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Chapter 36-inconsistency or am I missing something?

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Dordale At the beginning of Chapter 36 in The Kill Room, Amelia throws out her cell phone because she's afraid it's been compromised. But then at the end of the (short chapter) after making two calls on a pay phone, because she doesn't have her cell phone, she gets a text message on her I missing something, or is there an inconsistency here?

David Schwinghammer Didn't notice that. I'm a big Rhyme fan. He's starting to visit crime scenes in this one, due to some technological advances. Deaver does love the wild twist. He'll do anything to throw the reader off.

Dordale I'm a big Rhyme fan as well--I've read all the other Lincoln Rhyme books, and am about half way through with The Kill Room. Enjoying it so far, but the inconsistency I noted above really bothered me. Brought me out of the story...and made me say wait a minute. Read the chapter over a few times to see if I missed something. Hate it when that happens!

David Schwinghammer I'm always waiting for his next wild twist, so I guess
I wouldn't be as alert to anything else out of kilter.
I wonder why they haven't done another movie. I thought the first one did quite well.

Deborah Mincher I love Lincoln Rhyme books hadn't noticed the inconsistency always enjoy the twists try The October List (not a Lincoln story) but amazing twists

David Schwinghammer They're not always amazing. I'm still trying to get through one where I believe all of them. Doesn't bother me with Lincoln Rhyme though. There's usally still a "No way, Jose" moment. I think he does it on purpose to see if he can get away with it.

Marlene Jordaan Dead right, I also noticed it. Read through the scene twice to make sure.

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Marianne No, in the next chapter, she mentions that she had to buy a new throwaway phone

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Fred Krapf I read it too. Made me mad.

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