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message 1: by Rachmi (new)

Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments This is the cover of The Silmarillion illustrated edition. Illustrated by Ted Nasmith, it's called White Ships From Valinor.


message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary Catelli | 43 comments Illustrating Tolkien is always awkward, because of the scale of what he writes about.

message 3: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Garrett (Heidi_g) | 218 comments I love this picture:) It's definitely "enchanting" :)

Mary, have you checked out the article Rachmi linked to in the general thread? It sounds like Tolkien would agree with you;) But seems he did have some preferences for the visual depiction of his world as well!

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Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments Agree, Heidi. It's enchanting. I'll post Ted Nasmith other illustrations of Silmarillion later. Each chapter has its own illustration.

I think it's quite hard to illustrate Tolkien books because of his stories and the way his writes. But I still love to know and see all those illustration. And since I have this The Silmarillion edition, I can say that it's beautiful. I don't know whether Tolkien will approve of Ted Nasmith, though :)

It's just nice knowing the illustrators/the artists that he approved of and the one that he didn't like. I'm happy to find that link.

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Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments Sorry I've been MIA for a whole month. But now I'm here and hopefully I can post many awesome illustrations for The Silmarillion.

So here they are, still from Ted Nasmith, for each chapter of The Silmarillion we've already read so far.

Ainulindale. It's called The Sea.

Chapter 1. Of the Beginning of Days.

I love the color Nasmith used in this illustration. The yellow (brown?) and green look contradict each other but somehow mix them in a good way. The illustration is called Illuin: Lamp of the Valar.

Chapter 2. Of Aulë and Yavanna. It's called Aulë Prepares to Destroy His Children.

While I don't have any exact image of Aulë, I never pictured him this way. I don't know, maybe because he reminds me of Prometheus I think he'll be more like Greek god to me.

Chapter 3. Of the Coming of the Elves and the Captivity of Melkor. The illustration is called At Lake Cuiviénen.

Chapter 4. Of Thingol and Melian. There is no illustration in this chapter. Maybe because it's a short chapter? I'm not sure, though.

Chapter 5. Of Eldaman and the Princes of Eldalie. The title is The Light of Valinor on the Western Sea.

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Heidi Garrett (Heidi_g) | 218 comments Rachmi wrote: "Sorry I've been MIA for a whole month. But now I'm here and hopefully I can post many awesome illustrations for The Silmarillion.

So here they are, still from Ted Nasmith, for each chapter of The ..."

Wow! These are amazing! Thanks so much for posting all of them. My favorites are The Sea and The Light of Valinor. They both have a mystical quality to them that I love.

I never envisioned Aulë that way either. It is an interesting interpretation. This looks like it is a really beautiful book. Is it the edition you're reading?

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Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments Yes, it's the edition I have. I rarely use it though. I mean, when we started our Silmarillion buddy reading, I thought I'll read both edition, Indonesian and English, back to back.

But it's quite hard to do it :) because 1) there is no way I carry the English edition around with me everywhere since it's quite heavy, 2) I still find it's hard to read, you know, what with the writing and the vocabulary I'm not familiar with. So I only need it whenever I doubt the translation in Indonesian edition or there is thing that unclear for me, just like the one I told you about Ungoliant in Silmarillion thread.

Here's my Silmarillion, look at how different the size between the English edition (at the bottom) and the Indonesian one (at the top) :D


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Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments From the Illustration edition by Ted Nasmith, there is no illustration from chapter 6 (Of Feanor and the Unchaining of Melkor) to chapter 8 (Of the Darkening of Valinor). It's a bit disappointing since I really want to see how Nasmith interpret Ungoliant and Melkor.

But then I did a bit searching in the internet, and find very beautiful illustrations by Alan Lee and John Howe. If you recall, they are the concept artists for both the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit the movies by Peter Jackson.

So here they are (I posted only the one that are still related with previous chapters of Silmarillion that we have read):

The Killing of the Trees by John Howe


I think this is from chapter 8. It looks like the tree that sucked up by Ungoliant. Ungoliant is quite creepy here, never imagine her with those skulls attached to her body. And I love the color of the tree.

