a view of the ocean. Sometimes I can see whales, and in the evening it's dark enough to see the stars. During the day I move between comfortable chairs, lounges outside, and a bed with at least ten overstuffed pillows. My family is around, but they've opted to spend the day at the pool. I'm a little tired from the active few days we've had, probably hiking and snorkeling, so a quiet day of reading feels right.

I have, as usual, brought 10-15 books with me so I have a wide selection, as well as the well stocked tablet for my NOOK and KINDLE reads. In the middle of the day my sister surprises me with a new release from one of my favorite authors that I somehow hadn't known about (Lois Bujold? Patricia Briggs? N. K. Jemison? Who knows -- the best part is that it is a surprise!).

message 30: by Beth (new)

Beth | 33 comments Mine would be probably outside in the sun on a comfy chair and plenty of blankets just incase, with peach iced tea and an extremely good book!

message 31: by Sharlene (new)

Sharlene (sharlenesays) | 20 comments I am so torn. I love reading inside and out.

This morning it started raining, so I thought YES! that's perfect weather so I can snuggle in bed with my book. I didn't stay in bed... so maybe its not that perfect.

But the place I have most enjoyed reading lately is on the green grassy banks of the bay, blanket laid out, frozen water bottle to the side, with my book in hand, sunnies on and sun shining. My husband is normally on the water in his Waka Ama (outrigger canoe) paddling around the bays. So for now, this is my perfect reading spot.

message 32: by Sicily (new)

Sicily  (SicilyJoy) | 22 comments I would being laying on a beach with my hubby ( probably the beach called secret beach) in Kauai in fall. The weather is just right- warm with light breeze. I would have snacks to eat such as fruits and ginger beer.

message 33: by Taaya (new)

Taaya  (Taaya) | 2 comments I love reading outside in the sun, but I usually can't concentrate that good with neighbors working in the garden and kids playing outside. Therefore I would rather want a cold, rainy, dark day. Snuggling up in a blanked with hot beverages. And it has to be Monday - Friday as on weekends people tend to want to interact with me all day long, but when they have to work and I don't (the advantage of waiting for my college teacher to finally meet me so I can start with my final paper), I have all the time in the world for myself and my books.

message 34: by Wonderish (new)

Wonderish | 40 comments A room with a shady patio, dappled with sunshine and a perfect breeze. A big comfy chaise on the patio, a deep-seated couch and a luxurious bed with a soft as a cloud blanket to snuggle up into when a rainstorm hits mid afternoon. All my favorite snacks and treats would appear on a small table next to my current reading spot as I desired them. Every book I picked up would be a 5 star, throughly satisfying and life-altering read.

message 35: by Smithwinston (new)

Smithwinston | 3 comments My ideal reading day will start with a sunny and warm weather . I'll be in the Carribean in a mansion with a lovely view on the ocean. I'll be sitting outside in a rocking chair enjoying the view and my book(s). As the day goes I'll go on the beach to continue my reading.
A chef and a butler will be there to carter to all my dreams. Later in the day, a cooling breeze will be coming out from the mountains and I would go inside the house and sit in the most comfortable wingback chair with a nice chaitea and cookies.

message 36: by Lucia (new)

Lucia (lucici) | 13 comments My ideal reading day would be rainy and chilly. I imagine myself reading my book with a blanket and Penny (my cat) curled up snoozing on the blanket.
I'd like the book to be one of those Fantasy books where the fantasy world feels so real and alive in my head, or a novel told by the point of view of strong female characters.
As for snacks, I'd add a cup of tea and chocolate chips cookies or pizza, depending on my mood.

I'd like to try and take a picture of this, but the cat is outside and it wouldn't be perfect without her :)

message 37: by Katelynn (new)

Katelynn (katelynn_) | 1 comments I don’t believe my ideal reading day need be pin-pointed to a specific country; more or less, it is simply the environment that I crave. I have a strange affliction to being in extremely public, populated, and busy areas while being separated, distant, and wholly alone. Some of my favourite moments have occurred in the smallest of alcoves in the darkest of corners – the corners usually reserved for obscene couples, shady business transactions, slacking employees, or storage – in random coffee shops, wine bars, and Irish pubs (even a Subway once). When I set out to be alone with a book and a drink, my clear schedule beats the rush hour traffic and I have my choice of tables. This is usually met with a strange look and curious whispers, but it’s perfect. Because from that seat you can listen to the sounds of chatter and the busyness of life, you can hear emotions and joy and sadness and sarcasm, you can feel the heat of the room and the moisture of socialization and the chill as the door opens to the crisp autumn air, and the heat and chill and sounds waltzes with the smells of caramelized onions and the bitter drinks. From that seat, you are there and you are not – the strange anomaly in the corner between worlds. Most times the room disappears beneath the book, but there are only a few magical times where the two collide and the two dance before your eyes. To have an afternoon like that, either alone or with a friend, would be the perfect reading day.

