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Kody?! Help me out here please!

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Christine ok so in Styxx in the end doesn't he and his wife have another kid? Is that Kody? If so is that how she is related to everyone? And when does Simi get married? Someone help me out so lost....

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Book-bean a lot of those things happen in the future so in the current books, it hasn't gotten there yet.

Christine right I get that but i'm trying to figure out if it lines up with her other series the dark hunters series and the last installment they talk about styx and i believe her name is bet'anya i wasn't sure if they have a kid at the end and if thats her

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Book-bean I'm sure in the next book more will be revealed. Otherwise u just going to keep putting ur head in circles hahaa

Dhfan4life Yes Styxx and Beth have another kid. But that second child is Kody's second brother Aricles Galen. Kody is born several years after Ari is married anyway. And yea Simi is married much farther in the future. The CON books aren't quite caught up yet with merging back into the main one yet. Til like 6 more books along the way til we reach Nick's adult book. And given that Kody is Styxx's child and theoretically Ash's niece, I would imagine for a time his relatives and kids would still be around for Kody to have met and grew up with them. Albeit never meeting Ash cause he was already taken out by that point in time.

Christine ok thanks. See that's what I was trying to figure out cause I got in the Dark Hunter series first and then the CON series was recommended to me and I love it I really hope they can change the future so that he doesn't become Ambrose Malachi. Nick knows Simi is basically Ash's daughter in the CON series correct?

Dhfan4life Yep I have read the DH books first(which I think is definitely recommended for newbies of CON, so it will make any lick of sense). And then once I started reading the first CON book and how it read (and honest opinion here), kind of ass backwards to me, lol. I figured things had to be in an alternate world and think of them as separate entities that loosely relate for now.

In regards to Nick knowing Simi is Ash's daughter. I don't believe he does. But like earlier on in book 1 or two or whichever one young Nick first meets Simi. Ambrose/future self warns him not to get romantic with her. That she is a great person and a even greater ally. But think of her strictly as a sister or something like that.

Christine ok yeah your right. About the ass backwards thing i wonder if with Ambrose coming back and him trying to change the future does that alter the one in the DH series to if that makes sense i hate i have to wait till 2015 for the CON book and the DH one is taking forever lol

Dhfan4life All I can say to that is we definitely shall see. Cause the CON books are for sure a many times tried version of the future Nick trying to save his bacon. So all kinds of the old rules are being thrown out the window. And although the two series won't merge for a while I think they are chugging along accordingly though. Given that the next book is about Cadgen and I think there was some stuff in a Dark Bites short story about him too. Side note are you a member of the Kenyon Menyons group? If not swing by we are discussing all kinds of theories and such there as well. Heck even found out a major plot twist to things in regards to Braith and Apollymi.

Christine what! no lol is it on here?

Dhfan4life Haha yea the group is on here. Here's the link and I'm actually a mod over there. :)

Christine oh thank you thank you sooo much!!! :)

Dhfan4life No problem. :)

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