Ulmo, Lord of the Waters by John Howe


I don't know why but he looks morel like Odin to me :D

Earendil's Ship by John Howe


The ship looks a bit like the one Galadriel, Celeborn, Gandalf, Bilbo and Frodo use to Undying Land at the end of the Return of the King the movie, no?

Eärendil the Mariner by John Howe


Melkor Calls Forth Ungoliantë by John Howe


Lúthien Tinúviel by Alan Lee


Aside Alan Lee and John Howe, I found Ungoliant illustration that I really like in DevianArt website.

It's called Ungoliant and Melkor by helgecbalzer


I think it's stunning. I can feel how dark and creepy Ungoliant is. As for Melkor, as much as it's awesome I think I still prefer the one by John Howe :)

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Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments Another stunning Ungoliant & Melkor illustration I found in DevianArt website


Ungoliant here really creeps me out! According to the illustrator, Peter Jackson really liked this picture and so it's in Behind the Scene of The Hobbit 2 DVD and BluRay. I think it's kinda cool though I'm not that interested to buy those The Hobbit movies DVD/BluRay :D

message 10: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Garrett (Heidi_g) | 218 comments Rachmi, thank you for adding this great pictures! I can really see the stylization between these images and the way the characters were artistically developed for the films. Especially, in the picture of The Killing of the Trees you see the Nazgûl-like character. I also love the Lúthien Tinúviel image. And that last photo of Ungoliant is the most creepy! Yeah ... won't be buying any more Hobbit DVDS. I think we have the first one ... bought that before ... well ... you know!

message 11: by Rachmi (new)

Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments Hahaha high five! We sound like we're traumatized by The Hobbit films :D

There is talk that PJ will make Silmarillion film. I'm not sure I want it to happen, not after The Hobbit. I think it's best left alone from cinematic adaptation now. So I'm glad Christopher Tolkien is still determine to not sell it's right.

message 12: by Rachmi (new)

Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments *it's not it's :D

message 13: by Rachmi (new)

Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments damn autocorrect! it's supposed to be its not it's

message 14: by Wita (new)

Wita (ofwita_Odyssey) | 40 comments I'm a biggest fan of Ted Nasmith for Silmarillion illustration. He's got that beautiful landscape style.
I wonder if he ever portrayed 'stand-alone' of one character in the Silmarillion for his artwork. I've been looking for this, kinda an ID picture. And I haven't got any of it until now.

message 15: by Rachmi (new)

Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments I'm afraid I don't understand by stand-alone illustrations of one the the characters. Do you mean that whether Nasmith illustrates one of each character in TS? If it is what you mean the answer is there are only two characters that are portrayed as their own. Aulë and Ulmo.

There are 45 illustrations in TS illustration edition by Ted Nasmith. But Aulë and Ulmo that are stand-alone (?) The rest is just like you said, most portrayed the landscape and/or from some scene from the story. You can see Aulë in the pic above, it's called Aulë Prepares to Destroy His Children. As for Ulmo is in chapter 23. That's why I haven't posted it yet. Ulmo by Nasmith is quite different from Ulmo by John Howe. I cannot wait to show it to you. But now, as we already know who he is, maybe it's better if I post it sooner than later :)

message 16: by Rachmi (new)

Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments But then again, both pictures of Ulmo and Aulë are from the scene in the story too. So I don't think it's a stand-alone?

message 17: by Wita (new)

Wita (ofwita_Odyssey) | 40 comments Stand-alone means a self-portrait picture. Sorry, for confusing words :)

For Ulmo and Aule pictures, I don't think it's self-portrait picture, it's a scene picture.

message 18: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Garrett (Heidi_g) | 218 comments Traumatized by The Hobbit films for sure;) I didn't know Jackson wants to do Silmarillion. But I agree, good for Christopher Tolkien to hold off after devastating ... insulting? adaptation of The Hobbit:(

message 19: by Wita (new)

Wita (ofwita_Odyssey) | 40 comments I'm not really sure if PJ wants to do Silmarillion. It's about public opinion. They see he already made LotR and TH. Although he wasn't in TH in the first place. So, they assume Silmarillion will be the next PJ's project.

