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Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) I will be adjudicating for this contest...obviously.
Opinions and comments would only be given by me if you want opinions or comments. I won't share any opinions without being asked, in case that annoys people.

After thinking hard about the theme, I have decided on something that involves you thinking outside the box.

It's more of a challenge.

Find a way to relate music to scenery.

Time to get creative. You could do it any way. You could listen to a piece of music (link it) then describe what happens and describe the imagery. You could do an 'essay' about music itself and decide what type of music could go with what type of scene.

And I thought of an alternative theme so you get a choice.
Why is music important to us?
Talk about your point of view. As you can see, one topic is for fiction and another for non-fiction.

█████████████████ ▐▐▐ ▏♔ ▏▐▐▐ ████████████████
What I will be looking for.

☞How the story flows.
☞How deep and truthful it seems.
☞The phrasing and structure.
☞beauty and feeling.
☞Relation to the music.
☞Wording of the text.
☞Style and originality.

█████████████████ ▐▐▐ ▏♔ ▏▐▐▐ ████████████████

Though this may seem very strict and neat and closed to only the musical, that is not true. You do not need to be considered 'musical' nor do you have t choose a classical piece. You may choose anything you want to suit the story.

Hope many enter! I find this a very open theme as music varies and gives you many stories. Have fun, that's the main thing.

message 2: by Isaac (new)

Isaac | 8014 comments Ooh, this is interesting.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Hahah! Have a go?

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Could you explain this a little more? I'm kind of confused.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Sure, what are you confused about?

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Kriss (krisslee) | 5015 comments Mod
Does the music have to be instrumental?

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Well, depends. I think it's better with instrumental because lyrics may get in the way and make you write what the words are about instead of you, yourself writing your own picture, you know?

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) So who's going to do it?

message 9: by Kriss (new)

Kriss (krisslee) | 5015 comments Mod
I'm thinking about it!

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Great!

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What do you mean by describing what happens and describing the imagery?

message 12: by Colby (new)

Colby (colbz) | 3211 comments I like the prompt, I might give it a try, if I can think of something.

message 13: by Kriss (new)

Kriss (krisslee) | 5015 comments Mod
So... do you write something inspired by the piece, or do you write something that the piece is about?

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Kriss wrote: "So... do you write something inspired by the piece, or do you write something that the piece is about?"
Well, you listen to the piece and decide. Like what I explained to Gashbeen, ya know?

Colby wrote: "I like the prompt, I might give it a try, if I can think of something."
Please do! I can't wait to hear stories!

Gashbeen(Hecate) wrote: "What do you mean by describing what happens and describing the imagery?"

Well, you listen to a piece of music and then describe what you think is happening. Say, a loud(forte) piece with suspense, you would be writing about a mystery scene, or just something with suspense! Get what I mean?

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I would love to try! I'm new, and this will be my first contest, so please bear with me as I figure stuff out.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Great!

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Progress?

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I'm done!

((I couldn't choose, so I decided to use both.))

The nobles stood on both sides of the red carpet, awaiting the young prince's arrival. He was to be made king, as his father was dead, and he was the dead king's only heir. Many of the lords had expected to become king until the prince was of age, but this was a time of war, and people were desperate for a new king.

Just then the trumpets sounded. The prince had arrived! The nobles straightened up as the enormous heavy oak doors swung open and the prince stepped onto the red carpet, head held up into the air and a passive expression on his face.

Many of the lords began to cast dirty looks at the prince when they thought no one was looking, but the prince saw it all. The prince was no older than thirteen winters, and yet he was to become king? Many people laughed at the thought. Yet here they were, ready to swear fealty to this child. It didn't rest well with many of the nobles. The peasants were happy - the boy had helped the serfs before in the past - but the nobles felt very differently.

The prince knew all of this, and he knew he would have to watch his back. He was going to be crowned king, though, and that was all that mattered right now. The boy walked towards the beautifully decorated throne. A choir of men sang with all the passion they could muster, which was a lot, as they loved this child with all their hearts. The Pope stood before the throne, along with a fellow priest of his. The Pope held a purple velvet cushion on which rested the crown, and the priest held a red velvet curtain which carried the scepter and sphere.

