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Andrea | 1564 comments I was looking for somewhere to post a link and was surprised to see there wasn't already a thread for Burial Rites.

Anyway, on this cold and rainy afternoon I've been watching a repeat screening of Big Ideas on the ABC, where Hannah Kent was interviewed for the 2014 Adelaide Writers' Festival. I had previously seen 'the story' of the writing of Burial Rites on Australian Story (also screened on the ABC ) but I think the Big Ideas interview goes much deeper into where this extraordinary novel came from.

If you've heard Hannah Kent interviewed before, you'll know that she is an incredibly articulate woman. In this interview she goes into detail about her research and really sets the scene by describing what she has learned of Iceland in the 1830s - 170 years before she lived in Iceland herself as an exchange student.

The interview goes for the best part of an hour, but it's well worth listening to. I hope others enjoy it.

PS For those who have not yet had the opportunity to read the novel, don't worry about spoilers (well, there is the obvious one without which you can't sensibly discuss the story of Agnes Magnusdottir...) as Kent responds to Steven Gale's questions with this in mind.

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Michael (michaelswensson) | 10592 comments It's a wonderful read Andrea. I wen't to this years Adelaide Writers Festival and heard her speak about the book. I also managed to get my copy signed. It's so wonderful that she is from my home city and has had the success with the book. Interestingly she was saying the book was going to be released in Iceland in the native language. I wonder how well it has bee received?

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Brenda | 68347 comments Mod
Great idea for a thread Andrea, thanks! I thoroughly enjoyed this one too...

I haven't been lucky enough to hear her speak though..

Michael (michaelswensson) | 10592 comments That was the speech that i seen. :)

Marcia | 4 comments I read this book for a book club and thought it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book. I also saw her speak at the Adelaide Writers festival and thought she did a great job. The story behind the writing of this book is quite amazing I thought.

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Nk | 1 comments I was intrigued about the story after seeing her interview on Australian Story and bought the book. It didnt disappoint - I loved it.

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