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Stephanie Bolen Stephanie May 03, 2014 07:51PM
Okay Season One is behind us. What's different than the book and who did it better?
I'll start, Clay is sooo much better in the books. He's blond, clean shaven, and actually looks like a college professor, even wears fake gold glasses to look more bookish. The show lacks that subtle touch of him not ever being what he seems. He's not a psychopath not really he isn't violent because he likes it. He does what his feels he has to. He's complex and brilliantly done in the books, not so much the scruffy drifter werewolf barely contained that Greyston plays him as.

I am currently watching the series.....

And I am almost (please note ALMOST) as addicted to that as I am to the books...
I feel they kept enough of the books in the series, but changed enough to keep it interesting and vary it just slightly so I don't get bored.
Lets be honest... if it were a 100% accurate adaptation... then I have already seen the series in my head :P

BUT... it has left me seriously strung out for more of the pack... Time to revisit some old friends, I think.

i liked the book and hated the tv show all the actors sucked and the one that sucked the most was Jeremy's actor he was not as sexy as all her books say he is

Veronica (last edited Jun 09, 2014 12:50PM ) Jun 09, 2014 12:49PM   0 votes
I enjoyed the book but I also enjoyed the show. I will admit that it took me awhile to warm up to Greyston Holt's tv Clay but now I quite like him. That's not to say that the show was perfect. For example, the whole Toronto storyline (blah Phillip and his equally blah family) was extremely boring to me so I'm glad that that's done. I always found myself wanting to get back to Stonehaven and the Pack business. Most of the the rest of the book details were fuzzy enough in my memory that any changes the show did didn't bother me. Except for Antonio. I wish they had had done something different for his character than what they did.

I saw the first half of the season and after a big turn happens to a certain character, I couldn't have been anymore upset; and so were other fans that they directed their hate towards Kelley! She wrote a response that she had nothing to do with it, it's an adaptation, and shockingly to me has not watched a single episode (because she still writes in that world and cannot risk seeing how someone else views it). That's courage to me. I emailed her and said I was so sorry to see so much hate being put towards her since I don't think she deserves that at all. And since I read her response, I just stopped watching because I always criticized whether or not this happened in the book.
Another one of my friends who is a real die hard Kelley fan and knows everything of the Otherworld, she liked it and also knows some other things that weren't in Bitten the novel but other stories that I haven't seen yet or really read at all. I'm glad they sought out to Kelley's other stories with her werewolves but for me, I just didn't understand it.
As I didn't watch the last half, I heard the ending was phenomenal. I looked it up and saw what happened in the final scene. Seriously?!! I had to even go on Space's website and watch that last bit to really see it happened! In fact, I then looked back in the book and assured myself that didn't happen in Kelley's original story.
Phew. Well overall, I think some loved it while others like myself can't really judge for what it is since I don't know everything about that world. And also, I would like to re-watch it later when I have time. I think it was a great move for Kelley as it can also increase some new readership for her books :)

I started reading the book after watching the first few episodes, so I didn't have any preconceived ideas about what the characters should look like. I think the show was done well, though of course the book is phenomenal. I am interested to see where the show will go, I am assuming they will completely diverge from the books from here on out. Could be great, or could be horrible.

I love the TV series equally to the book. There are some changes that they have made but I can see that they are to ensure that the story can be carried on to new seasons. I must agree with the comments about Clay though I read these books when I was so young and I just have this unchangeable expectation of what he looks like.
As it is an adaption I appreciate it for it differences. I think its possible to love the books and enjoy the series if you accept the fact that they are going to be different.

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