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message 1: by Abi (last edited May 04, 2014 07:06AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abi I'll give you a book/series and you need to tell me which character you would marry, which you would kill and which you would throw of a cliff.

I'll be giving a new book/series every week - and you must stick to the book/series of that week!

Extra brownie points if you tell me your reasons why!

To start with...Divergent

P.S - Try and keep your reasons why to things that happened in the first book 'Divergent' not the whole series, for the people who haven't read Insurgent or Alligent yet.

message 2: by Abi (last edited May 04, 2014 05:20AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abi I'll give you an example!

Marry: Four/Tobias {He's hot and cool and I just love him}
Kiss: Will {I really fancied him but he's dead now so...yeah
Cliff: Eric {The man is an asshole. End of.}

Anna Marry: Tobias(no need for explaining here)
Kiss: Uriah(he's adorable and I love him)
Cliff: Eric (he's horrible and disgusting)

Joanna Marry: Robert (he only had a tiny part, I know, but I just liked him)
Kiss: Uriah (gotta love him and I'd say he'd be a fair kisser)
Cliff: Eric (I alway hated him, but when he shot that kid in Insurgent i just)

Rachel Jackson Marry: Four ( he's hot and just such an amazing character , not to mention those eyes <4)
Kiss: Uriah ( he's funny, charming and just really cool :) )
Cliff: Peter ( he's an ass , I mean the Edward scene made me so mad )

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Abi Now - Harry Potter! (This can be any book in the series)

Sorry folks, but I'm banning Harry, Ron and Hermione. Well, you can put them but you must include another one as well. Bonus points for reasons why :)

Marry: Sirius or Bill (You can have two)
Kiss: Charlie
Cliff: Draco

Gandalfgrijs Marry: Lupin
Kiss: Fred (or George, can't imagine it makes much diference)
Cliff: Umbrigde

Andrea Tomé Marry: Sirius
Kiss: Fred
Cliff: Umbridge

Lillian marry: George
kiss: Sirius (I know that's weird but I feel like he would be a good kisser)
cliff: lucious malfoy

Elephant 22 Marry: Neville(Because Neville is just amazing)
Kiss: Fred (Because I've loved him from day one to day 2555)
Cliff: Hannah Abbot (for marrying Neville)

Sofia Marry: George (Because he's funny, cute and makes money)
Kiss: Neville (HE IS AMAZING)
Cliff: Umbridge ('Cuz she's a bitch)

message 12: by Abi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abi Sofia wrote: "Marry: George (Because he's funny, cute and makes money)
Kiss: Neville (HE IS AMAZING)
Cliff: Umbridge ('Cuz she's a bitch)"

The Umbridge part is just too true :)

Rose  Heartfilia Marry: Fred
Kiss: Sirius (We don't have that much of an age difference)
Cliff: Bellatrix

Eliza Marry: Neville because he's awesome
Kiss: Harry
Cliff: Vernon Dursley (because it wouldn't kill an evil wizard anyway)

Amphitrite Too late guys I am already married to Fred Weasley so back off

Grace Marry:Sirius.I love the way he cared so much for Harry, like a REAL father should.

Kiss: Fred. He's just so... Kissable. And maybe he would break out laughing in the middle...

Cliff: Umbridge. Torturing someone with t-the... the PEN, and the b-blood? I can't take it.

Felicia Marry: Cedric (cause he's dreamy and honorable)
Kiss: Dumbledore (because I want to see him blush)
Cliff: Voldemort obviously...

Autumn Marry: Dean; because he seems like a dependable kind of guy.
Kiss: Draco; because he's kind of good looking and has that whole bad boy-sensitive thing going on.
Cliff: Pettigrew. I'd cliff Voldemort but then there wouldn't be a story so....

Kirsty Marry: Harry (I'm sorry, but I can't exclude him- also I rhymed!)
2nd Marry (because I chose Harry and that's against the rules): Fred or George (because I love humour and laughter)
Kiss: Hagrid (because he deserves it!)
Cliff: Lockhart (he is so irritating and vein)

message 21: by TheBohemianBookworm (last edited Aug 13, 2014 08:49PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

TheBohemianBookworm Marry Severus Snape or Draco.
Kiss whichever one I don't marry.
Cliff Voldemort

message 22: by TheBohemianBookworm (last edited Aug 13, 2014 08:49PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

TheBohemianBookworm Kiss: Draco; because he's kind of good looking and has that whole bad boy-sensitive thing going on.

I like how you think. :)

Rachael Marry: Draco Malfoy. He's misunderstood and I feel I would be able to help him come to terms with and get over what he did. Plus, I kinda have a thing for guys with blond hair.
Kiss: Charlie Weasley because he doesn't get enough love/attention in the series.
Cliff: Umbridge. Quills that use your own blood as ink?! That's just evil.

message 24: by Izzy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Izzy Marry: George
Kiss: Cedric (he's brave)
Cliff: Lucious Malfoy (so evil and rude)

message 25: by Abi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abi Loving all of these so far!

Next category: The Infernal Devices (Please stick purely to this series, no crossing over to The Mortal Insruments)

Marry: Will Herondale - no explination needed
Kiss: Gideon Lightwood - he's a nice, dependable guy and I think we'd get along
Cliff: The Devil that 'cursed' Will - I know that a devil wouldn't be able to be killed just be throwing them off a cliff, but he made everyone's life a misery, even if you don't admit it.

Felicia Marry: Jem (James, because he's a sweetheart and very caring)
Kiss: Will (cause he has that mysterious allure)
Cliff: Lady Camille (because she is annoying and the story would be better without her)

Sofia Marry: Will (because he's everything I want in a husband)

Kiss: Magnus (just so that I could brag about having kissed Magnus Bane)

Kill: Mrs. Black/ Mrs. Dark. I would say Mortmain or the demon who "cursed" Will, but I feel like without them, there wouldn't be a story and Tessa and Will would never have met. The story would be good even without the Dark sisters, so I'd rather kill them. And they're annoying as fudge.

Susan Marry: Will (He loves books more than I do and that's what I want in a man)
Kiss: Jem (How can you NOT want to kiss him? He's beautiful and his story is so tragic.)
Cliff: Tessa's brother whose name I can't remember (He hurt her so bad, because of his gambling issues!)

HermioneGranger Marry: Will (He's infuriating, funny, hot, but he also has unexpected depth)
Kiss: Gideon (He started off kind of bratty, but then he turned out to be pretty awesome so yeah)
Cliff: Tessa's brother (I agree with the person above. He was just an all-around bad person, in my opinion. Like, you started off thinking he would be great but then he just turned around and backstabbed everybody. I hate him.)

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