Yep, couldn't agree more for TH. It's more like fan fiction movie. But I love their cast squad compare to lotr trilogy.

message 20: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Garrett (Heidi_g) | 218 comments Do you mean you like the cast in TH more than Lotr? I'm just so swoony for Aragorn:) I have always liked Viggo Mortensen and thought he was awesome;) Actually, I thought everyone was well cast. But maybe I'm just biased, lol. I really liked the first Hobbit movie, like really liked it. Then the second one, I was like, uhmmmm ... but the third one, it was like ... huh? Then despair, lol.

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Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments Couldn't agree more with the amazing cast for LoTR! Before FoTR released I only knew some of them, while some others have no idea at all, but then watched the movie and feel like they were born to do their characters. There's no one who can play Aragorn like Viggo Mortensen! or Gandalf like Ian McKellen or every cast in the movies.

As for TH cast, I'm not so sure I love it more than LoTR cast, but then again, maybe it's because I don't quite like the way PJ delivered the movies, or maybe because it feels like a fan fiction movie, with virtual/reality game-like feeling in most of the movies, I don't know :) So maybe I'm biased too?

I forgot where I read, but PJ once said that he's interested in making The Silmarillion into the movie. It leads a speculation he tried to buy its right but Christopher Tolkien insists to not give it to him or any one really. And there's a short video in PJ's Facebook last year, when he announced that he'll do one of Doctor Who's episodes there's a The Silmarillion on his table in front of the camera, that leads the talking that he'll do it for real, but again The Tolkien Estate said that its right is still in their hand.

I don't know whether it's just a matter of public opinion or if it's only the newspaper speculation, one think for sure (for me) I agree with Christopher Tolkien, I'm not ready to watch The Silmarillion in the movie(s). So it's best it's in my imagination for now.

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Wita (ofwita_Odyssey) | 40 comments Hmm... I wonder if PJ could make The Hobbit at least have a 'similar' quality as he did in LotR at that time. Or considered he was kinda a 'caretaker' of doing this movie, I expected the movie was just OK. But he didn't, sorry PJ. Do not expect TH as an epic movie as LotR did. But still, my vote goes to TH cast team for doing a great job and I really love this squad so much rather than LotR. Though I totally disapprove of Tauriel existence for being there, sorry Evangeline Lily! (BTS of Tauriel which probably you haven't heard before: Peter Jackson met Evangeline Lilly after he finished filming the first Middle Earth trilogy and liked her so much that he promised to include her in J.R.R. Tolkien’s other stories, should they be made into film. When they started filming the Hobbit, Lilly received a phone call from Jackson stating that he created the character of Tauriel specifically for her. She was a huge fan of Tolkien’s books growing up).

Sure, you can say because LotR trilogy are such 'massive' successful movie so the credit goes to its cast. Whilst, TH cast team somehow received less 'appreciation' of their spot because apparently TH failed to live up the epic as the way LotR did. In TH, PJ has a number of artists were based on stage actor/as stage actor. I always give more credits for those kind of actors and I admire them. PJ could've done more for TH with those such talented actors.

Some say that great actors don't always bring the best for the movie. But in this TH case, they absolutely have done their very best to 'save' the movie, to make it worth to watch though somehow it ain't enough as we knew how the result was.

As for the Silmarillion movie issue. No doubts that now it's the era where books are made to movies, any kind of book types or genres. That once just has been living in our imagination or fantasy comes alive. It's an inevitable progress and hopefully both sides gathered lots of 'benefits'. That's how the 'industry' goes, right? But unfortunately, somehow the 'industry' itself has caused a lot of troubles.

And it's another thing when it comes to our preferences for liking the movie or not. I love to watch this kind of movie and see how it works. To appreciate this kind of movie, pay attention to the words 'an adaptation' movie. Realize that the perspective from the filmmaker may vary and that's not included when the 'industry' is started to take apart (or should I say 'control'? *eh). You'll find some 'adjustments' or 'improvement' of this matter from the movie. Some got its fame, some just failed and it hurts. LoTR and TH is perfect example for this 'treatment'.

That's why many believe to keep Tolkien masterpiece; The Silmarillion, stays safe in the book and of course, the copyright itself is on 'the right hand' now. Yet somehow, I still can feel that The Silmarillion will come alive whether I like it or not, maybe not in a near future... but who knows?

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Mary Catelli | 43 comments Wita wrote: "because apparently TH failed to live up the epic as the way LotR did..."

