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RR - Safe and Sound by A.B.Whelan

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A.B. Whelan is requesting reviews for her novella Safe and Sound. She is offering 25 eBook copies in exchange for a review. Reviewers will need to post the reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads

Please sign up below:
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A.B. Whelan will e-mail the first 25 people.

Safe and Sound (Fields of Elysium, #0.5) by A.B. Whelan
In the world where freedom is no longer your right; where being in love and starting a family is not a blessing but a curse, a baby is born. To spare him from the harsh life the Arkanian slaves in Terraka City have to endure, his parents attempt the impossible.

They have to pay a high price for their courage.

Heartbroken and lonely, Victor Sorren spends his life waiting for his father’s return. But how much pain and suffering can be inflicted on an innocent young boy before hatred takes over his heart? Yet there is no darkness without light. And falling for a girl from Earth might provide just the right amount of light to bring hope back to Victor’s dark heart

Safe and Sound is a short, 35,000 word/150 page novella that gives a unique insight into the life on Arkana before and after Victor, the Byronic hero of the series, was born. It also introduces a side of Victor Molly never had the chance to see, and the ragged path that led him to the life of a man full of hatred.
This novella stands alone as an introduction to my series. You don’t have to read the other books of the series to enjoy it, although those who did will relate to the characters easier.

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Rupali Rotti | 16 comments Name: Rupali Rotti
PDF or Amazon Voucher: Kindle version for PC (However, I can't post a review on Amazon, it won't let me, but I can post it on goodreads, if that's okay with you)

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