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this book is great - no contradiction btw statements in the book

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erjan avid reader This book clearly shows the nature of pua, game industry and its roots.

I did not find any contradictory statements by Mark.

For all guys with twiddled concepts on game - i recommend reading it. Cuz it unfogs all the marketing stuff you had stuck on your understanding of seduction process. The pua community may not be there to help - it markets 'specific' ideas to make us buy courses.
but this book is HONEST - it does not sell you much ideas behind common sense. I literally had my mind spinning about how simple interactions can be.

We got convinced with the idea of specific magic pill.
Ever notice how human greed& lust for money blinds people to buy into next best magic pill? It happens in health care industry - now it is INDUSTRY to SELL, not to cure.

What do you think of this book? Bad comments are welcome!

Benny Bastard I agree with you, it`s an incredibly honest book that helps guys get rid of the pressure of perfection. I think that really structured game, the old style from Mystery and Neil Strauss etc., did a lot of damage to men by convincing them that there is a way to become a flawless pickup machine that can get every girl he approaches. Of course that was marketing, and Mark provides an honest and effective alternative. It`s one of my favorite dating books.

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