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Who is your favorite Highland Warrior?
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Lots of romance books fantasize about the handsome Scottish warrior. Is it their alluring accents that attract women? Is it the fantasy of living in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland? Or, is it because they can toss a caber while wearing a kilt:)
My favorite Scottish Warrior, so far, is Connor MacAlister from The Wedding, by Julie Garwood. He's a giant of a man with shoulder length dark hair, manly voice, no-nonsense attitude, and a tender heart buried under his revenge and pain.
Can anyone recommend their favorite hero, and what they might like about them:)

Alec Kincaid from The Bride

Mony While I commented earlier that Dageus MacKeltar in The Dark Highlander by Moning is wonderful, my favourite is Alec Kincaid from The Bride.
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Jamie from outlander is my favorite for sure!! However I have all of Julie Garwoods highlander books as well as Karen Monings highlander series and they are tied for second.

My favorite is Alec Kincaid from The Bride followed very closely behind by Brodick Buchanan from Ransom.

Mony YES!!!
But if you want sexy, go with Dageus MacKeltar in The Dark Highlander by Moning. Opening scenes are really something.

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I have to second (and third, and fourth!) Iain from The Secret! Though I would honestly nominate just about any of Julie Garwood's heroes :)

I like all Julie Garwood Scottish Historical Romance, but the best for me is "Saving Grace".

I like Alec too:) I also liked The Wolf, but I can’t remember his real name at the moment.

It's definitely the fantasy of the accent :) and the hulking masculinity of a Scottish warrior that appeals to me ;) However, I'm still searching for my favorite Highland Warrior - your description of Connor MacAlister from The Wedding sounds appealing though ;)

I am with Kim....Brodick Buchanan... followed closely by Gabriel in Saving Grace by Julie Garwood

Gosh. They are all so amazing I simply can't decide. :)))

Shari Key I agree with you, I too wish that McNaught and Garwood were still writing Historical novels. Just like you they got me started on the Scotty Warriors. My favorite is, "Brodick Buchanan."

Jamie from Outlander

From historical romance genre, its the Mackenzie brothers for me, I particular loved the madness of lord Ian Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley

Laird Broderick Buchanan, Ransom by Julie Garwood

It is the accent even though you can't hear it when your reading. :) Jamie from Outlander is my favorite Highlander.

My favorite Highlander is Connor McAlister of The Wedding followed by Alec Kincaid of The Bride.

Ian Maitland the Alec Kincaid.

Alec from The Bride :)

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I loved them all but Gabriel MacBain of 'Saving Grave' would be my favorite. I loved that story.

Ah. We are kindred spirits, then!

If you want sexy, go with Dageus MacKeltar in The Dark Highlander by Moning. Opening scenes are really something.

I love Connor

I think I like Brodick from Ransom.
But then all the Highland Lairds were quite memorable.

I read Julie Garwood before I even heard of Diane Gabaldon, so it is Garwood that introduced me into the wonderful world of Highland warriors. That being said, my heart belongs to Brodick Buchanan from Ransom. Love, love, love that book. I have sorely missed Julie Garwood's historical novels.

No contest, Brodick Buchanan from Ransom.

Iain from The Secret. It's one of my all time fav Garwood novel.

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