Hobbit was not an epic. It was, in fact, a very different genre from Lord of the Rings. Therefore, the "epic" was Jackson trying to force it into the mold of the other story.

message 24: by Wita (new)

Wita (ofwita_Odyssey) | 40 comments Oops..apparently I was wrong to put the right words so it has the different meaning. It was supposed to be 'the epic LotR' and it doesn't refer to TH at all. Sorry for my BAD English, Mary^_^.. And thank you for the enlightenment .

message 25: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Garrett (Heidi_g) | 218 comments Rachmi wrote: "There's no one who can play Aragorn like Viggo Mortensen! ..."

hehe, not many make me swoony but Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn ... always!!!!

Wita, yes, adaptation, and I love the LotR as I find the editing and revising of Tolkien's original work by the screenwriters in that regard AMAZING!!! However, For TH they ADDED so much that just, for me, made it a different story, thus they lost the essence of TH where as the adaptation of LotR was actually an improvement in many ways, and certainly an improvement when it came to creating a visual creation.

What was so awful to me of TH was in the third movie, it was like they tried to make a mini-LotR, if you look at the screenplay it follows that arc and ugh, we all ready saw that in LotR and loved it, we don't need it cut-and-pasted in the last Hobbit movie!

What was so sad to me was, as Mary, said TH and LotR were completely different styles of stories. Tolkien went through much thinking between the two and what the purpose of Faerie-Stories should be, thus the essay he wrote on Faerie-Stories between the two works. So, what is so sad to me, is that PJ was unfaithful to the essence of TH, where he was so faithful to the essence of LotR. I see it as he tried to make TH LotR and that was just a really poor choice.

I loved the first Hobbit movie, a lot. The adaptation was brilliant. But OMG ... what a down-ward spiral ...

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Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments I agree with Mary (and Heidi too). LoTR and The Hobbit is completely different books. Yes, both are fantasy, but they are in their own league. I mean, The Hobbit is a children book in the first place. It's all fun and much simple. While LOTR is I guess intended to older readers with darker theme. For me, comparing LOTR and The Hobbit is like describing LOTR and Harry Potter to my friends who haven't read both books. They are both epic fantasy (in genre) but they are so different I don't think it's fair to compare them both.

So to say the least, PJ (in my opinion) shouldn't put them both in the same style. He's just trying too hard to make The Hobbit the same as LOTR while I see it's completely different. And the fact that he wants audiences who don't read the books know that The Hobbit is the prequel of LOTR while it's a direct prequel, made him dig (and stretch) The Hobbit too much it lost its essence, just like Heidi said.

For example, my friends who don't read the books, asked me whether it is Aragorn Thranduil and Legolas are talking about at the end of the third movie. PJ implied it is Aragorn while we readers know that Aragorn is just a baby when The Hobbit takes place! I found it's quite hard to answer the question, because not only I have to tell different theme between The Hobbit and LOTR, but also about how Tolkien wrote them both in the first place. I think it's important to know the way he wrote both books, once I know it, I understand the essence of both books easier. And it's just brilliant the way he wrote The Hobbit and then LOTR (because fans wanted the sequel) while at the same time he said that The Hobbit that he wrote first is just Bilbo lying the whole time. Thus LOTR born. It's amazing, isn't it?

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Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments So since we've finished chapter 9, Of The Flight of The Noldor and chapter 10, Of The Sindar let's continue to the illustration for both chapters.

In The Silmarillion illustration edition by Ted Nasmith, there are two illustration for chapter 9. Here they are:


It's called The Ships of the Teleri Drawn by Swans. Look at the colors and the ships! It's beautiful. I think it's my favorite pic (from Ted Nasmith in Silmarillion) so far.

The other illustration is


As much as it fits with the story well, I'm not a fan of it. I think it looks a bit like a snake? And I don't like snake at.all :D

There is no illustration for chapter 10. But I'll try to search from other artists later. Who knows, maybe they have illustrations that fits with chapter 10.

message 28: by Heidi (last edited Aug 01, 2016 09:52AM) (new)

Heidi Garrett (Heidi_g) | 218 comments Rachmi wrote: " And it's just brilliant the way he wrote The Hobbit and then LOTR (because fans wanted the sequel) while at the same time he said that The Hobbit that he wrote first is just Bilbo lying the whole time. Thus LOTR born. It's amazing, isn't it?."


