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The May Readalong subject will be the Zodiac Killer . Thank you to everyone who participated in the polls. It's great to see so many votes !

The way our discussion will work is that you can choose any book , online info, etc to read about the case .

I'll post a separate thread for discussion and you can begin posting there as soon as you're ready . If your post contains spoilers, just put that at the beginning of your post in case someone else hasn't gotten as far into the story yet .

We'll have the discussion throughout May . I'll come in and post some added info , questions, etc throughout the month .

If this one goes well, we can post a new poll for the month of June and pick a new case to discuss .

I'll be posting some links below to some online info, etc if you want any background .

I'll also post several links to books on the subject. Feel free to read one or as many as you'd like . It's a very interesting case ,so should be a good one to discuss.

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All of the below links have spoilers, so if you have yet to read the book or don't know the background, you may want to wait and look at these afterwards . It's up to you either way . I just wanted to let you know :)

Wikipedia info :

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Crime Library -- Spoilers !


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Images (Google) Spoilers !


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Zodiac Killer Website, all about the case - Spoilers !


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FBI website about the Zodiac case - Spoilers !


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Thanks for the links, Kaye.

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