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James walked towards the lake muttering to himself, but because of the wind, it carried his words away and into the unknown. He reached up and ran his fingers through his brown hair and let out a sigh of frustration. His anger had yet to go away as he left his brother in the bookstore. It wasn't the fact that his brother chose to defend a friend than to believe family anymore, which was why he had left the bookstore in the first place, but now it was because he felt guilty for leaving him in a state that could cause him to go bezerk. His eyes trailed around then landed on a girl hunched over with a crow on her shoulder. "Are you alright?" He called as he jogged over, not knowing the reason she was hunched over. Once he saw the outline of the book, his heart fell. He was actually hoping for some action to keep his mind off of his brother.

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James raised and eyebrow then folded his arms over his chest and walked over, though he struggled because of the wind picking up by the minute. "What are you reading ?" He yelled above the wind and managed to stumble over then sit down next to the girl and looked at the book. His eyebrows furrowed his glanced at the girl who looked too young to be reading a hard spell. "What grade you in?" He asked, thankfully not having to yell as the wind died down ever so slightly. He almost forgot about the crow until it cawed and James jumped at the unexpected noise. He glanced at it warily from the corner of his eyes before returning his full attention on the girl as if trying to solve a puzzle, which James was never really good at.

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James looked at her with mild amusement. "If you stare any harder the book might catch on fire." He said teasingly then let out a humorless chuckle escape his lips. He stood up, then reached down and snatched the book away with a mock disappointment on his face. "Now, now young lady. You shouldn't be reading this, this is for the older children." He said trying to annoy her so she could actually get her mind of the damn thing. His cocked his head to the side as a smirk started to slowly form on his full lips. He took a couple of steps backward before turning to face the lake with a distant look in his eyes. His father had once told him, that when he was looking for horcoxes a doe had appeared on the frozen lake showing him, leading him to the sword of Godrick Griffyndor. A small smile replaced his smirk as he looked back on the memory. He remembered that Lily had still been a baby when their father told them this, Albus and James had also been quite young and had been sitting at Harry Potter's feet listening to his adventures

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James stared at he for a moment. "You know, you don't have to act like I'm your king or anything, it gets on my nerves." He murmured then opened the book and flipped through it. His eyes scanning each and every page, before snapping it close and handing it to the girl. "You can have it back- just don't over-work yourself, or you'll regret it." He murmured and turned to face her with a slither of concern in his dark brown eyes.

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"I mean- God damn it!" He muttered angrily and shoved his hands into his pockets. He glared at the girl intently then stared out at the lake. "This is hopeless." I'm hopeless. He thought to himself and then ran a hand through his hair, one out of many habits he had.

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"To cool off, get some fresh air. What brings you to the lake?" He replied before asking the same question the girl had asked him. Though it seemed rather obvious why she was here, with her books, her pet and being alone on top of that. Since she was reading on such an advanced spell, she was probably there to study, and get away from the people in Hogwarts at the same time. Not that he could blame her. He understood why she was doing it, but he didn't. If it hadn't been for the argument he had had with his brother earlier, he would have given his signature smirk and teased the girl until she grew red with anger. But alas he didn't feel the need to make the girl more annoyed than she already was.

The wind howled, making his hair blow this way and that. Making the trees bend and groan, this made James jump slightly as he thought he had heard the Whomping Willow. For all he knew, it could be. Maybe the sound of the Willow's complaints was being carried around by the wind. It was almost.. sad, in the Potter boy's mind, sad but oddly calming.

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James glanced at the girl from the corner of his eyes. He didn't say anything, there was nothing to be said. He returned his attention to the lake. The wind making little disturbance on the smooth service.

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James rolled his eyes. "I find people rather good at lying these days." He muttered under his breath and kept staring out at the lake with no other interest. "Goodbye." He said and turned to the girl. "Goodbye, nerd
" He teased and a smirk appeared on his face.

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