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If you search online like with,, etc. search for "real ghost pictures". Then click the first one... yeah. It should say "Real Ghost Pictures-Image Result" and click that and you will get real ghost pictures. It is pretty cool. But... are you up to it?

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hahahaha jk jk

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[image error]

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The ghost is in the window on the right.

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Extra points for being a mod!

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why is it creepy? It is cool!

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i think post 8 & 10 are the scariest..

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I made this for the group photo:

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How do I make that a photo?

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for goodreads?

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It'd be easier if you made me mod. Just momentarily b/c I can put it on myself if you like.. But you don't have too. You know how you put your profile photo?

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You uploaded it right?

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Swim Master wrote: "for goodreads?"

Yes, instead of the ? on the home page of this group.

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Okay... I'll make you a mod.... temperarally.

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Done. I kicked myself off mod. :)

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THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO much! You are very, very honest!

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Lol I've already had a problem in one of my friends group's where she created the group and was trying to put me as mod and accidentally kicked herself off and added two other people and one was offline for awhile and the other thought it was hilarious reading how we were trying to get back as mods..

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Until we threatened to flag her..

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Stuff like that^^^ I know is fake.

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So I'm not saying I believe every photo or video..

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i understand

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You can usually tell when it's a prank though..

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and I don't believe in ghost orbs.

they can easily be specs of dust thrown in front of the camera.

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I always thought that those were so stupid. If you look at photos taken with old cameras almost all of them have the "ghost orbs"..

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Yup! It's really dumb.

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I love ghosts!!

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Me too... it's really interesting...

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I have a feeling message 8 might be a fake..

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me too...

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no- it isn't because I search it online. The picture just makes it look fake.

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I see dead people..........

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☼☼☼Greek Vampire Pixie☼☼☼ ~Wal-Mart~ wrote: "O_O

I see dead people.........."

Haha I liked that movie..

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That was a movie?

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