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Watching the Watcher
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Micah Sisk (micahrsisk) | 28 comments "Watching the Watcher" has just been made available here for reading and/or downloading.

Eventually this will be put in ePub and/or MOBI formats (or collected with stories in the same universe in those formats), but for now it's in PDF. For the moment, this is a goodreads exclusive (and NOT for a limited time offer only!).

I'm distributing this under Creative Commons (Non-Commercial, No Derivative) license, so feel free to pass it around (in accordance with that licence of course!)

A frantic call from a space lane traffic controller is fielded by a helpline representative. Out in the main asteroid belt, stationed on a sophisticated three-kilometer long space habitat, why does the caller find himself utterly alone? Why can't he remember his time away from work? Why does he never leave his cubestation? And why does the helpline rep keep fielding exactly this type of call?

"Watching the Watcher" is a short story set in The Posthuman Cycle universe where our solar system is controlled by baseline humans who reject posthumanism, eschew genetic modifications and all body/mind augmentation, insisting upon the dominion of the genetically pure. The rest of the explored galaxy is inhabited by the posthuman diaspora, humans who accept and embrace (sometimes radical) body/mind augmentation as the final step in human evolution.

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Micah Sisk (micahrsisk) | 28 comments Finally got around to posting this on Smashwords. It's available in ePub and Mobi at:

Still free. Slightly updated version...stoopid typos!

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