message 38: by Maria (new)

Maria Elmvang (Kiwiria) | 2 comments I'm not sure I have one - any weather is perfect for reading. If it's rainy and windy outside, I curl up on the couch in our den with a blanket (can't wait for my hand-knit one to be finished! My niece and I took it for a test snuggle yesterday, and it'll be perfect!) and a cuppa. If it's sunny but cold outside, I curl up on the couch in my library where I can enjoy the sun's rays from the warmth and comfort of inside. And if it's sunny and warm outside, I can bring out the hammock stand, and curl up there!

So obviously, "curling up" is the important thing ;)

message 40: by Jazmin (new)

Jazmin Jade | 2 comments Here is mine :)

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

My dream place to read would be outside on the treehouse or monkey bars. It would be a cloudy day so that I have some shade. Of course that would include a soft breeze with a beautiful view from that top spot.

message 42: by Melinda (new)

Melinda (minna17) | 13 comments My perfect reading day would be a cold winter's day. I would be sitting on a window seat, and sun would be shinning in the window. I would have my dog and two cats curled up on or under a doona and there would be a fire blazing in the fireplace. I would have a really good book in one hand and a large mug of hot chocolate in the other and there would probably be a block of chocolate floating around within reach.

message 43: by Tia (new)

Tia (FatGirlFatBooks) Oh, definitely a rainy day - those are the best for reading because I don't have to feel guilty not leaving the house, haha! People also understand when you say you don't feel like driving in bad weather, so they don't bother you either. Ideally I'd have the whole apartment to myself (I love my boyfriend, but he's a loud extrovert - does not a good reading partner make!) with just my cats to keep me company. I'm not much of a coffee or tea girl, but I love to have water nearby when I read and usually a (non-messy) snack. Once I have everything assembled, I curl up on the couch with a blanket and go to town!

message 44: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (mich2689) | 133 comments I would be reading in an epic blanket fort with my significant other.

message 45: by Tina (last edited Apr 24, 2016 02:59AM) (new)

Tina (godmotherx5) | 9 comments Similar to some others, my perfect day would be at the beach. Specifically, I would want to go to Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman Island:
The sound of the waves would ease me into fiction by Margaret Atwood or Elena Ferrante. As sunset approaches and cool ocean breezes sweep over me, I might move on to a thriller by Stephen King. The peaceful essence of the beach would relax my soul as I float peacefully from page to page.

message 46: by Wendy (new)

Wendy | 11 comments My goodness, my brain is not functioning well enough for me to figure out how to do the setup I wanted, by my nearly 3 am version of my answer is here:

message 47: by Fatimah (new)

Fatimah (Fai18) | 1 comments It will be a sunny day with soft wind blowing and I would be laying out on a hammock in my lawn and in front of me there would be a garden of tulips. And it will be a quiet and peaceful day with occasional chirping of birds. Next to me there will be a mango smoothie or a pot of green tea on a small table.
I have never had this day though, hope it comes true one day(⌒▽⌒)

message 48: by Chloe (new)

Chloe Hensey | 4 comments I would be in an open woods with beautiful greenery and sit in a chair swing in a garden area and read "The secret garden" then in the afternoon after my picnic lunch hit the beach and on a lounger read "Goosebumps: Deep Trouble" until evening then get on a pirate ship for the night and read on deck by the glass lamps "Treasure Island" until I fall asleep.

message 49: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Harris (nicoleintrovert) | 1 comments Sunny day, white fluffy clouds, approximately 72* and a gentle breeze. I like to spend time out in my hammock, so I would need a couple of trees. Ideally by a river or creek so I could sink into the sounds of the water. I was lucky enough to experience this ideal day last time I went camping. Out in Colorado by the Rio Grande. It was absolutely relaxing. I read Station Eleven and felt peace (despite being faced with a pandemic wiping out the population.)

message 50: by Chitra (new)

Chitra (Booksandstrips) | 7 comments Mine would be a little cottage in the mountains where it's raining but not too cold. Like one of the hill stations in India. There'd be a little fireplace with squishy armchairs around it. A throw here and there. Definitely a cuddly dog. A perfectly rustic side table with a copper study lamp on it for me to read. I'd keep the curtains open so I can look at the rains and smell it.

Maybe a bowl of freshly gathered strawberries and apples by my side to much on with a huge mug of hot chocolate with a tiny bit of coffee in it.

Someone else of course, who like reading as much as I do just sitting in the chair next to mine in their own little literary universe. Physically present and mentally absent. Just reading together. Two book lovers and a dog.

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