Ooh, I have to say I love The Ships Drawn by Teleri Swans too. The picture captures the "inner light" those ships might have. Perfect:)

The second is interesting. That's Feanor leading the Noldor's who are following him?

As always, thank you for posting these, they add so much!

message 29: by Wita (new)

Wita (ofwita_Odyssey) | 40 comments Why I feel like I'm the who against the world here hehe.. Let me get things clear. When I said I love TH cast TEAM more than LotR, my PoV is based on nothing but only appreciating their works. With such those talented actors, PJ could've done more with TH. As for the books and the adaptation movie reviews, I'm with you guys. Your reviews are the best than mine!

message 30: by Wita (new)

Wita (ofwita_Odyssey) | 40 comments The 1st picture is also known as The First Kinslaying who led by Feanor and his sons.

And for the 2nd picture, it was Fingolfin who led the journey to Middle-Earth.

message 31: by Rachmi (new)

Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments Wita wrote: "Why I feel like I'm the who against the world here hehe.. Let me get things clear. When I said I love TH cast TEAM more than LotR, my PoV is based on nothing but only appreciating their works. With..."

Hey, don't feel bad! :) It's why we're discussing it, so we get to know what we thought about it and share it here.

And since English isn't our native language, I get sometimes (most of the times?) we feel like lost in translation or chose the wrong word to describe our thoughts. So I feel you :D

message 32: by Rachmi (new)

Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments Heidi wrote: "Rachmi wrote: " And it's just brilliant the way he wrote The Hobbit and then LOTR (because fans wanted the sequel) while at the same time he said that The Hobbit that he wrote first is just Bilbo l..."

Wita was right, the second pic is about Fingolfin and his kin. It's when he led his kin through the bad winter to Middle-earth, after he found out that Feanor abandoned them.

message 33: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Garrett (Heidi_g) | 218 comments Hey:) Wita, I appreciate your point about the cast of actors themselves. I think I finally got what you're saying!

Okay, Fingolfin ... thank you:)

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Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments Illustration by Ted Nasmith for chapter 11, The Sun and The Moon and The Hiding of Valinor is called The First Dawn of The Sun


There is no illustration for chapter 12 from Ted Nasmith, though.

Below is an illustration from John Howe. Since the title is The Hubris of Great of Men, I think it can be for chapter 12 :)


I also love this sketch of Melkor by John Howe.


I think it can also be a portrait of Melkor. Wita, what do you think? Is it a portrait you asked about, two months ago?

message 35: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Garrett (Heidi_g) | 218 comments Love love love The First Dawn of the Sun. Those colors are quite gorgeous:)

Haha! I like that: The Hubris of Great Men with the birth of men;)

That sketch of Melkor really captures his overarching influence, yeah?

Thanks, Rachmi, as always for posting these. They add so much to the group and reading experience.

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Wita (ofwita_Odyssey) | 40 comments It's almost close but that's fine. Thank you :)

message 37: by Wita (new)

Wita (ofwita_Odyssey) | 40 comments Chapter. 13

Caranthir, the quick anger.

"Yea more!" by Catharine Karina Chmiel || Kasiopea.Art

Can you guess, who's sitting beside Caranthir? That facepalm, though.. :)

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Wita (ofwita_Odyssey) | 40 comments I didn't attend the discussion on previous chapters. So, I think I just wanna share some pictures that I feel still relate to the story.

Chapter. 11

Creation of Sun and Moon by zdrava || Deviant Art

Trivia: Varda's original purpose was to place the sun and the moon in the sky together, but Estë and Irmo spoke against it, having instead the moon follow the sun. — via realms.of.arda, Instagram

Arien and Tilion by velamir || Deviant Art

Trivia: In 'The Man in The Moon Stayed up too Late' a song by Bilbo, it is said that because of Tilion's love for Arien he sought her out one day but came to close to the heat of the sun that the moon become scarred. — via realms.of.arda, Instagram

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Wita (ofwita_Odyssey) | 40 comments Chapter 9.
And how come you did not share this legendary scene... :)

The Oath of Fëanor by Jenny Dolfen || Goldseven

The lost on Fingolfin's in Helcaraxe...