The prince reached the Pope and the priest and first took the scepter in his left hand and the sphere in his right. He then turned towards the lords, and the men all bowed before him, and the women curtsied, all the while thinking horrid thoughts about the prince.

Then, the Pope placed the crown on the boy's head. The nobles clapped and cheered. "All Hail King Richard! All Hail King Richard!" They repeated this over and over as the newly crowned king, Richard, stood there passively, watching the nobles pretend to love him. They do not love me. I will have to be very careful.

Until Richard could get rid of these pesky nobles, he'd have to smile and nod and pretend, as did the rich folk. It was all a matter of who felt safe first. Once one felt safe, the other could take them down easily. But Richard did not need to worry about that now. He needed to focus on his coronation. He was now the King, and he had a lot expected of him. He knew he'd live up to his mother's expectations, and his deceased father's as well. Richard would reign supreme. and he would control the entire world. He'd hold everyone and everything in the palm of his hand.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Great interpretation!

Anyone else?

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Anyone?

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Kriss (krisslee) | 5015 comments Mod
I intend to! I will try to write it tonight

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury maybe tonight or tomorrow night. Tomorrow is the last day of school so I have final crap to do XD

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Cool! Yah, I have house exams starting today. Uuuugh.

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Emily Ann | 78 comments So this is my story.

I'm tired, but so is the world. I hurt, but so does the world. I want to give up and so does the world.

I don't want to go back up, back to destroyed world. Back to my waiting mother, who always hopes. To my father, who knows not to. I don't want to see the sprawling expanse of rusted city or walk through its shadowed streets. To see the hungry faces torn by illness. I don't mind the older ones, they only look for food and warmth and know we can't give even that. It's the younger ones That I can't bare to see, they look out, not with begging but with a searching look. I don't know what they're searching for, a home, love, I just can't bare their eyes,round in too thin faces.

I trail my finger over the stone and push the button calling for a cage. I can't stay in here ether, not where the air is so dense not where I've associated the smell of sweat with death.I sigh and lean on the cold stone wall. Another one died today, he was a friend. Peter had been about the same age as me and like me his father had been disfigured by falling rocks and couldn't work anymore so we had gone in their place.

The cage rattled down slowly as if it wanted you to wait, wanted you to stay in this hole as long as possible. By the time it had finally come down five other men were waiting with me. We entered the cage it jerked then started its slow ride up. I stared at the walls as we went up. I could see the different layers of rock as clearly as I could imagine the different lives that had gone in to them.

When the cage finally rose out of the earth I was hit by the smells of the city. Somehow I always expected something fresh after I came up from the dead air of the mines but I was only always met by the smells of a rundown earth. I stood still while the other men flooded out and then stepped into my broken city.I walked around the patches of water on the ground and looked up.I saw the city shadowed and behind it I saw the setting sun. I had never paid any attention to the sky other then to see if it was day, but the sky caught my attention now. It was blue at the edges but in in the middle was the sun as it set. It cast the city into shadow and caused the pools of water at my feet to burst with a reflected fire. I stared at it long after the other men had gone and another group had risen from the ground. After they had pushed by me I looked around, no one else seemed to notice the sunset or the way it made the desolate land beautiful. It made me feel funny, The people on the news were always declaring that this was the end, that our world was falling apart and, to tell the truth, I felt the same. But how can the world be ending when there are still wonders like these, wonders that man can't take away. Wonders that man can't copy.

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Mad Books (madbook-addict) | 3 comments
All right, so... I think I followed the rules... opinions and comments welcome!

The Silence Specks Louder Than Words

"The rain falls in a pattern unknown to man, as the world runs… fast, slow, fast. Who are you my dear friend? I know you not, but there is something about you. Your walk? Your talk? I cannot tell. Do you see it? The dark, it lurks so close to me. It pushes closer and closer until it is upon my very soul, devouring everything in its wake. Oh stranger, you can't save me. Time is the only thing I have left. Time, It never goes faster or slower, the only consistence thing in my life. One day it will run out, but time will have no pain. It will simple fill the whole with something new. And my replacement will be given time to be better than me, then their time too will run out. Maybe they'll be better than me, or maybe time will wish I was back, wish they gave me more; more love, time, faith; hope. Will you, dear stranger, wish I was back?"

