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Alyson Noel stole the concept and name of Summerland?!

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Jennifer Im not sure she stole the idea. She might not have even read that book. Its possible two people can come up with an almost identical idea without getting it from each other. Especially books about immortals/vampires.
Such as Twilight has a mind reader and vampires. True blood has a mind reader and vampires. The Vampire Diaries has vampires that can do mind tricks and those are just the ones i can name off the top of my head.
That said this book was a little disappointing i thought. It was almost like it was trying to hard to be orginal but ending up feeling like a mish-mash of several popular and good books. It dragged alot towards the end of the series to but still i read on and the end was predictable. I find that with alot of books though.
I thought it would made the books to much about Summerland. It's very boring she discribed it like so many before her have though as you said but then again i haven't read the books you mentioned so...
I found her other books Fated, Echo, Mystic and Horizon somewhat dragging to but if a person was just getting started in this genre for reading her books would be an alright starting point to ease someone into more exciting and complex books about supernaturals.
(Twilight is like alot of things though.)

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Well, crap. Next time I'll look things up before firing off an angry post. I know nothing about Wicca, so I didn't know how old the depiction of Summerland is. I was so willing to see Alyson Noel as a plagiarist because I didn't like her work, but I was wrong. Thank you for correcting me (and for doing so without embarrassing me any more than I already am).

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