Helcaraxe - Death of Elenwe by Ladyoftheflower || Deviant Art

It's Turgon and Idril..

message 40: by Rachmi (new)

Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments That facepalm reminds me of Boromir in The Fellowship of The Ring movie :D

I love the picture of The Oath of Fëanor by Jenny Dolfen, as for Arien and Tilion by velamir I wonder what the artist used to make the colors look that way. It's amazing.

Thanks for the pictures, Wita. Keep posting! I'm looking forward to seeing more :)

And now I remember that I haven't posted myself :P Will do it later.

message 41: by Wita (new)

Wita (ofwita_Odyssey) | 40 comments Chapter 10.

Since we've reached and finished reading chapter 13, you must have noticed that there was a Second Battle; Dagor-nuin-Giliath, happened in Beleriand. Now, have you ever wondered where's the story of the First Battle before? What's the name? Did it mention before on previous chapters? Because that's what I felt when I was reading this part. I had to look on the last page to find some information about it and also opened the pages of the previous chapters. But I couldn't find it. Not even on this chapter; chapter 10, where it tells the story of Sindar elves including their king, Thingol. What about you? Did you guys feel the same or did you just miss it?.... :)

King of Doriath by EKukanova || Deviant Art

It's King Thingol and his chief captain, Mablung.

Trivia: In J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional Middle-earth, the First Battle of Beleriand is the first battle of the Wars of Beleriand, fought by the Sindarin Elves, led by Elu Thingol, King of Doriath and Lord of Beleriand, against the armies of Morgoth, the Great Enemy, the Dark Lord. — via Wikipedia

And now the beautiful queen, Melian. I think she's the one and only queen that we have (exists) amongst the Kingdoms in Beleriand in FA.

Making the Girdle of Melian by steamey || Deviant Art

message 42: by Wita (new)

Wita (ofwita_Odyssey) | 40 comments Kak Rach,
Haha.. I remember that one too! I miss Boromir!!

You're welcome and glad you like it. I really don't know how these artists do it. Is it manually or by using software? All I know is they've done a great work!

Looking forward to see what you've got, Kak!^_^

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Wita (ofwita_Odyssey) | 40 comments Chapter 13. - extended

OK, here's finally Feanor... :)

Feanor's Last Stand by SpartanK42 || Deviant Art

Feanor VS Gothmog, Lord of Balrogs by bobgreyvenstein || Deviant Art

And some notable scenes from other characters as well...

Fingon rescues Maedhros by rinthcog || Deviant Art

Embassy by Filat || Deviant Art

It's Angrod on his way to Doriath.

Ulmo, Finrod and Turgon by dakkun39 || Tumblr

It's the scene when Finrod and Turgon were given a dream from Ulmo.

message 44: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Garrett (Heidi_g) | 218 comments Wita,

You figured out how to post pics from mobile device?!?!?!?!

All of these are just awesome!

My two favorites: King of Doriath by EKukanova || Deviant Art and Feanor's Last Stand by SpartanK42 || Deviant Art (love the approaching Balrogs, hehe!)

Wow! Thank you, Wita. These add so much to the group! But did anyone answer about the face palm? Who is that?!?!?!

message 45: by Wita (new)

Wita (ofwita_Odyssey) | 40 comments Heidi,

Yep, I finally figured out how to post those pics from mobile device and actually, it's so easy! lol .. Thanks to you, kak Rach!

Of course, those Silmarillion-Tolkien fan art are always amazing. Glad you like it, Heidi!

Idk about you guys if somehow you're not so interested with this threads but to me all these illustrations are really matter. I get more connected with the story, enriched my knowledge about this whole Silmarillion world including its extended story and what I like the best is they're still genuine, not affected by any preferences, such as refer to the movie scenes as LoTR and The Hobbit fan art did. In fact, talking about the illustrations (Tolkien fan art in general), many Tolkien fandom on social media use these artwork to deliver the story and their followers get more interested and more connected with the story that relate to Tolkien books especially for the young generation today in order to fulfill their curiosity about Tolkien books.

So in this case, I just hope that I'll see more member of this group giving their appreciation to these talented-artists artwork. OK then, maybe I'll see you guys around? ...