Her eyes grew, then shrank; and she gave a cry of pain and need. Then she let go... Letting the dark and cold take her. The things I left unsaid will forever haunt me. My life now left cold and fragile. She was my everything... Now I am nothing and all I have is time.
My finger float over the keys, like music floats from the stereo not far away. I watch all the kids play in the street, and cars go by. No-one ever stops by to say hi. But really does it matter? Time is the dictator of live and death. We wait and wait for something to tell us we are wrong. But we aren't. We are right and so many never know that we are, time takes them before they get the chance to know. Maybe it's my time to die and see what it like? They say curiosity killed the cat, well it also killed the man lost to fear and loneliness. Oh time, I wonder, is it my time. The lonely man's thoughts filled the pages of his unfinished works of art.

The man who lived alone, with only time, writing and wondering if his time was up. Looked at himself one last time, nodded his head.... His faith, hope, love, and time covered the walls. The man who thought he was alone.
The man who watch his loved one die, has now gone to see the other side. Curiosity did kill the man.
The nurses filled the room, looking to see that little old woman who's heart had long stopped, opened her eyes to see the world again. Now that little old woman who thought no one knew, waited to see that old stranger she loved so much. But no one waited. With on-one to love and no one to hold, she laid in bed for the next week then her old heart gave out again. But this time her children had her last request, written in a letter addressed to them.

“Time is all there is, I told you all once. But my children I lied. Over the mountain of time and under the spring of life, is love. Children even when my time runs out, and my spring dries up. My love will still be there. My children who think they know. My children who wish and hope. I've lived, I’ve died and soon I'll go to the place they say is unknown. But I know were the rain comes from and where we go in the after.... Tell your father of my love. Remember time is what guides us, but love is what pushes us to move forward.”

The father and his children sat crying to the letter from their dear mother. The father with blood-shot eyes weeped into the last thing of his wife's.

The family sit around never knowing the man who shot himself. But that little old lady remembered him for way back when.

(The paradox of time, love and people)

Anastacia *gaining love* Asbury

there's my song...Don't hate me XD

A House Among the Stars

Gidget laid on the roof of the house her and several friends bought. She did this often and it drove a few of her friends nuts. She was the star girl.
The night sky seemed to be alive. The stars twinkled in Morse Code sending messages to the people of Earth. Messages from the ones they loved that they weren't with anymore.
Gidget's wanted her to come home.
Gidget couldn't remember her family, or much of her past for that matter. She woke up in desert one night with her pet dog Cadean. It had always been her and Cadean until she met her friend Karma, who let Gidget stay with her.
Gidget was always happy at night. She loved the stars and she could tell the stars loved her back. There was something about that stars that she had a connection to. Karm could be a witness to the wonders that Gidget could do when the tars were out.
Karma thought it was creepy, but interesting.
Gidget was convinced she was an alien whose home was in the stars.
There was a sound and Gidget looked up. She noticed her friend Victor. His bright red hair glinted in the moon light. He smiled at her but then laid down on the roof. Gidget laid back down.
They laid there for about another half hour. The wind blew making Gidget's long black hair dance in the wind. The howling of the dogs around, including Cadean, filled the night air. Slowly the twinkling of the stars dimmed down and stopped.
"Wanna go back inside? It's getting kinda cold," Victor commented.
Gidget pushed herself up. "Sure I guess," she said. She smiled small up at the stars. "Night!"
The two got off the roof and went inside.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) I'm so sorry guys! I've been very busy since I'm going to China on Friday. I promise to judge tonight if my hands get on the laptop, okay? Thanks for the patience.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Turns out I'm busier than expected. So sorry guys. It's either tomorrow on Sunday or later.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) I forgot how YouTube was blocked in China so I will have to go with the most well written. We're having trouble finding a Proxy. Ooops.....

Greetings from China!!

And, the winner......
*Kazoos and balloons!*
Despite a few grammatical errors, I have to say, Steele's story was very descriptive and well written. She may judge the next contest or choose someone else.

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