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The Sign of Four (Sherlock Holmes, #2)
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message 1: by Deborah (last edited May 04, 2014 10:56AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Deborah O'Carroll (on break) (deborahocarroll) | 190 comments Mod
Here's the thread for May's book! :) Holmes is always fun--looking forward to reading this one! :D

I guess since there's only 12 chapters, that would be a minimum of 3 chapters a week? I think it's kind of a small book...

Odile | 124 comments 3 chapters a week sounds great! I'm really looking forward to reading this one too :)

Tatjana | 18 comments Hey guys, sorry for dropping off the earths surface :) I'll try to join you again and read this book, because as Celti said: Holmes is always fun!

Deborah O'Carroll (on break) (deborahocarroll) | 190 comments Mod
Hi Brownie! :) YAY excited to have you around! :D

I've read the first three chapters already... I guess I should probably say things, then. Hmm...

Christine Smith (lauriloth) | 81 comments Hey, Brownie! Glad you're joining in. ^_^

I haven't even started. Actually, I need to download it because I don't think I have a copy of this one. I've been so busy, I keep forgetting to do these things. Meep.

Deborah O'Carroll (on break) (deborahocarroll) | 190 comments Mod
No hurry Lauri. :) I know you can find it here if you still haven't yet...

Lucky me haz a two-book set of the entire Sherlock stories. <3 I'm having such fun working through them. ^_^

Odile | 124 comments I read the first three chapters too and so far the book seems really good. It's exactly what I thought a Sherlock Holmes book would be. I like the writing (and the characters) very much!

There is not much to say yet since the story has just begun but I'm really looking forward to reading more. :)

Tatjana | 18 comments I got the book yesterday and I hope to be able to read soon. My book is quite small and a Penguin edition, so I don't know if I've got the full version.

message 9: by Deborah (last edited May 09, 2014 09:56AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Deborah O'Carroll (on break) (deborahocarroll) | 190 comments Mod
@Brownie: It's rather small, so you probably have the full thing. :) (Unless it says "abridged" anywhere...) I think Penguin classics aren't abridged though I could be wrong.

@Odile: Haha, yes, not very far in so not much to say, but I'm enjoying it too! ^_^

Christine Smith (lauriloth) | 81 comments FINALLY started it last night and loving it. It occurred to me while I was reading though...I've read this one before. Lol! I completely forgot I had! I knew I had read a few Sherlock Holmes books, but I couldn't remember which ones, but this was one of them. I hardly remember anything though, that was many, many years ago.

Sherlock is so horrible!


I love him. XD Hehehe. But seriously. He's such a ridiculous character. You can't help but love his horrible self. I loved how Watson was trying to trick him with the watch but, of course, you can't trick Sherlock Holmes. Oh Sherlock... *shakes head*

Needless to say, I'm glad we chose this book. Sherlock Holmes books are delightful.

Tatjana | 18 comments @celti: yeah you are right :)

Also woot woot it is still May and I've finally started it :) I'm not that far in but I already love Sherlock ^^

Deborah O'Carroll (on break) (deborahocarroll) | 190 comments Mod
@Brownie: Yay! Yeah, isn't Sherlock fantastic? :D

I'm nine chapters in and still loving it. I'm trying to remember some of the thoughts I was going to mention on here but it's not coming...

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