Hmm.. about the face palm, I'm afraid they didn't answer my question, Heidi. Poor me! :(
And so as the adding story about Fingolfin's youngest son didn't catch the attention either if you've noticed before because now it's been deleted from the threads.

Now, about the answer of the "Yea more!" picture:
1. On the left side: of course it's Caranthir..
2. In the middle: it's Caranthir's big brother, Maedhros. If you still remember the lines in the book "Maedhros did rebuked Caranthir...", that was exactly what he did; Maedhros, after 'Yea more!' scene and Catherine Karina Chmiel, the artist, also did the illustration for this scene too.
3. On the right side a.k.a the face palm: Amongst Feanor's sons that literally have a 'bad temper' there's only one who has calm personality and a good heart (you'll find it on the next following chapters). So yeah, it's Maglor! Poor Maglor! He just didn't want to get more troubles with his brother was doing.

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Wita (ofwita_Odyssey) | 40 comments A. Chapter 15.

Gondolin by Atriedes || Deviant Art

Nargothrond by jonathanguzi || Deviant Art

Galadriel and Melian by sassynails || Deviant Art

I love their dresses. Somehow they remind me of one of those Batik's pattern, don't you think Kak Rach? :)

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Wita (ofwita_Odyssey) | 40 comments Chapter 16.

Gondolin by digital-fantasy || Deviant Art

It's Gondolin, the Hidden City of Turgon and Aredhel, leaving his realm.

Nan Dungortheb - Evil in Arda by Ladyoftheflower || Deviant Art

As the book said, there were three lords as the escorts that King Turgon sent to accompany Aredhel on her visit to Feanor's sons. They were from some of these Twelve Houses of Gondolin; Ecthelion-Lord of the House of the Fountain, Glorfindel-Lord of the House of the Golden Flower and Egalmoth-Lord of the House of the Heavenly Arch. I wonder why didn't Aredhel could just fall in love with one of these three gorgeous lords ... but wait, are they still single?

Destiny by EKukanova || Deviant Art

It's Aredhel and Eol

Eol and Maeglin by Maria and Elena Gubina || Rolozo Tolkien

It's Eol and Maeglin visited the dwarf cities and learned metalwork.

The Death of Aredhel by Liga-Klavina (liga-marta) || Tolkien Gateway

Eöl is Led to the Walls by Ted Nasmith || Official Website

Maeglin Lomion, Lord of the Mole by annamare || Deviant Art

Maeglin was one of the Lords of the Twelve Houses of Gondolin. He's holding a mole and the black sword Anguirel that he stole from his father.

Idril and Maeglin by Catherine Karina Chmiel || Tolkien Gateway

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Heidi Garrett (Heidi_g) | 218 comments Wita, wow. These are all lovely.

Hmmm ... my favorite may be the eagles with Gondolin in the background. Those eagles are so fierce!

But Nargothrond is very eerie and beautiful ...

And Nan Gundgortheb ... very cool!

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Wita (ofwita_Odyssey) | 40 comments Heidi, thank you so much! It's always great to see someone shows their interest and give an appreciation to these Tolkien fan art.

Btw, I've added some more pictures for chapter 16. Apparently, I didn't recheck on how many pictures that I posted for chapter 16, it should be more than three pictures. Sorry..

Kak Rach, I posted your Ted Nasmith illustration on chapter 16 because I couldn't find a better picture as mentioned above. Is that okay? :)

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Rachmi (looprevilred) | 180 comments Wita wrote: "Heidi,

Yep, I finally figured out how to post those pics from mobile device and actually, it's so easy! lol .. Thanks to you, kak Rach!

Of course, those Silmarillion-Tolkien fan art are always a..."

Couldn't agree more, Wita! I love illustration too. It's surely adding my reading experience. I just don't realize how big Tolkien fan art in DevianArt is. I seldom saw DevianArt website, but that illustration of Gondolin by Atriedes kind of familiar to me. I know I've seen similar illustration somewhere. I forgot where I saw it, though.

And I love the one with Melian and Galadriel. You're right those dresses have Batik pattern. Love it!

Kak Rach, I posted your Ted Nasmith illustration on chapter 16 because I couldn't find a better picture as mentioned above. Is that okay? :)

That's okay. I love this picture. When I read chapter 16, somehow I'm kind of afraid for Eol, Lol.

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